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About back{4}app with Parse SDK

You must sign up for a free account on http://back4app.com in order to create a App on back{4}app, grab its App and Client Keys and paste them the Configs.swift file of this app.

back{4}app service offers the following FREE features for the STARTER pack:
• 1 GB Database Storage
• 5 GB File Storage
• 10 Requests/second
• 50 K Requests/month
• 1 Cloud Code Job

Check out its PRICING tables here: https://www.back4app.com/pricing/

Here you can find DOCS: http://docs.back4app.com/

When I open the project with XCode 8 some views got bigger than the controller width

That’s an XCode 8 bug that we hope Apple will fix on a next release, meanwhile you can check the Views List panel on the left, select the Cont View we’ve placed into a ScrollView and set its width to 320, in order for you to edit the layout via Storyboard, if you want to. Check this screenshot out: https://s17.postimg.org/ksavw3q4v/layout.png

Anyway we’ve also added a line of code that will fix the app layout while running it, so even if you don’t do what’s described above, the app will still show the right layout when running it on Simulator or device.

How do I change Navigation Bar tint color and font?

  1. Select a Navigation Controller in the Storyboard, then open the Document Outline panel (if it’s not already open). Check this picture: http://s18.postimg.org/wip2yc7y1/sample.jpg
  2. Select Navigation Bar item in the list, then the icon of the Attributes Inspector panel on the right
  3. Edit Bar Tint, Title Font and Title Color as you wish

I get a Code signing error in XCode 8

That’s a bug of Xcode 8 with macOS Sierra, check this sample video to see how to fix it: https://youtu.be/z2LemT1_LqA

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