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good job, very nice work ! wish you lots of sales ;)

Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks for all of your comments. Appreciated!

Hi i want use this for register users like they will register from the form only name and email and mobile and birthday and on them birthday date must be auto to send them email and sms is that work with your script ?! and do i need to pay any money for third party as i have server and hosting and for sms i will pay for local company they have they own API is that work please let me know thx

Users can only login using there username/email address, or if they’ve linked there social media accounts. New registered users recieve an email for verification. However, you could edit our script to suit your needs if you know how, I cant support you on doing so though. Hopefully I’ve cleared some of your questions.


Fully re-designed the documentation.

View it by going here: http://www.codecanyon.themedune.net/clientage_login/

what method have you used for password encryption? e.g: MD5/6? SHA+SALT?

I’ve used MD5 for encryption. Sorry about the slow reply

Excellent job bro =)

Thank’s bud. Appreciate it.

Personal Messages (intranet Email) would be so cool in your script it looks so great

I might add a feature which will allow you to contact the user via email through there profile, a bit like on here. When it comes to personal messages, email is probably preferred. I will keep your idea in mind though.




No problem bud

Fixed an issue with changing user role. You should all get an update soon.

Happy New Year !

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You can view the new version of Clientage by going to the Live Preview. Everyone should have the update soon. Enjoy!