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JackySi does not currently provide support for this item.

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I would like to show a silent animation with just the “play” control on top of it and no other controls.

Here is a mockup

What adjustment should I make to the embed code/js/css?


Just add “visibility:hidden” to class controls.

Dear JackuSi! I bought Jplayer for you but i doesnt see that is only skin :( Can u help me to place one mp3 music in clear html document and use your skin ( i mean this white audio player skin). Please i really dont know how to do it.

Best Regards Dawid

Have you changed unique ID for the each player?

Genius ! Thanks man !

No problem :)!

Hi there, I have send you an email about an issue with the player in my site. Please answer me. Thanks.

Please in future do not post comments and mail me at the same time.

For those attempting to integrate this skin on pages with Twitter Bootstrap, you will need to modify the CSS a bit to force it to display correctly.

/* Bootstrap Style Overrides */ .webPlayer .controls { box-sizing: content-box; } .progress { background-image: none; background-color: transparent; border-radius: 0px; height: auto; margin-bottom: auto; overflow: visible; }

Thanks for sharing!

Hello JackySi, I’ve done all it states in the documentation but but whenever i click play it stops. Check it here for me thanks.

Shoutcast has its own cache and clients (web browsers, players, etc…) also have their cache. It depends on machine/system/server and setup. So you can’t do anything about that

So you mean you cant stop the stream from caching

Depends on what sort of code are you using. There is also the 2nd problem which comes with most audio players available and the problem is that when stream is paused the stream keeps loading into buffer instead of disconnecting. But the item in question is a skin without official support ^^ so I’m not going to go into detail. this explains more regarding how to stop download at pause

I see you updated the skin to work with Jplayer 2.9.2. THANKYOU!!! You just made my day :)

No problem :)

I am not a programmer or coder so is it too difficult to install this theme? Can you please tell me how to install these themes so that if I find it doable by me then i will purchase it. Hope you will understand.

JPlayer is a JQuery plugin. My theme is based on custom classes etc so its not as easy as drop-in-replacement. Please if you don’t have the moderate or basic experience with JPlayer, Jquery or CSS do not purchase this skin. I do not offer implementation guides other than already written documentation.

Hi Can you please provide me an example with autoplay and continues play from one mp3 to other – similar like you have here :

hii JackySi, I cannot get the light skins to work.


also check the embedding options, i was told the codes is for lightskin but will display as black.

You are welcome!

Looks great! Thanks for sharing!

Hi JackySi, When i downloaded this item, only one video example got downloaded with the script files. How do i embed an audio? could you please help.

I’m sorry but I don’t offer support for this skin at all.

You can’t increase size of the buttons because they’re designed in PNG which is not a scalable image format. You can make them bigger but that would mean completely destroying the icons/buttons quality. As mentioned this is only a skin and your question is related to JPlayer it self so even more of reason why I can not help you more.

The button looks strange because you have overlapping CSS from file style2.css: .play { padding: 30px 0 0 30px; width:75px; height:75px; }

Thanks a lot. It was that line of code that was interering. Thanks so much.

No problem, I apologize if my response sounded anyhow offensive!

Hello JackySi, When i downloaded this item, only one video example but I want to use for my SHOUTcast Streaming. How to Implement SHOUTcast Streaming URL ? could you please help.

This is a skin for which I don’t offer support, at all. Its unreasonable to ask such a question in the first place!

Please check official JPlayer documentation on how to deploy and work with the script which you can find here: (Tip: deploying MP3 file works same as Shoutcast)

Greetings good job, I see that support RTMP streaming video could transmit

I have already streaming TV but I need a player, you can work with this player

This is not a player. Its a skin. Please make sure you understand the difference! I do not offer support nor help with implementation!

It is true, excuse the error

Moving end of the progress bar can not slide

What do you mean? Browser and Operating system? Works fine here

In mobile applications, playback progress bar can not touch the drag

Touch features were never implemented. Mouse dragging was. That’s not the same thing.

hello I have recently bought this item and maybe i’ve not read all of it right. Is there no way to use this skin with the Jplayer plugin on wordpress?

I thought after downloading it there would be some sort of documentation saying how to do it as it said “easy to get started, deploy in minutes”. Then when I read through the documentation after purchase it just gives code and no indication of where any of the files should be to make it work.

I understand you don’t off support but hope you can point me in the right direction

Sorry for the delay in the response. The WordPress is a web site as any other it just allows quick and easy content management. The skin/JPlayer should work just fine with it. Since I don’t offer support I rather suggest you check out JPlayer documentation available at Its very extensive and should give you every thing you need to get started. The files need to be uploaded to the host and then linked to the pages you are using (usually via Extension/Plugin or Theme). Since I don’t use WordPress I can’t really help you much regarding the setup.

Hi, I purchased your skin yesterday to fit into my platform timeline but it appears your method of invoking the jplayer is conflicting with my other js listed in my site. And many of my other js has stop worked.

By default my site works with the default jplayer as I had tested before purchasing and i was looking for a suitable skin. Your instructions seemed simple but the custom code you provide seems to be the issue.

Also the json strings for the audio player flash on screen while page loading then disappears. I assume that’s what it suppose to do as I see a display:none but also I don’t like that since i’m focusing on loading on mobile devices who will often see that due to the data plan connection.

I have removed the clean-player code and just began to style jplayer by default with css.

May I ask why not use manual deployment provided on the bottom of the documentation? That will work with any custom JS you use. That last method is exactly shown for this purpose, so people who go all out advanced with their own classes, scripts etc can use.

Can you update the docs with a manual method for audio as the one you have is for video. Or can you send me a linked example of audio markup with clean-jplayer included.

The difference is small. I’m so busy these days its really hard for me to find any time to do such lengthy things (Yeah it takes some time to write documentation). The only difference is using a class ‘audioPlayer’ on the main element. Every thing else is the same.

Ow and removing these two HTML elements:
<a href="#" tabindex="1" class="fullScreen smooth noload"></a>
<a href="#" tabindex="1" class="fullScreenOFF smooth noload"></a>

Does the player adapt to the width of the browser/div? My website has some columns of text (newspaper style) with the player underneath. The column widths get smaller as the browser width does. Will the player dynamically change size too, or is it always a specified width?

It should adapt to the parent container. I didn’t test such features but the demo page also has responsive design so you can check it out there. Hope that’s the answer you were looking for.

I do not see the playlist. I Need playlist music

Playlist is not supported as its a plugin.

can you set the player to my empty html page? please, with payment

I’m sorry but I can not do that. Please read jPlayer documentation and item documentation located at

can you just reveal me what i need to write and where, to get the audio player? I purchased the product. at least have to save it in .html or js?

But its all explained in the documentation? Also I don’t support this item any more. Its also a skin not a player it self =(