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hello, congratulations for your work. By customizing css I was able to give a menu item a different background from the rest but I can not make sure that the color of the link is different. You can see here to understand better

item menu SHOP


Hey! Just bought your plugin! is there a way to float some of the menu items to right and some left on menu bar?

Hey! I Just bought your plugin. I am trying to customize the top-memu and when I am clicking on any menu element opens a pop up in order to customize. This pop-up is not woking properly. No appearing at all visual composer’s buttons(up on the right) and when adding an element like image or text or anything (by ”+” sign below) those elements are not visible. However in frontend these appear but I cannot define rows and add others elements since in backend nothing is visible. Can I send you a print-screen?

Dear Eo-Team-Designers,

Please read this article to know how to submit a ticket for getting our support.

Kind regards, David


roloef Purchased

Good day, I bought a license and trying to log a ticket, but does not want to submit?

Dear Roloef,

We’ve fixed that issue. Please try to submit a ticket again.

Kind regards, David

I have gone through your support system with no response and if I still do not get a damn response today for this not so clever mega menu I will leave the appropriate feedback. I have important projects to be completed and this plugin is holding me up.

This is weekend. And we will answer your ticket next Monday.

Hi guys! Pre-puchase question – can I make the menu have a background image? Not sub-menu, the actual main menu.

No you can’t.

Kind regards

opened ticket 2784 please help urgent

You should check your ticket now.

Kind regards

—PRE SALE QUESTION -- We want to replace the current menu with your mega menu. However, this theme has some crazy customizations that will require your assistance. We tried the free version just to see if it would work but we keep getting double menus. Can you please take a look and let us know if your menu will work here ::

Sorry, we’re busy and not interesting with your customization issue. You should hire a dedicated developer to solve it, or consider to use another plugin.

Kind regards

Thank you for finally responding. Already purchased WP Mega Menu Pro for only $10. Not only did they assist with my issue but they responded quickly to my inquires. Sorry you’re too busy to make money


That’s great.


Excellent plugin thus far. i.e. From what I have seen through your demo page. I purchased and am playing with it now. I have a theme that uses wpBakery Visual Composer. Is your plugin compatible with wpBakery? I click on the “edit” button on my newly created Mega Menu item but it just opens a blank white screen when it is supposed to show me all the Visual Composer components. Please advise.

Thank you!

Dear stoneplayter,

This plugin was made for this plugin

So if you use that plugin and found any issue which related to our plugin, please open a ticket for getting our support. FYI, please check it out

Kind regards David

Hello there..

I am sorry.. I have some pre sale questions 1. I am using woodmart. My site is Is Your menu plugin compatible with my theme?

2. And, please, with Your menu plugin, can I make menus like (it is from and this (from Please make a visit to those sites. The mega menu on those site has the ability to scroll. Right now I am using Uber Menu, but it does not has the ability to scroll. I want to create a flyout menu which is like on or a mega menu which is like on Once again, please check. The scrolling ability is important to me.

3. Also, is it possible to combine those menus? I mean, each menu on mega menus has its own flyout menu to show their subcategories. As You can see, the menus on mega menus are all the main categories which do not show their subcategories. But, the flyout menus on shows the subcategories, and even the childrens of the subcategories too.

Once again, I am sorry…

Thank You very much for Your patience..

Kindest regards,



robowp Purchased

hi. I m really interested in your plugin and before purchase it ihave a question; Compatibility with rtl ? did you test and are you sure ?

how can i assign hamburger menu in mobile(left or right) like demo version? i can’t find option about this. if it is possible only by css, plz tell me the description.

Dear Hugo0027,

Thanks so much for using our plugin.

Please submit a ticket for getting our support

Kind regards

can i add a multiple article/post to the menu? like when hover or click it will show the title, image with half content, 5 articles or more. can i make the menu full-width? is it compatible to all wordpress themes?


Hi leetskil,

it’s depended on your Visual Composer shortcodes.

This plugin is made for Visual Composer, so if the Visual Composer activated then the ClerverMegaMenu will be worked.

Kind regards

Hello – Is it possible to show the Mega Menu when the menu item is clicked rather than hovered on?


It’s impossible. Currently the hover effect is working on Desktop and the Click effect is working on mobile device.

Kind regards, david

Hi there, I’m looking to purchase this plugin, one question before i do, does it support multisite installation?

No It doesn’t. You’re required to purchase single license for each website

Kind regards

Seems this plugin doesn’t work well with WordPress 4.9.6, it has conflict with WP colorpicker, in your change log it says it’s been fixed, but it happens on WordPress 4.9.6, do you plan to update it or ?

It seems you are using the older version. You should upgrade the CleverMegaMenus to latest version for fixing that issue.

If you need further assistance, please read this article to know how to submit a ticket for getting our support.

Kind regards


I’m li need a mega for The7 theme

I need to make some tab menu like this

Can i make this with your plugin mega menu?

Kind regards

Hi calzadostore,

If your site uses Visual Composer plugin, then you can use this plugin to create any mega menu types.

Kind regards, David

Hi there, I can get the plugin to work using a shortcode but I can’t get it to replac e the existing menu. I have enabled ‘Whether to use Clever Mega Menu for this menu or not.’ in the menu settings but it just shows a large blank white space where the menu should be.

You can see an example of the issue here –

If you scroll down you can see the menu shortocde is working fine within the page content but it wont work in place of the existing menu. Any ideas why this might be?

Hi visualnoise,

Please read this article to know how to submit a ticket for getting our support.

Kind regards

Thanks, I appreciate the fast response. I have created a support ticket so hopefully you can provide some help soon.

i need to add an image to each link on the menu ? how this should be done ?

It’s related to your Visual Composer skill. You should read the Visual Composer document to know how to add an image

Kind regards