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I’m using Kleo theme w/ this Plugin however I’m having an issue passing some rules through w/ this menu plugin. Kleo already comes w/ it’s own mega menu and you can enable it at any time but I didn’t and instead used this plugin. In doing so, some of the features like displaying a users Avatar Icon isn’t showing. Can you make this plugin more compatible w/ the Kleo theme?

Very good product. My question – can a character/icon be used as a separator between menu items (i.e. main menu items)? If so, how?

Hi! I want to know if I can have only menus like Vertical menu from Demo but without icon with 3 horizontal lines. Thanks!

yes, you can. It’s optional.

Kind regards, david

Can I add the logo on menu bar?

Dear Cosmins,

The logo is a part of Site Identity and it’s supported by your theme. You should check your theme to see how to publish it.

The CleverMegaMenu allow you insert anything inside the menu by using Visual Composer Layout Builder.

Kind regards, David

Hi! I have Visual Composer, so I can insert a logo/image on menu bar like in screenshot? Thank you!

No, you can’t. You should contact the theme provider to ask their support.

Kind regards

Hi, I am just testing the free version for my site. I have tried to add a simple panel, as per your videl (, except that I added pages rather than custom links, and the menu items end up in a horizontally rather than a vertically line. is this a bug, or something I am doing wrong?

I am not sure if the free version has sufficient functionality yet, but I want to add some pictures, so I suspect I will buy a copy thanks

Just have to reiterate how disappointing this is. I paid to have the addon tested for my site and then trialed it. It simply does not work and this is the treatment you give.

You specifically give a free version for testing and then disregard a simple question and expect me to pay to have you tell me that it does not work, and then have to refund money.

If you are not going to support your product, go away and don’t wast time. This is not the first very negative comment you have had here regarding your support

Thanks for your time. You should choose another plugin, this plugin is not ready for you!

Again, We only support our customers who purchased the PRO version. With PREE version, support is zero!

yep, I would have bought one as well, if you would have answered a simple question, but with support like this, you are too risky. And do not “thank” me for my time.

Do you make stand alone version of this menu, to be used in a normal site and not wordpress?

No we don’t. We do the plugin for WordPress only.

Kind regards, David


inkling Purchased

Any chance of getting a refund on this? I to also mimic this menu on some static pages that have to work with our WP site seamlessly. Since there’s not a standalone version, I’m unable to use this plugin now for the project.

I am interested in buying this plugin. I have looked at your Full Screen Preview / Demo site and I am wondering if I was to purchase, could you assist in getting your navigation bar to display below the site logo as yours does? I have been looking for a mega menu plugin that allows the mega menu to be inserted into the page anywhere using Visual Composer, which seems the best way to achieve this. Is this an option?



Dear Paul,

Regarding to the navigation position (location), you should contact your theme provider to getting their support. The menu location is related to the theme feature. And our Plugin only help you to create the mega menu by using Visual Composer into your menu.

Hope this will be helpful.

Kind regards, David


Catmal Purchased

I am using Total Theme and the menu is all messed up. Instead of showing submenu on popup it shows everything on the top menu. Isn’t it supposed to be compatible with most used themes? And as I’m not going to change the theme, what am I supposed to do to get it working?


Catmal Purchased

To make you understand I’m using total theme with visual composer which are pretty popular. But your plugin seems not to be compatible with total theme as it does not work properly. So can you help me fix it or should I ask a refund?

We’re not guarantee our plugin will be compatible with all themes or extension. If you found any issue which related to our plugin (JS error), please open a ticket at for getting our support.

Kind regards, David


Catmal Purchased

Why do I have to open an account on there too. Can’t it be solved here within Envato? Or you could just provide an email


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As the plugin is specifically for visual composer, i think that a lot of people would find it useful to have a visual composer element that allows to place the menu in the content when necessary. I was previously using a discontinued mega menu plugin for vc and it had the function.

This plugin allows you to create mega menu inside your current menu by using visual composer. You can easy to create any mega menu for any MENU LOCATION. You should ask your theme provider about the menu location.

Kind regards, David


Catmal Purchased

Do you even make a little effort to understand what people mean when they comment?

UPDATE! I’m just an idiot. Everything is working fine.

I hope you can answer this: I am unable to increase the mega-menu width beyond 343px & seem to fail to find where to change that. Can you tell me where it is, or is it an option in the paid version?

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Is it compatible with woocommerce ?? Can you make menu with tabbed submenu?

Thank you

Yes, it’s. You can check some demo here

You can easy create any sub menu type based on Visual Composer elements. If your theme comes with Visual Composer tabbed shortcode then it will be able.

Kind regards, David

WOW how have I not seen this VC related amazingness before!! Just watched a bunch of your videos, this looks truly #priceless Just curious, can you put gifs in the menu also (as an alternate to images) and anyway to have the mobile menu on the right side (most people are right handed so is just easier to get to) Looking forward to being a customer and 5 star rater asap CleverSoft #YOUROCK!!