Discussion on Classy FlipBook Responsive WordPress Plugin

Discussion on Classy FlipBook Responsive WordPress Plugin

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Hello, no matter what i do i get no pictures in the book. I can’t find a shortcode anywhere either! If I create a new page, does it appear as a contribution? Please send me a detailed explanation of how to proceed. Thanks!


Have you read the documentation ?
Documentation screenshot –

If you still have a problem, send me a private message here:
( the form is on the bottom right )

I’m missing the point create from pdf and also create from images. I can’t do anything with the lightshot, do you have an exact link for me?

Send me a private message:
( the form is on the bottom right )

Hi there. Is it possible to include a movie into the flipbook? Thnx Frank

Many thnx, is it also possible to include selfhosted videos? Thank you…

Yes. You can include your video files.

Code example: <video width="520" height="440" controls> <source src="video_file.mp4" type="video/mp4"> </video>

Hello! Is there a way to ask for refund? The plug in can not use PDF files, and I need to use PDFs. I see now, that is my mistake, I like the “look” of the plugin, just wont work in my case. So if it is possible, I like to ask for refund, if its not, I understand, I did not read carefully.


Send me a private message.


I am trying to find a Flipbook Application for a WordPress website that allows people to upload their own PDF and see a sample of what it would look like before they purchase.

Can your application accommodate this functionality?

Does it have search option and if no, can you add it for me? I want to add text and users can search for some words while they are reading a book.


There is no search function, but I can do it for you. Send me a private message after purchase.

Sounds good! Done, I already purchased it and sent private message to you.


can you able to use custom posts type with wordpress


Flipbook uses shortcode. So you can view the flipbook in the post, page or custom post.

Hi my friend, it is very nice your theme. But can I transform my posts in a magazine too? Like to let my client to do it himself with his posts, can I? Can I make a magazine from just one category too? Tks a lot!!!


You can not transform posts to pages flipbook. But creating flipbook is easy (just as simple as creating posts)

We have a client who needs a publishing system where the details below are possible. can you advise if your plugin can achieve this either out of the box or with some alterations?


Joins as a member (we will use a membership plugin for this)

Logs in and uploads 10 photos to his profile/page

Adds some text to a pre-defined area ( a heading and a short intro)

Has the ability to move the photos around (this is optional, perhaps that have to remove and re-add them?)

Views a preview of the page

Then either prints the page as a pdf or submits it (via payment gateway) for Admin to print and post

(The reason the admin-print option is so that the customer receives a premium quality print).

Admin receives a notification that an order has been placed.

Admin then logs in and prints the poster, possibly with an address label.

The customer should be able to go back to their page at any time to view or re-print their poster and they should be able to add more pages/posters as time goes on.

Many thanks

Steve Cube Lab


I do not have this plugin which makes it all. But this is a good base.

Hello, on install of plugin am getting this error (Wordpress 3.9.2):
Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Thanks for getting back. I checked in the download archive – codecanyon-7520633-classy-flipbook-jquerypluginwordpress,zip but there is no plugin folder (I downloaded a few to test, all the same).

I’ve made a screen shot of the archive contents :

is installed now, copied over the jquery_classy_flipbook dir to the remote wordpress plugins dir.

Pack folder “jquery_classy_flipbook” then install “”.

How to edit the default text to the left of the cover (first page)?

I’d like to place an image there instead but adding pages is just pushing every other page back… it does not override the left side of the book.



You can do this in the configuration options of the book (tab “Translate”)


Great product so far. Is there a way that i can add multiple pages at once, as i have lots of pages per book?



Hello is it possible to add a PDF and it automatically turns into a flipbook?

Do you really have to make each page by itself or can you add a PDF and it turns into the entire book?


In these plugins is support for PDF:

Does the left html area, left of the flip book support images? Every time I put one in the editor, it does not display on the front end.


It should work. Send a private message to me and give me the data to Towjego WordPress (host, user, password)

Hi I have sent this message since 4 days ago and I have not received any answer yet.

1.When I try to open a Book on Navigators is too slow, and I wanna know if is possible to make a procedure to do this so fast.This issue is very important for me.

2. The buttons to manage the Book has titles to the user knows the function of the button. However this titles don´t look good when open the book on Android Movile Dispositives. The background color is clear grey, no matter what color you choose on configuration. I want to know how fix it.

3. This issue is relative to the last before. When turn a Android tablet on vertical position, the base of buttons, cuts the borders and appears a clear line on the middle of the screen. When turn the tables horizontal, is normal.

4. Can you explain me how to manipulate the fonts to change, I made some changes on configuration with google fonts but I don´t see the changes. I´m about to know if have made this procedure correctly. Or make some example on mi site.Thanks

PD: You can also answer me to


You sent the same questions by email. I wrote you a few days ago on this email Make sure your email is working correctly or check your spam folder.

I sent the email again to

Hi, I have sent you a private message on Flashmania support with some questions about the use of this tool, please take a look. Thanks

PD: You can also answer me to

I wrote to the email again. Check if the email is working properly.

Hi, I purchase your Classy FlipBook Plugin for WordPress (jQuery), and I have a problem redirecting for text and images with the code javascript:setPage(number_page), the link action is not active, I mean the text appear on the page but not execute the action when click o it. I have a table of contents in my book and I need to make the links. Thanks for the support.


Send a private message and enter the data into WordPress (address, user, password)

How can I send you a private message?

I sent you the data on Flashmania support message section (next tab)

i have a requirement for my client where i want to give my client functionality to upload their monthly book in pdf or image format and it shoud display in book list in archieve automatically. like january 2014 ferbruary 2014 etc…. is it possible with you plugin explain in brief and i buy it now. also i want all images or pdfs watermarked with their logo. also i want it mobile friendly.


You can create an unlimited number of book. As for the archives, you can create a post (for each book) and there to give you a link to the book (then you will be in the archive). Watermark need to create manually (no watermark function)

This version is flash does not work on ipad / iphone.


Quick pre sale question:

I need IE 8 support for a client, and so wondering if your plugin will support Turn.js 4th release:

“Turn.js 4th release has over 10 different performance improvements and more than 20 new features. The improvements were mainly focused on making the effects much more fluent and smoother as well as reducing memory consumption when using the browser’s GPU and storing elements in the DOM tree. It also supports old browsers such as IE8 by adding a new file called turn.html4.js, which has the exact same API (methods, properties) but it deals with the effects in a different way on HTML4-based browsers.”


It only works with “turn.js 3rd release”
There is no support for IE 8


I’m a little confused. Is it right that I’ve to buy a commercial license of turn.js 3rd release to make this plugin work? Does it work also with the 4th release?

Thanks in advance.


It only works with “turn.js 3rd release”

I wish to buy this product but I’ve a question.

I’ve a magazine gallery to show in filpbook. is there any way to show all magazines and pick up one and show in this filpbook. As ex: in flash filpbook there is a button “Select Book” . Something like that can I show multiple magazines and select one. If you dont understand this I can send a screen shot.


There is no such function enclosed in this book.
But this is not a problem. You can use my plugin carousel:

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