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Hi, I’m having an issue when creating directories within CDE . I can create a directory, eg; “test”, but viewing the permissions show they’re set to 1341 not 755.

If I navigate to that directory and try to associate a password file, I get the following error:

“Warning: opendir(/...my directory, using showmydir.php…/test/) [function:opendir]: failed to open dir: Permission denied in /...my directory, using showmydir.php…/admin/func/admin.class.php on line 241”

I can associate passwords with directories I have created.



Can you try to change permissions yourself? Are you on a windows or a unix system?

Thanks David, your supplied file fixed the problem.

OK, I really like your UI but I have one question:

Can I set up specific client pages, meaning:

-client A logs in and is redirected straight to folder A
-client B logs in and is redirected straight to folder B


-client A is not able to view folder B
-client B is not able to vier folder A

It that works, consider me a customer :)

The first one is possible by giving each client it’s own link. The second one absolutely, once blocked with htaccess it’s accessible only by the corresponding client.

solved, went for a different option

No problem, I replied nevertheless. Good luck!

Hi, I too am having some issues when the directory is created. The permissions on the directory are set to 1341.

I am not running in safe mode and i have changed the permission in the Enforcer class to 0777.

The error I am receiving is:

Warning: fopen(/home/mydir/public_html/portfolio/test/.htaccess) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/mydir/public_html/admin/func/admin.class.php on line 242 Cannot open file

The “Portfolio” directory has 0777 permissions set.

Any help appreciated!


Are you using windows based hosting? It’s an error that shouldn’t happen, please send me an email with your server details and possibly a temporary access and I’ll fix it for you!

Thanks for the purchase

Hi, no it’s Linux.

Safe Mode is Off if that has any bearing on it? Not sure I’m able to send you the details, but is there anything I should be looking at in particluar?

Do you have an email address that I can send information to rather than posting it on here?



Hey There, the description looks interesting… however the demo is just spewing out errors. Is there a working demo somewhere?

Works now, sorry problem with server.

Hi, I’m having exactly the same problems as chrismoore_dev above. How do I fix this issue? I’m using linux.

It’s a problem of permissions, try to change the permission of the directory yourself with ftp to 777 if it works then change them to 755 and see if they still work.

I can create a directory through the admin area but when I try to associate a password file to the directory, I receive the error:

Warning: opendir(*/public_html/clients/development/new/) [function.opendir]: failed to open dir: Permission denied in */public_html/clients/admin/func/admin.class.php on line 241

I have checked the directory permissions and they are set to 1314. If I manually change the permissions to 775. I am able to associate the password file correctly. Why doesn’t this work automatically?

It doesn’t work automatically because of server settings, it depends on how the server is configured, in particular the permission that php has in the environment generally it works out of the box, sometimes this happens. I’m looking into a method to avoid this in all cases.

Couldn’t get this to work at all. Not even the logos or icons of the admin interface show, it’s a complete mess. I thought this is a out of the box solution, but it obviously needs a lot of tweaking first. Since I needed this functionality fast, I went for another solution – that worked immediately without any hassle at all. I don’t even bother to ask for a refund…

Don’t know what to say, I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. Hope you found what you needed.

Hello. Is there a way to setup a simple activity log? See what users logged in when?

It would require a database connection which is out of the simple scope of the project

Hello i have make a Protected Folder and a user name with : test:test and the encrypt pasword is : dGRkPurkuWmW2 Now if i go to folder it ask username password but when i type test test then cant login butt when i type test dGRkPurkuWmW2 then its ok works why is this so ? it must be with test test or ?

It must normal not password dGRkPurkuWmW2 but the password : test

So you are telling me that you cannot login with test:test but you can login with test: dGRkPurkuWmW2

As in writing dGRkPurkuWmW2 in the password field?

yes right