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Use google translate…... Se le puede agregar idioma español? Se puede usar otros métodos de pago? Personalización de factura?

Hi yes i’m sure this is fine as long as you own both companies correct?

Yes, my friend. The only thing I have with different names, not to mix customers

ah ok yes this is ok then :) also i’m waiting for envato to approve the latest update which should be within 24 hours so if you purchase before then i can send you the last version over email. Thank you again and our support email is

Does this has a restAPI / API?

Hi, thank you for your interest no i’m sorry it does not, but we are about to release a new update tonight so please check demo again by tomorrow. thank you

Awesome product,GLWS!

Hey thank you very much!


Need to know the below clarifications;

1. Hoe does the client login to the system ? Is there any demo login for the client ?

2. How does the client pay for the invoice by way of credit card ?

3. Once the payment done through Paypal, does it automatically show in the system that the client has paid ?

Best Regards,


Thank you for the update.

Can I know that what are the changes / features added now ?


Also, is the recurring payment is already added ?

If not, when you plan to add ?

This is very important.

hi the new feature are below

VERSION 1.0.2 – 31 DECEMBER 16

+ Added forgot password verification link before password reset + Added more security with authentication links + Added Client Login side to make payments
  • Fixed small bugs in editing invoices and profit & loss reports
  • Fixed and added css syles

and in a future update we will be adding the recurring and function as of right now we don’t have a eta on that, thank you :)

Hello, does it support recurring payments? And do you plan to add tickets/message system for clients? Thanks

When you think will be available for next release? Thanks

hi we have alot more things we will be adding next release should be no later then 1 month

Hi, Again just so you know we have updated the software with some features and the next release we are going to be adding recurring payments. Please recheck demo. Thank you

good work, very nice ! all the best for your sales ;)

Hi, thank you for the kind words! :)

Good luck with selling! :)

Hi thank you! :)


i really like your script, but i have 2 questions… how can i translate you script? I need german language and second is how to customize invoice pdf?


you can use google translate or do a language file which would require a lot of changes in the code and to customize the pdf are pretty easy you just edit one php file. Let me know if you need anything else. Thank you! :)

where do I go to edit the footer?

Hi thank you for your purchase, please go to php file called bottom.php

what files do I need to update latest version

Hi again sorry it’s best to just reinstall since a lot of issues were fixed, security improvement and database changes. very sorry we can try to merge your data for you if you like? let us know how we can help. thanks

Excellent job bro =)

Hi, that you very much!

Hi i would like to try out the demo, but the link is not working!

hi sorry about that it is now fixed i forgot to remove the install.php and someone thought it was funny to do that hehe but now fixed. Thank you for bring to my attention let me know if you need anything else. :) Happy Hoildays


In our country, still the Paypal does not support payment receipt. As such, our clients are unable to make the payments via PayPal. But, could make the credit card and other type of payments through other other ways.

As such, Can you consider this requirement and do the necessary changes ?

Also, if the payment is done offline, then there should be a way for the client to upload the payment details, where as the admin to see the details from his panel.

Please consider the above too.

These are essential for you to sell your product in many other countries.

Best Regards,

ok sure i will look into Integrated other payment options just not paypal. thank you for the suggestions :)

Can you use Stri with your software

Hi, do you mean “siri” ? or ?

How can we test the admin? email login?

hi to test the demo please use details below, thank you

Demo Admin Login: Username: admin Password: admin

Demo Client Login: Username: democlient Password: demo

Please check out our documentation at

Thanks for the fast reply! And congratulations for the good job!

Hey thank you! :)

Hi, I need to change the currency from $ to my local currency. Where do I amend the $ sign?

Not to worry. I sorted it out.

Hi, First thank you for the purchase and ok please let me know if you need any help to change this. Make sure to edit these files edit_invoice.php, view_PDFinvoice.php and invocies.php :)

Hello, Can my customer create and manage their own account? Could be available as a SAAS System?

Hi thank you for the suggestion but this is for a single business to manage their clients, invoices and expenses. Let me know if you have any more questions :)

is possible add in the client dashboard Reports? and more fields in the registration form?

Hi yes this is possible but what.did you want as far as client reports? You can.also at


When can we have your next update ?

What are the features it contains ?

I am planning to buy your system with the release of next update as currently no recurring invoice facility and the off line payment facility is there.

Please add skrill and payza payment gateways too.

Best Regards,

Hi, the next update we don’t have a deadline yet for it but will be in the next month or two and it will have the recurring option and another payment gateway like stripe. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thank you


Wish to know the followings too;

1. can we customize the systems as we need ?

2. Is there any hidden / restricted files for the changes ?

3. is there any outside links created in the system ?

4. Is there any restriction on editing the system / files ?

5. How can we set the reminders in the system ?

6. Need to know the details / user rights of the different Ranks ?

7. Can we create new ranks with customized user rights ?

Hope to see your early response please

Best Regards,

I mean, once you complete the above changes, please let me know to buy it.

ah ok will do thank you :)