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Hello and welcome to the discussion forum for this Ultimate Client Manager Lite Plugin: Website Change Request

We hope you like the added features this plugin gives your UCM !

Support Requests:

Please send support requests to our dedicated support website by following this link: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/

Comments or Questions:

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First buy. Good luck man. Awesome add-on. I have been waiting for this.

hey I also purchased the Club Membership Subscription Manager plugin ( which not available here anymore I guess. So I had to reach you out here. 1) I got a display error on dashboard with the subscription alert and clicking on the link doesn’t go anywhere. see here : http://tiny.creativemanner.com/qcWc 2)why it is not here?


Hi, thanks for letting me know about this weird dashboard error. I’ll investigate and have a fix asap. I’ll also investigate why Club Membership is no longer available. Cheers, dtbaker

Hello, the latest update will fix this dashboard layout issue. I would recommend going to Settings > Advanced and looking for ‘dashboard_tabs_group_limit’ if it is currently set to 1 change this to 0 for a better dashboard experience. Cheers, dtbaker

When is this rolling out to Pro users?

Already there, send in a support ticket if it’s not available. Check the “website” area

hello David. i have a strange behavior, i try to add this to logged in users section, and it redirects me to domain.com/?hash….. isn’t it suppose to grab the click and pull it out? it goes to my system, and then send the user back to home page with the hash.. is there a way to configure it so it will work at the page? Note: i am a programmer, so, feel free to use technical terms :-) Thanks again for great App, just upgraded to the UCM PRO, and i love it.

Hi mannye,

Best to send through an email with an example of the link / hash / redirect and I can see what’s happening and the best way to make it work as expected.


Glad you like the product.


i figured out the problem, i had the cookie base path set different then the one set by UCM. i have another issue, i will open a ticket with the link you sent me. thanks for the help. Manny E.

Hi. Does this only work with websites. Could I use this system with Word and / or PDF files?

Nah just websites sorry

I buy this plugin for your UCM system but the system does not want to upgrade with this plugin. I contacted support but no answer. I want my money back because this is pure scam.


Thanks for your support ticket, however when we logged in using your provided details and went to the upgrade page we could see you are already running the very latest update.

Looks like it is all working correctly?


It says that everything is all right but the plugin is not installed after entering the license

Dtbaker team has successfully solved the problem . Thank you.