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Is there a way to save the browsers database for this incase something gets messed up? Also, is it hard to add extra fields?

1>You can backup HTML5 websql database , according to this post http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3023645/is-it-possible-to-backup-html5-websql-database

2>You need to be familiar with javascript and html to add one extra field

Hi, this is a great script. However, maybe due to my mental fog, I can not get the file to work. I followed the manual, however, when I run the script, I get the following alert: Couldn’t open the database. Please try with a WebKit nightly with the database feature enabled. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your time!

Post Edit I figured it out. I was trying to launch it in my Firefox browser… =( I launched it Safari and Chrome.. and all I can say is I love the script! Thank you!

I am glad to hear that you loved it!

hi, does this mean that this script does not work in firefox?

Currently, Firefox does not support Web SQL Database. But it seems to come with Firefox 4.

Very very interesting concept here. I am considering this for a few projects.

Thank you.


Why is this categorized as 3D? What is the 3D element, because I cannot find it back in the screenshots.

Thanks for your reply

Actually the category is selected by CodeCanyon moderator.

It indeed has no 3D element.

I will submit a ticket to CodeCanyon to update it to a more proper category for this item.

When I try to access the index file i get this error:

Couldn’t open the database. Please try with a WebKit nightly with the database feature enabled.

what does that mean?

I tried opening it in FireFox and IE



That is because the browser you are using does not support HTML database feature.

Please use a latest version of the browser.


So it only works in Safari and Chrome? No Firefox and no Internet Explorer?


It works on any browser that supports HTML5 Web SQL Database .

Cheers XD

I’m interested in buying this script, but some of the comments above have me confused, and I see no actual demo.

Am I able to add multiple items to a single day, or does the script only allow one item per day to be added without modifying the code of the script?

If you can clear this question up, that’d be great. I notice the comments are really old, but is there any chance of a working demo of this to see it in action?



Thanks for your interest of our script.

Due to the fact that this script is a JavaScript lib, we are not able to put it online.( we do not want people to steal it without buying it).

To answer your question, yes, you can add multiple items to a single day.

Regards XD

Hi I would like to ask if this javascript works in mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android?


Yes mobile browsers support JavaScript.

Regards XD

Is there a read only version? This is kind like a backend, but i need to put this on my website as read only. How can you enable this? where is it storing the data?

Currently the data is stored in client-side.

Thus there is no read-only version.

Regards XD

I have downloaded this but a bit annoyed it can’t being used in Firefox…is there anyway to actually get it working in Firefox? Would it be too difficult to change the database to a mySQL database that I already have setup?

Hi Thanks for purchasing our script.

As the name suggested. It will only work on client side browser. It is using the browser’s storage. So it will only wok on the latest browser. For Firefox, please upgrade your browser to the latest one.

Regards Xu

I am interested in this, but the live preview doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve tried latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, neither bring live preview up.


The live preview link does not lead you to the application demo. Since this is a JS application, to prevent stealing, we did not put up the demo.

Regards, Xu

HI, maybe doing a video showing how it works is a good idea?

We will probably do that later , but not very soon. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Regards, Xu

I purchased this but was unaware of one issue… Is there any way the current day can be highlighted in a different color?


Thanks for purchasing.

Currently this is not possible.

Regards, Xu

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I did not notice that.

I am trying to get it back.

Regards, Xu