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How resize the player wuthout be all the page

Hi I don’t know about JS and HTML Programing. Please send to me One full feature video example One full feature audio example

With JS and HTML bundle code in zip file Thanks a lot

hello, is it possible to forced ratio (widht/height) with your code ? is it possible to loop video ?

data-disable-controls="false" not hide control under video :-(

Hi there!

1. You need to change height in css. Just add to css file next code .mdtc-clnplra-playlist {min-height: 400px;}

2. Please use data-disable-controls=”true” instead.

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I there a way to customize your player so that it will have checkbox for my client to select more than one song and a button to take them to the Checkout page

Please I need help

Hi there!

Out of the box this feature unavailable. You need to add custom additions to code.

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Can connect and play youtube channel directly?

Hello, I just purchased the Clean Audio Player Plugin. I have well configured in our html file with data-autoplay=”true”. I found the audio can auto play in desktop browsers such as IE and Chrome. However, it cannot auto play in mobile browsers, such as samsung browser and chrome in Android, and safari in iphone.

How can I resolve it?? I need this solution urgently.

Thanks a lot! Clement

Hello, I was buying audio player but for some reason got video player donwload. I don’t need video player – only audio. What should I do? Can I buy audio player and you will refund for video player, or how should I continue with this error?

Auto play does not work… This is a huge issue for me.. since it will be running a display all day and I need the page to refresh and auto play the playlist.. or loop.. can you help with this? if not I need a refund. Your product information clearly states auto play


Naujok Purchased

There is a problem displaying video in full-screen mode, where the playlist overlaps the control bar, making it unusable.