Discussion on Click 4 Click (Click Exchange Mobile App)

Discussion on Click 4 Click (Click Exchange Mobile App)

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is this error free? and you released update long time ago

Are clicks real or a hoax? Do you work with ads?

Clicks can only be done by your app users. So the clicks will be real and number of clicks will depend number of downloads of your app.

Is this app only for youtube videos , have not find the option for insta like , followers etc

This app is for youtube and server based videos you can add videos urls which end with video extension like .mp4, .mkv etc

why its showing ad id is not valid

Are you using the test app. Than we may have removed the ads ids.

Please Add Referral Program on It and If you change material ui with attractive design then may be it will be more sell…

Thank you for suggestion

Is this safe for websites with google adsense? Won’t users get their adsense banned for doing click for click using this app?

Dear read the description carefully. This is a mobile app not website.

I guess you don’t understand the questions before answering.

What are users going to click on? Links to websites I guess.

If these websites have adsense on them and other users of this app clicks on the link which invariably drive traffic to the target website, my question is this: how safe is it for the adsense? Will the traffic be valid?

Secondly, who are likely the target market for this app? Bloggers I think?

Yes it will be safe for adsense. Bcz one user can view a link once. And link will be open in there mobile browser not in app. There the traffic that you gain will be valid.

Is this safe for App store and Play store? And in which platform this application is devaloped? flutter, react?

Yes it’s safe. Bcz we built it under the guidelines provided by Google Play Store.

Built in Native Android with Java Not available for iOS

Already sold it out UpTo 3 developer’s.

How about if i want to add features like, youtube subscribe, facebook page like features in it. is this possible? and play store will kick this kind of application or not?

If you add youtube subscribe then it will go againts their policy and app can get removed from play store. We will be responsible only for features we provide in app default source code.

hi. will you add options to watch youtube videos, add YouTube comments, add video likes?

YouTube videos urls can be added but comment and likes are not.

30$ for reskining.

where can i contact you i am interested

Is this safe for admob?

Yes, App developed by keeping admob current policies in mind.

Also in future we are planning to implement few other ad networks. Like AppoDeal or ConsoliAds

I am interesting with this products but could I have your contact (Telegram or anything) can let me know more detail please?

Thank you for buying this product and considering us for reskining service. Your app is now live at

Thank for your Good Support – Best Services

can you make it as website

We can but that website can be tricked to get points by using some techniques. But in the Android framework that’s not possible. That’s why we preferred to create this system in Native Android.

so its possible as website ?

Yes but we will not do that. Bcz we cannot guarantee that the user have seen the ad/link for given time.

Congratulations, Nice Work, GLWS :)

do you have admin panel?

Backend of this product is based on Firebase Realtime Database. So you can change anything in database by using firebase console. Instruction video is available in source code.

Can’t create a account

Kindly try it properly before commenting here. If you need any assistance you can mail to us.


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