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Great job! But When a visitor enters for the first time and see you menu How will know is have submenu or no?

Good point :-) I’ll look into this for the first update!

Solved! Plus I added some responsive design as well :p

Awesome work ! GLWS :)

Be great to hear any updates as to when or if you will be porting this over to wordpress as a plugin :)

Do let me know, i’d be very interested in purchasing this today, if it is wordpress ready.

I’ll look into making this a WordPress plugin. Quite busy with work at the moment, so not sure when I can do it by, but I’ll keep everyone posted :)

Great job, but I have problems with the voices of sublevel with ASP.NET, you can give me some info?


Could you please send me your website via Private Message through my profile and I’ll take a look :)

The submenu levels are inaccessible in touch devices because there is no mouse hover, can you please fix it?

Nevermind my comment, i just noticed that it happens only in my end.

Hi firstly nice and that is why I brought it.

However it doesn’t seem to be very responsive and it’s hard to tell if it is my site or your code.

My site:

You can test all the different sizes of it by going to following site:


This seems to be working for me? I have only added a couple of the responsive sizes, no where near as many as you showed me in that QuirkTools.

You will just need to add the sections you need into the responsive CSS :)

Thanks for buying :) Let me know if I can help any further.

I just read the comments of Globo_Logic and I wonder if you will release an update adding more responsive sizes?

It would be great that the tiles adjust in vertical position when there is a limited width space


I can add more responsiveness in an update if required! I was considering doing a vertical drop of tiles, but how would the sub menus appear? To the side?

I’ve considered it many times, and not really 100% sure how it would work best.

Let me know your opinions. :)

I think it would be great that the submenu appears to the side but showing all tiles in vertical next to initial menu, and if the submenu has another submenu, show all of them in the same first submenu, to avoid make another list of tiles, maybe the sub – submenu could be a tile smaller than original submenu.. :)

I want to use this in an app. Is it possible to make it scroll horizontally so you can see more icons? I want to show 3 at a time and then have the user swipe left or right to see more.

As far as App development goes, I’m not to sure. You could create a responsive version though based on horizontal scrolling.


i included the menu in wordpress site. see the url in mobile . in desktop no issue working fine. but in mobile it shows some css and javascript.

pls anybody can help.


The scripting errors are coming from a social media, twitter or facebook plugin when made responsive. The menu doesn’t use javascript so wouldn’t cause these kinds of errors.



Any update will come for IE11 support?


Please ignore my comment its working perfect with IE11

Good to hear :)

Wordpress version? any time estimate?

I won’t be doing at WordPress version any time soon. Time invested won’t draw enough profit I’m afraid.

I have css conflict with a bootstrap skin !

Can U help ?

Its ok I found the css conflict and fixed it !

Really sorry for the delay, been on vacation. Glad you got it sorted :)


Can I change the menu “boxes” into a “circles” instead?...

Very nice menu. JS

Hello, Sorry for the late reply.

The squares can be turned into circles by simply using border-radius.

Would love a WP version of this plugin, any chance of you developing one?


I’m in full time work now so don’t really have to much spare time to work with CodeCanyon items any more. Would of loved to make one, and if there is anyone out there who wants to make it – then it would be great.