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Interested in your app and script and will need some answers and which of your scripts support this.

1. Can handymen register with their professions for customers to book. 2. Can customers book a handyman closest to their location. 3. Can the handyman get a notification if selected by a customer. 4. Can we delete some fields from the registration form and can we add services for handymen to select to match their professions.



Thanks for contact us. Here I answered for your questions. 1. there is no need to register your profession to start booking. All booking notification goes to only admin. Its single vendor script. 2. there is no option like choosing handyman while booking. 3. admin only will get notification. 4. you can add any new services from backend. But to remove (or) add any fields in registration form its require php knowledge. if you are developer you can do it.


Hello, it is easy to translate? thanks

And when you add mobile app in codecanyon? thanks

we are not planning to add mobile app in codecanyon.

we are not planning to add mobile app in codecanyon.

Hi there, After submitting a post code succesfully by the customer is it possible to redirect him to another url? Thanks.

yes you can do that by changing code.

do you plan for wordpress version with sync to android app.

right now we dont have plan for that. if you need mean we can do as custom job. contact us support@migrateshop.com


Step 3:

Open connections.php its available in root folder & then change hostname, database name & password.

Where to insert my info at????????

<?php //if you got any deprecated error in above php 5.5 version just uncomment below line to hide those warnings //error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED);

date_default_timezone_set(‘Asia/Kolkata’); $con=mysql_connect(“localhost”,”root”,”root”); if(!$con) die(‘Could not connect: ’ . mysql_error()); mysql_select_db(“cleanmaster”,$con); ?>

your site url?


i like the script…] i have some questions / observation

1> My country currency is not there ! can it be Added? 2/>payment processor! can a desired gateway be added? Paypal not favorable, also bank transfer 3> for search can it be changed from postal code to area name? E.G name of state / region { http://prntscr.com/gevgl1 } 5>.is it possible to add more pages? 6>>


1. you can add extra currency from coding. 2. if you are developer you can add any payment gateway. otherwise you can hire us to develop payment gateway. for single payment gateway we are charging 99$ 3. yes you can change it by using code. 4. yes you can add using code.


the code changes, would you be kind enough to show me documentation / few steps on the modification ?

documentation will not cover anything about customization. its core php. so you have to do by yourself or hire our developer to do that.


Hello, after changing the php version to 5.5 the script works! about the admin – admin pass he answers me ” *Invalid username or Password ” thank you in advance for your help

admin panel username & password: admin

yes I know ! and it tells me password or username invalid! that’s why I’m asking you for help

please send your website url to support@migrateshop.com


Hi, is there just PayPal as a payment system ?

I cant login to admin demo, something dosent work

Please check our demo now.



xniceo Purchased

hello. i have php 5.6 mysql 5.7. my user has all privileges…i can not post orders or fill out application

kindly send your cpanel details to support@migrateshop.com so that our team will check for you.


“Enter Postal Code” Witch code? What country?

postal code mean zip code. which is used in all country. if you need you may change that text.