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Support Ticket logged WNS-276245. Can you please let me know what response time is.

Dear Reepa,

We’re checking your ticket now.

Kind regards, david

i just need to check if the drop down mega menu can go full screen width when running on a desktop – it looks like it only goes the width of the menu and not the screen.

Hi Jefmac,

You can easy to use the FREE version of this plugin to test its feature yourself.

Kind regards, David

hi, on demo screenshots i saw “search” and “cart” elements. But in plugin i can’t find this options. Could help to explain how i can add “search” and “cart” elements in menu?


Search or Cart are not a part of MegaMenu. They’re related to theme functions.

Kind regards, David

your plugin is a good idea but raw for this moment. for what you show shop and search icons on demo images? you sell only plugin! i bought, because i think this plugin support and can display shop and search icons like as max mega menu pro. and in mobile version – if user want open sub menu he must click only on arrow, menu not open when i touch normal on whole menu – i think this is bug. could you add shop and search elements in your next version and fix bug in mobile version?

Dear sergeisimonov,

Thanks so much for purchased our theme. We much appreciate that.

1/ As I mentioned before, the search or cart icon are the part of theme header. All most of themes comes with header builder which contain the search icon, social icon and cart icons. That’s why we don’t integrate the cart, search icon in the mega menus. It makes sure the megamenu is lightweight and fast loading, avoid the conflict with the theme function. We don’t have any plan to add the search/cart function to the plugin.

Please note: Clever Mega Menu does not replace anything and only changes contents and appearance of navigation menus when Clever Mega Menu is enabled.

2/ Regarding to your question “if user want open sub menu he must click only on arrow, menu not open when i touch normal on whole menu”

It’s NOT a bug. It works exactly how it should. One menu comes with 2 elements:

- Menu link - Sub Menu

So when you click on the menu, it will be redirected to the menu link. If you click the arrow icon, the sub menu will be showed.

If you have any further questions: please kindly open a ticket at for getting our support.

Kind regards, David

hi i cant find the WP Custom Menu Element in VC can you help me?

Hello Shredi,

It seems your questions is not related to our plugins. You should contact the VC owner for getting better answer.

I though you are saying about this

If you have any further questions which related to our plugin: please kindly open a ticket at for getting our support.

Kind regards, David


tylery Purchased

Hey, love this menu. However i’m having an issue with the sticky menu. Would you be able to have a quick look, and let me know why the sticky menu breaks.

You need to purchase this plugin first in order to get our support.

Kind regards, David


KwangGan Purchased

have problem with parent menu turn to normal stat (background color ) instead hover background color when hover on sub menu item need more extra css


KwangGan Purchased

My ticket is #QKA-777300 Can you please let me know what response time is. ?

Just wanted to say, what a great plugin. I have a customer of my Total theme using it and it is very nice. Congrats!

Thanks so much for your kind words.



Is it possible to place Clever Mega Menu in any sidebar area?


Yes, it’s possible

Can I try before buy?

Yes you can. You should download the FREE version to try


shredi Purchased

Hi How can i replace a Icon with my own Icon please

Did you create a ticket with the purchase code? If you did, please let us known your ticket ID!


shredi Purchased

Hello clever menu First I have to apologize, we have the plugin “clever mega menu” and the plugin “mega menu” bought simultaneously. The plugin mega menu has completely destroyed our website insteration, when we wanted to reclaim the plugin is a mistake happened and the plugin clever mega menu complained. For this we apologize, their plugin works very well. We have now bought your plugin again, because we want to continue to use it. Yours sincerely Jürgen Schröder

You are welcome. If you love our plugin, please don’t hesitate to rate us 5 stars. It’s really help us a lot.

Kind regards, David

It is Cleaver menu compatible with “Salient” theme? I try to install the free version but the menu doesn’t appear on the pages. Let me know

Yes, it’s working well with any theme. However, Visual Composer is required.

You should purchase the Pro version for getting better support.

Kind regards, David

Can i add a txt block to the menu itself. Eg Call us NOW!!!
Phone 3333
7 days/24hrs….. three rows of txt

Yes you can. With visual composer you can add anything. Kind regards

Do you have an email so I can send you a screenshot of what I am trying to do? Assuming you say it can be done, i am buying

Dear Nippi9,

You can upload your screenshot to dropbox or google drive. After that, you can post your links here.

Kind regards, David

Hello, I would like to know if Clever Mega Menu for Visual Composer works for unlimited sites, or this plug in only work for limited sites

Sorry, we don’t understand your question. Please explain it more clarification.