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Hello, every time that I try to make any change, appears: ... is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500


Thanks so much for purchased our plugin.

Please open a ticket at for getting our support.

We will take a closer look on your issue and help you solve it asap.

Kind regards, David



1. Can I Make different menu for different pages?

Best Wishes Reyaan

HI Reyaan,

You are able to created unlimited menu (including style) with CleverMegaMenu.

But if you want to assign unique menu for each page, then you should ask your theme marker. If your theme doesn’t support, then you won’t be able to do it.

Kind regards, David

PRESALE QUESTION. Hi. Is it possible to create a near full screen menu controlled by the burger menu? I assume I would just have to adjust the breakpoints to have the burger menu constantly appearing but is it possible to have the drop down as per the screenshots linked below:

\\ Closed menu

\\ Open menu

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi Fluid100,

Thanks so much for interesting with our plugin. We much appreciate that.

The CMM plugin doesn’t support this kind menu.

Kind regards, David

No problem, thanks for your help

Are there not any shortcodes for the menus?

The CMM comes with unique shortcodes (both HTML and PHP code) for each mega menu. You find the shortcode, please go to CMM => Menu Location

Kind regards, David


Konnessa Purchased

Can you send a sample menu to import like on the demo so I get a better idea of how to set it up in visual composer?

Dear Esmeldesign,

Thanks so much for purchased our plugin. We much appreciate that.

Please check video document here: Kind regards, David

Kind regards, David


Konnessa Purchased

Can someone please respond to my ticket. My menu is acting weird. Thanks

Please let me know your ticket ID.

Kind regards, David

How i can use it with avada theme

Dear Eco,

Does Avada theme support Visual Composer Addon? If it does, do you active Visual Composer addon?

To know how to use this plugin, please check the documentation here

And the video documentation here

Kind regards, David

Hello, Is it possible to put a custom icon in the menu bar ? Thanks

No, it’s impossible. Currently the CMM only support font icons which included in the plugin package.

Kind regards, David

Pre-sale question: Can your mega menu use accordions for the layout? I’m looking to replace this mega menu that is no longer supported by the author: – see the Products menu, and note the use of accordions.

No, it doesn’t. However, you can use any accordion shortcode of Visual Composer to show the content inside the mega menu.

Kind regards, David

Oh ok! That’s great :D Thank you


Konnessa Purchased

Can you please respond/fix my support ticket. Been waiting a few days now. Thanks

Please let me know your ticket ID.

Kind regards, David


Konnessa Purchased


Your issue is solved. Please check your ticket.

Kind regards, David

Hey there, great plugin, keep on with the great work!!!

i just upgraded to your pro version of clever menu plugin for visual composer, and im experiencing this issues:

1) when i try to edit the menu at appearance>menu>select menu>mega menu the edit page shows up blank with only a preloader

2) im creating a menu bigger than the screen, so people will need to scroll down the menu to see the entire content … at the free verson the overflow scroll function was not there, does it exist on paid version? if no can you guys help me setting it up?

3) There is a bug/misconfiguration on the free version: when i pass the mouse over the screen space where menu is suposed to display after hover/click on menu title, the element shows up, in other words, menu displays not hovering/clicking on menu title but the space where menu is supposed to display … since it is a big menu and covers all the screen is very inconvenient… any advice??

im using themo template and wp 4.7.3…

thx in davance!

Hey there, i didn’t have any response yet on my open ticket since Saturday… heres my issue, can you check ir out please?

I DONT WANT A STICKY MENU, what i want is the menu to scroll down because menu content height is bigger than the screen…

the function not working is something like overlofw: scroll; but im not sure hoy to code it so it can work properly …

all im asking from you guys is a cool snippet on something that should work out of the box … ;)


Hello helmantur,

Our plugin doesn’t support that effect. You should consider to hire a dedicated WordPress developer to handle it for you.

Kind regards, David

i fixed it already, i just posted this for future customers to know about boundaries of the plugin … and support … Kind Regards… :p

Just purchased the plugin. I cannot see where the mega menu add on is within the Wp Visual Composer? Also, I cannot make the menu full screen or make columns within the sub menu wide enough to display the content…

I don’t want a refund? I just want it to work? I also have another issue as the visual composer settings are not saving. If this plugin does not work then I will request a refund, but if you can show me how to actually set this up so that it works as per your preview, then that would be great..

Hi velvetpr,

We’ve already showed very detailed in the document and video. So if you can’t make it work, then the best option is asking a refund. It will help you save a lot of time and can easy to choose another plugin.

Kind regards, David

Last time. Can you please explain to me where the “WP-Custom Menu” tab is within the visual composer. It is showing on the video and not in my Visual composer.

I would like to buy this, if you will provide demo xml file exactly same menu what you have created in demo

Hi hariomsharan,

Thanks so much for interesting with our product. We much appreciate that.

We don’t provide the sample database for CleverMegaMenu. We strongly recommend to install the FREE to see how it works.

If it suites your requirements, then you can purchase the PRO version later.

Kind regards, David


weihs5 Purchased

Velvetpr, the visual composer tab is all within Appearance > Menus. Click the mega menu button next to the menu item.