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Sir, the images are not displayed “in the order they are uploaded”

Start of file upload Screen 01

File selection for upload, as you can see they are images 0001-0010

Screen capture of files being uploaded orderd by selection 0001-0010

Screen capture of files after upload as you can see they are in reandom order, not in the order selected or the order uploaded.

You stated that “You can reverse them by changing the code from DESC to ASC”, However you do not say what file control the displaying of this screen, or what line to change.

Sir I’m a consumer, not a programmer and as a consumer that has purchases you scrip you are extremely disrespectful and very flippant in your responses when you do respond

An the only response I got from you was this I tend not to discuss things like that through comments. Regarding the social login, if I was starting this program from the beginning it would probably be relatively painless, however, it’s current state I think it would be a major overhaul to get social logins working on this platform. I am not really interested in that work at this time.

In this response you never Said this ” I don’t have the time right now to work on that.”

I sent you numberless email about other feature that you never responded to.

So why would you say that “I can hire you to implement features” when you never respond to my email, you only respond when you are put on public blast.

First, you sent me two emails (3 if you count the resending of the 2nd one). My comment about discussing through comments would be pricing. When I figured out what you wanted done, I declined (after the very first email). If it was something easier, I could have maybe worked on it.

Sorry you think I am being disrespectful, but that isn’t my intention. You can put me on blast all you want. I am always up front my customers, you included.

On to the bug. Yes it looks like they are uploading out of order. The update before last, I implemented a new uploader and that must be skewing them. I will take a look and see if I can get another update posted.

I have submitted another update that should remedy the problem of uploading files out of order. I have also reversed the way the photos are displayed from descending order to ascending order (not including collections). I will post a changelog once the file is approved in the next day or two.

Hi rondog,

I still cannot see any collections as an admin. Please advice. It’s such a wonderful script but I need to see the collection. I could add ?action=collections to the URL but an Icon ? Button like in user login would be highly appreciated Thanks

rondog, never mind. I found it. Error was on my side. Sorry for the confusion

Thanks for clarifying :)

Hi again, now everything works but the thumbnails are broken. The large pictures are just fine. Not a single thumbnail is shown. Any idea?

hmm, you may be running out of memory if your php settings are too low. Send me an email so we can talk about this

Thanks rondog. Problem identified. Was an issue on my hoster. Had to stop varnish.

hi from spain, please let me know, can I *(eventually) run your files from an iis win web project? Presuming that I have abilitate php on this server? Which is your file structure? I guess this could be a fast and reliable solution for what im looking for! thanks,

Hi perfect script! I have a proposal for something really useful. As an admin I’d like to see the collections of the clients. That works. In addition to that it would be great to have the ability to download the file names of the collections. By doing so it would be a lot easier to handle the files for the clients in the workflow. Thanks

hi from spain, pls let me know what could be the problem with the inserting a new client *(first actually)... I install the whole thing and it shows this error: The page at —.com says: an error occured inserting the new entry

please let me know, thanks in advance!

does anyone get the same error when to insert a new client? an error occured inserting the new entry

hi, check your email

hi from Spain,

pls let me know how can we “activate” the share thing for social websites? I saw same share.php file there :)

thx you in advance!

hah, yes I started the ability to share photos on facebook and twitter, but was having troubles getting some things working so I stopped production on that since I needed to get an update out and that was more important. I may look into reincorporating this for a future update.

ok, thanks. Pls keep us informed :)

Hello! When I try to open a picture I get the following message: “Image can not be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and exist image.”

What can i do?

Hi, please email me with a link and user/pass to where you have it hosted. What are the size of the images you are uploading? Dimension wise

I would love to see this become a wordpress plugin :)

I get this when i try to install this. Can you please help?

To begin using Client Photo Studio, we will install some tables into your database that you defined in config.php. Click the button below to continue.

If you know Client Photo Studio has been installed, the resources/.install file may have been moved or deleted. The application needs this file to run. You can try to create a new .install file in the resources folder.

That is a just a note, you should still be able to continue with the installation. The reason that is there, is photostudio checks if the .install file is present. If it is, then photostudio knows it is installed. If that file gets deleted, the installation screen will show which you do not want.


When I click a project some images are not displaying if I refresh everything works fine.

How do I stop this from happening?

Can you email me so I can see this behavior?

In the “User / User” section where the user is able to DOWNLOAD the zip of the images – is it possible to have the downloads be WATERMARKED?

Wanting to protect the photo so they must purchase unwatermarked image from Photographer.

Thanks in advance!


It is possible to add this, but in its current state, it does not do it. I’m not sure how PHPs memory will handle that. I’ve noticed a lot of purchasers have been uploading straight off the camera photos which are HUGE. This causes some issues in PHP. When I created this, I always assumed people would upload web safe photos that have been resized.

Hi. THX for this CMS.

I has some issue with thumbnails if image title contains &.

I do some changes in dropzone.php on line 9 using preg_replace(’/&/’, ’-’, $path); for a fast solution.

You can use this for the next update or if someone have the same problem, or suggest other solution.

THX in advance.

ah, thank you for letting me know!

Hi, how are you? I have a little problem. When the client try download a lot of files at once the system shows this error, what can be? Thanks

what this error means is the script is taking long to execute. Chances are you’ve uploaded pictures straight from the camera so they are very large file sizes. download.php creates a zip file and adds the files to it and then sends the zip to the browser. This isn’t happening because it’s taking too long. One possible solution would be to open resources/download.php and at the top of the file, after the include(); calls, place this ini_set(‘max_execution_time’, 0); resave and upload.

Hello Friend!

As I enter the URL to install only appears folders but not the installer, what might be happening?

Thanks Raphael

Sorry friend took care! distracting me!


author no longer support for this item? this is temporary or forever?

I don’t know? I’m still here. Not sure why it says that. I left a comment on here helping not too long ago

The “download photos” button doesn’t work properly on my end (OS X Safari, Chrome, & FF). It either shows an error screen (Chrome & FF) or downloads a file called “” which unzips to a file called “” and won’t show any of the photos. I’ve removed the button from my site until this gets fixed. Hopefully you can help.

I haven’t heard of a cpgz file, but it appears to be an apple created compression format. What is your web server? Apache or nginx? Also, what is the error you are seeing?

No updates and features in 8 months?

Hello, I’m in trouble … When I send the file, I can not visualize it. It appears that the path is incorrect. Please help me. I tried to upload file with 72DPI and big tamnos. I changed the watermark to PNG and I could not.


Following access: Admin Admin