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It would be very important to include the option to configure sending e-mails via SMTP in the next version update.

Some servers do not work well PHPMailer :(

Thank you!

Hi there, Is there anyway i can change the encryption/decryption keys to my desired values? I’ve tried some random values but it breaks the key. please advise on how to have a custom key. Great software you have created. Thanks

Hey Jennifer! :) Been watching your project grow and it looks like it’s well loved! :) Just wanted to check up and see if you’ve been able to integrate email piping yet… so hoping so as i’ve wanted to buy this script for a LONG time! :) Cheers!!

Hi, is it possible to copy paste task list from other project?

or make a project template that can be replicated each time?

it is possible to modify permissions managers or to add another clients with another permisions ?


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I realize the my support is expired, but am migrating to a new hosting provider and have run into a bit of trouble. In exporting my data with the export files/process you provide, but I’m having trouble with Export Payments (and Managers/Admin, but that’s not necessary). The other two exports work just fine and when I export payments as a report in the admin panel, it works as well. Only on the export page do I have problems…do these files produce the same results for migrating systems?

?I want to be sure that I can export payment history for my invoicing records if at all possible. I keep getting the -1 field in the CSVs. Could I just export the date from PHPmyAdmin and import on the new system? Or will the report CSV work? Please advise on the best route to take… I’m not really a coder or expert at this sort of thing.

Thank you


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Hey guys, i was wondering how can i link two e-mails to one client? I tried adding ” ; ” like: