Clientage - Advanced PHP Login System

Clientage - Advanced PHP Login System

Clientage cPanel – Fully responsive to suit any device

This script is a little outdated however, changes could be made on your own behalf. A starter kit, build from it. I’ll be creating a seperate more up to date login system with more functions.

Gain access to admin functions and manage your users accounts through the admin panel. You can also create, edit, verify, remove & ban accounts.

Allow your users to create there own profile and give them access to protected pages. Each user has the ability to customize there profile, including upload a profile Avatar and Background. If the user has forgotten there password or lost there activation email they can also request a new one. |

Update 2. January. 2017.

Prior to update read instructions.

  • New Design
  • Verified users & badge
  • Add/remove profile contact form
  • New account functions
  • Fixed all bugs
  • Migrated to Bootstrap v4
  • Removed unwanted/unused scripts
  • Less CSS, for easy customization
  • Fully responsive
  • Update 1. November. 2016.

    Prior to update read instructions.

  • New user interface
  • New usercard for user profiles
  • New admin interface
  • Added profile background
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Most pages are responsive to suit mobiles/tablets.
  • Some of the features

  • Login
  • Account creation
  • Profile avatar upload
  • Profile background upload
  • Activation email
  • User meta functions
  • User meta for more options
  • Admin panel for user management
  • Facebook, Twitter & Google Authentication
  • Live preview

    Clientage cPanel – username:admin – password:admin


    View our documentation for installation instructions and more.