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It would be very important to include the option to configure sending e-mails via SMTP in the next version update.

Some servers do not work well PHPMailer :(

Thank you!

Hi there, Is there anyway i can change the encryption/decryption keys to my desired values? I’ve tried some random values but it breaks the key. please advise on how to have a custom key. Great software you have created. Thanks

Hey Jennifer! :) Been watching your project grow and it looks like it’s well loved! :) Just wanted to check up and see if you’ve been able to integrate email piping yet… so hoping so as i’ve wanted to buy this script for a LONG time! :) Cheers!!

Hi, is it possible to copy paste task list from other project?

or make a project template that can be replicated each time?

it is possible to modify permissions managers or to add another clients with another permisions ?


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I realize the my support is expired, but am migrating to a new hosting provider and have run into a bit of trouble. In exporting my data with the export files/process you provide, but I’m having trouble with Export Payments (and Managers/Admin, but that’s not necessary). The other two exports work just fine and when I export payments as a report in the admin panel, it works as well. Only on the export page do I have problems…do these files produce the same results for migrating systems?

?I want to be sure that I can export payment history for my invoicing records if at all possible. I keep getting the -1 field in the CSVs. Could I just export the date from PHPmyAdmin and import on the new system? Or will the report CSV work? Please advise on the best route to take… I’m not really a coder or expert at this sort of thing.

Thank you


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Hey guys, i was wondering how can i link two e-mails to one client? I tried adding ” ; ” like:

Hello Author, We are interested to get your script and recommend to our friends and other peoples here, just one thing we need to add in your script. Currently in our country ( Pakistan ) the payment options PayPal and Stripe not working. how we can collect payment from clients using your script ? currently we are using Payza, 2Checkout etc. can you add payment options for us we will purchase your script. looking forward for your response


I have no experience with 2Checkout, so I am unable to include it as a payment option. You can still manually add any payments you receive (2Checkout included) anytime you receive a payment from a tenant.

Hope this helps :)

Hi thank you for your great support and quick answer, may i know if you please integrate SKRILL payment option with system ? they providing complete documentation with API integration. i hope it is possible and you can it for us. Looking forward you. Thanks

Hi Luminary, just presale question please ,(1) it is possible for ADD A NEW CLIENT BUTTON & FORM to be outside loggin? Meaning clients can register without admin adding them?

​Hello, How are you?

Purchased your systems almost a year now and just getting to test it and use it. The whole system looks very fine but I am having some issues with Open Project Task. I know am suppose to renew my support licence but pls can you just help me out as i am just using the system,

As an Admin i assigned a project to a Project Manager and i created a Task under the project. Was assuming by default the Project Manager gets to see this Task under the project as its a Project Task not a Personal Task.

But when i Log in as the Project Manager i get No Open Project Tasks found.​ Under the Open Project Task Tab.

Pls how do i rectify this,

Thanks a lot in advance,.

I really feel like i should buy another client/ project management system….The author is not upgrading this one…last update is almost a year ago…

No New Features

No Updates


Pls you have a very wonderful product here…if you are to busy to improve on it with upgrades then maybe i suggest u give it to another author to manage bcos it can become one of the best client/project maneagement systems here at CodeCanyon.


Hey there. I installed the script, but it looks like there is some sort of css error can you please help me. Some of the tabs on the menu are not there and I cannot see any words on the dashboard or any other pages. The avatars are not loading. I installed everything the way it was supposed to be installed. Thanks in advance.


Please open a new Support ticket on my support system:


Hi @jhermanco , let me help you to fix your issue. contact me here using personal message. Thanks


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This Script supports 2checkout? if i want to add 2checkout instead of paypal?

Hello, I am interested in purchasing this plugin. I am wondering however, is there a way to view the client’s view in demo? It looks like we can only view admin/manager view. It’s nice to see that some have less permissions, but I need the front end for the client to be extremely easy to view, easy for them to find downloads, invoices, etc…

Currently I use PayPal to create invoices , will this integrate easily? Does it work well with PayPal?

I like the task feature. Can you assign tasks to another person? i.e. manager, or even a client?

Under “Mailbox” When you send someone a message in this, where do the messages go? Do they appear only in the plugin when someone is logged in, or will they receive it directly in their personal email box? If it goes to their email, do they need to login to view the message?

Based on other responses and on the fact that it has been 25 days and you have YET to respond to me on a very simple question I choose not to purchase your product (Regardless of your star rating) because response is KEY.


id820 Purchased

Hey guys, i was wondering how can i link two e-mails to one client? I tried adding ” ; ” like:

Can you do some customization to suit accounting firm practice and terms? If yes, how much?

Any new update?? please change style , your script is awesome, but design is not good now. please also add some new features, but Please change design like freelancer office or etc.

would this work on a wordpress site?

I purchased this management system and I am very excited to use it. I have had some problems after installing the files. I followed all the steps up to deleting the Install Folder. Now I am getting a blank screen with a -6 in the top corner of the screen. Nothing else is working and can’t access the admin panel.

I have opened a ticket on your support forum and haven’t gotten a response. I have also left a message through Codecanyon and haven’t gotten a response. Please respond as soon as possible. Otherwise I will need to get a refund on this. Thanks.

I was going to purchase this was literally about to do it, but I do not think the developer is providing any support any longer. This hasn’t been updated in 2 years so I’m assuming that with the continuous updates of Wordpress that there will be bugs. I will not be purchasing…. Such a shame!