Clear FAQs WordPress Plugin

Clear FAQs WordPress Plugin

Allow your site to answer questions and answers!

Clear FAQs provide a clean, easy way to create a frequently asked question, question & answer or knowledgebase section on your WordPress pages, posts or text widgets.

The FAQs and categories are as easy to create and edit as any other WordPress post, it uses the same familiar WordPress interface.

Items can be displayed in categories with descriptions and are stored within a custom post type to avoid any interference with your existing site content.

Options can be set in a custom options panel and on a case-by-case basis if you want multiple FAQ pages.

Available Options / Features

  • Built-in expand/collapse functionality
  • Built-in smooth scroll to section or back to the table of contents
  • Decide whether to show/expand all by default
  • Control which category of FAQs to display
  • Hide or show category counts
  • Hide or show the top table of contents section
  • Hide or show the “To Top” scrolling feature
  • Reusable across any number of pages/posts
  • Fluid width, fills to fit the content area from mobile to desktop sites
  • Localized

The plugin is designed to blend in, not override your existing theme styles/colors with minimal styling to worry about.



 - Plugin Launch


 - Updated scripts.js and cudazi-clearfaqs.php to auto-close tabs on click of another tab