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I need help i can’t generate signed apk i have problem in RubbichCleanActivity can u help i can give my ID and password TeamViewer thanks you)

hi i have problem i can’t generate signed apk , i run another app it’s work but you app ( clean plus didn’t work ) the error : Error:Execution failed for task’:app:compileReleaseJava’. > Cannot find System Java Compiler. Ensure that you have installed a JDK (not just a JRE) and configured your JAVA_HOME system variable to point to the according directory.

thank you

Did you do this procedure? The problem is caused by the system in your computer

ok i changed the path sdk and jdk and it’s work thank you

You’re welcome

Is battery saver works? I tap on it and nothing happened..

How can i change colors ?


what was the update ?

Is this working on marshmallow 6.1

interstitial ads are existing in ?

How I can change “more app” to mine ?


what was the update ?

hello sir I get this error Error in the picture http://imgur.com/CobI5Ce

please delete project after again open project no update project open 2.14 Version Android Studio

Looking for help with a reskin and some features, do you provide these services?

hi ı send mail

what was the update ? reply

My App Suspended and its asking me authorisetin

Hi Developers at apps bilal,

After review, CLEANER AMHARIC, cleaner.bilal, has been suspended and removed from Google Play as a policy strike because it violates the impersonation policy. Your app is identical to an existing app on the Play Store.

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this app is blacklist