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Hi dude!

I dont see any post on the forum, and and I have not received any email. :S

Have you registered?

And e-mail has been sent again.

You are welcome!

It is like having Crazy Egg – but in your own domain Great Plugin!!!! Will probably switch over eventually!


How I can install this on my Prestashop?

Im lost! :( thanks in advance.

Hi Taratupapa,

you’re welcome. Feel free to send me a message!

How I can install this on Prestashop?

Some presales question: 1. i am using bootstrap (responsive web design). How you can make sure the heatmap consistant for various browser site

2. Is it asynchronus, will it slow down my site ? 3. where will it store the data ? mysql ?

1. Clickr is in the current version not responsive.

2. Clickr works without any database, which makes it very fast.

How I can install this on Prestashop?

Please take a look in the Support-Forum. You can also always contact me via email.

forum? the forum is empty!!!

I can’t to do this script work in my prestashop.

Please feel free, to contact me per emai. You’re Welcome.

So if it is not responsive , on most wordpress installs it will be useless or no ?

and second question: as you said it uses no database , does that inlcude a hidden answer like it uses one of your server to connect and interpret ? since i that is what i strongly dislike .

thanks in advance

You are welcome! Clickr NOT connect to any server or database.

Hoy I can do to work this code in Prestsahop 1.5?

Hi, even if i create a login user i take the following message

CLICKR-MESSAGE: No permission to view, sorry dude!

no one here?

Please contact me per E-Mail or private Message.

Hello, I send you a private message 2 days ago. How can I setup your script for use with dynamic pages?

Pages that are being generated using rewriteURL

Hey, you are welcome! Please add me via. Skype – i’ll take a look. Name: c_schuette

Any updated in future for responsive design?

Potential buyer here,

Is there a way to track hovers with this plugin?

Hi, then I visit your support site, I get a blank page. I get the following error:

Warning: dir(../data): failed to open dir: No such file or directory in /var/www/vhosts/webplus.lu/new.webplus.lu/clickr/backend/backend_lib.php on line 71 Fatal error: Call to a member function read() on a non-object in /var/www/vhosts/webplus.lu/new.webplus.lu/clickr/backend/backend_lib.php on line 74

(chmod is set to 777)

How can I fix this? Thank you in advanced.

Hey. Is Clickr still non responsive?

New updates and functiones is coming?

lots of cock forms in your heatmaps, u been hacked ?

Hello, is this plugin:

1. still available?
2. still supported by you?
3. actively updated?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, you haven’t responded here for 2 yrs. ..... Are you still supporting this product?

Hello, is this plugin:

1. still available? 2. still supported by you? 3. actively updated?

Thank you in advance.