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Hi, if i purchase this code can you explain to me how to delete the first button ( buy product to close ads ) because i don’t want it.

yes i will guide you. You can buy .

does it support google-play-services_lib 9.2 ? as you know that soon version under 9.2 wont show ads ? if so i wanan to buy thanks

Yes it supports. Need to add language in the code and app supports. Thanks,

did you update the app cuz the last version has a lot of problems ??

What issues you are facing ?? Can you please describe. Thanks. You can email me as well. Mail id is : passiontocode@gmail.com Thanks,

why demo apk dont like google play url ?

Google play url is just for reference. Consider demo apk . Thanks,

private String base64EncodedPublicKey = “MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAo35ZDbHywopdPA1nqfV1FutYMMu+Uv92+KOC0rXWXZXPxI6rEvhbt6kCNzNsxxy+rWYHy48Xdv4aKJujwjVcUyV8d1Vjz7jtfwjkZA3NmqxrBuZLfVa+MkDxh2A+NTF54awJj17xkgplpTSQkyi3mO81fHUBqDXNShwtrGlXGwSMW4cSsvQy87nxMOmmgCt/srSD9V6R9c8WO0T4bWUvxCFrd0n7FMxyJGsRETadpskUAdRKtE4PFSVkAbBalMAaVFte9tRdqlYAu3Fl9GAn+sR4Geq3xCy8jcMtkBVUc6O4aAEDos2gP2YnrlaokdFGNu7XisHvL1sYxQqtp+LydQIDAQAB”;

what mean this code?

this is use for in app purchase.


Essali Purchased

Hi, I just bought this code and I need to know how to change the package name, admob ID. Also how to remove first option ( buy to remove ad ) Plz help and thanks


You want me to do that changes for you or you just need guide/documentation ?

Let me know. I will do it with extra pay for those changes.



Essali Purchased

How much you will take for changes ?

Mail id is : passiontocode@gmail.com What changes do you want ? Will charge according to changes. Thanks,

Hello sir, I am new in this apps field , and i want to purchase all your apps, please suggest me ,

1. i am new to apps development, can you explain how to modified and build this app. with the software development kit and or SDK name. 2. I want to remove your google ads and i want to start my own ads in this rebuild apps, can you guide about this. 3. after purchase this i’ll rename this apps with my own name and all copyright of mine with this rebuild apps. 4. what is money back guaranty if this apps not rebuild with the screenshot you provide.

please guide me so , i’ll make payment for it.

Thanks n regards Sitaram

sir, my email id is sitaraminfotech at gmail dot com

also sent u email at passiontocode at gmail dot com

Yes i got your mail and replied you. Thanks,


Essali Purchased

I have sent email for you, plz check.

Just replied. Thanks ,


Essali Purchased

Mr. Karma can you please support and replay to my email ? it’s been more than one month now !!

Ohh Sorry for the delay, I have just emailed you. Thanks,

Hello All, Do not purchase item from this seller, not support by them , wastage of money, i purchased this before two month ago, still not launch my app. Please Beware of that type of Seller.


I have already give you documentation. You have everything ready. I have also updated my app here in codecanyone please download new. Let me know if have any issues.



shahk20 Purchased

What update are given in this new version?

App is now compatible with android 6.0 version and fixed some issues. Thanks,

would it be easy to translate this the app into a different language?

Yes it is possible.

the code is buggy! does ads shown just in android 6 or something ?? after i used the android studio apk the ads aren’t working, i get blank ads, and you didn’t update the eclipse code.. there is porblems in that code

ads not working at all!!!

Hello, Please Change package name and try. Thanks,

hi I can’t try it ! The apk file don’t work wish Nox app player nor my tablet so give me an other


doesn’t work

give me a new apk or Play Google link of this same code. Thank you

Ohkay sending you new apk. Thanks,

i have buy this project but your project is not same Reference app

Please note : There is reference app and demo app is there. You need to check demo app apk not reference app apk. Thanks,


salamat Purchased

When we tap open the side listing and close it back, the screen will turn blank white. Please check. Tks

Email me i will send you new code. Thanks,


salamat Purchased

Mail sent. Waiting for the code.

I sent you. Thanks,

how can i remove the first button “buy to close ads”

Please hide that button. and comment on button click listener, Remove in app permission from manifiest file. Thanks ,

how can i hide the button and comment

From the xml file you can hide the button. Make it invisible. Thanks,

I purchased cleaner for whatsapp app. Ads are not displayed need your help.

please provide available time to discuss. or else send me the instruction to spapps.sateesh@gmail.com

everything is looks good, but after closing app in it will display the interstitial ads. 3-5 ads. please help me

Please comment on intersitials ads code. It is in timer. Thanks,