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Hello! I have purchased the item and I really like it. Despite having very little coding experience I can easily modify most of the parts of the app, already replaced the icons etc.

Could you help me with the pink top bar color? I have searched everywhre, but can’t change the color

UINavigationBar.appearance line doesn’t change anything in my case. Maybe I am doing it wrong?

I have found the problem with changing Avatar and adding any photo to new Ads. Overtime I open image gallery in simulator it hangs. So I found a solution. We need to simply add a line to Info.plist file

Privacy – Photo Library Usage Description = Photos usage description

It works in my case.

I was wondering if it is possible to limit our Ads quantity to 10 for example and to make them have a time limit like 20 days etc. Do you have any idea?

you may set query.limit(10), but for the time limit you would need a more complex custom code, we’re not available for freelance work at the present.

Quick question, how do we rename the app that shows on the device from Classify to something else?

Please check Configs.swift file, APP_NAME variable, and change the Display Name in the General tab in Xcode 8.

@andyferriby click “build settings” in Xcode and change where it says “bundle display name” to whatever you want to name your app

Hey guys! The static background image for the app I’d like to have a slide show instead of one image, is this possible to tweak for my project? I’ll be purchasing first thing tomorrow! Thanks in advance

Hi, you would have to use a custom ScrollView with images inside and build your own code to make them move like a slideshow, we’re currently not available for freelance work so we can’t help you with at the present, sorry, you may search for freelancers on Envato Studio

Hello, i want to know if you the app can use a wordpress database to post and view ads.

Hi, no, it works exclusively with Parse SDK.


The application works with what type of data? In what kind the data coming from the server? JSON or XML?

Sorry for my English :)

json, please check https://back4app.com, it hosts Parse Server, if you don’t know what it it you may just google it and get info.


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Hi. How to wrap a category name within icon view ? Thank you

It’s not possible to wrap text in a UIButton, so if your category name is too long you have to decrease the size of its title label


doush Purchased

8 letter with 1 space UTF-8 cyrrilic font won’t show in a UIButton , in english you can fit 15 characters. Need to fix this. Thank you

Please show us a screenshot by contacing us on our profile’s contact form, so we’ll understand you issue. Thanks.


is there any way admin can get notification if new user register to this app?

you would have to build some custom code to send you an email in the sign up button

Hi, Since back4apps push notification works, are going to add push notification for this app?

not in this template, we may do that as an extra customization job, you would have to contact us by our profile’s contact form and tell us what you need push notifications for. Cheers!

Great app!

What do you think about having the possibility the see the nearby ads?

There is absolutely no point in having someone from Australia selling a phone and someone from France seeing this ad.

Don’t you think so?

Do you think it’s possible to build such a feature? Otherwise, I don’t see this app being useful at all.

Thank you!

the app is useful instead, because users can ship items worldwide, anyway the nearby feature can be requested as an extra customization job by our profile’s contact form.

Hi, can you show the screens for how seller to upload photo and post the ad?

You’re welcome!

how easy would be to integrate with Woocommerce API?

You would have to rewrite the 90% code of this app, because it works with Parse Server hosted on back4app.com, not with php/mySQL, so it’ll be very hard :)


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bug,see image tab image 1 app show image 3

Sorry, may you please be more precise, what do you exactly mean? any screenshot of your issue? Please take it and send us a detailed explanation of your problem by contacting us by our profile’s contact form.


kkusd Purchased

i send email to you

ok, we’ll reply to you asap.

hey guys,

is there a way to move the text fields on the home tab down so that they’re centered instead of at the top? I am thinking to leave my background all white for the home tab so those fields where you type “keyword” and the “category” drop down along with the search and TOU buttons would look a lot better centered. Thanks in advance.

you can move any view wherever you want by manipulating the Design tab of the Android Studio interface builder, working on the home.xml file

I’m actually using Xcode, I don’t program for android just yet so I’m not on android studio. Am I looking at the home file in Xcode? And is it a matter of changing certain code to move these text fields or would it be me moving these fields from the storyboard?

You can move view in the Storyboard, but please note that those text fields and buttons are embedded into a fieldsView which gets resized on iPads by this code:
  // Put fieldsView in the center of the screen
    if UIDevice.current.userInterfaceIdiom == UIUserInterfaceIdiom.pad {
        fieldsView.center = CGPoint(x: view.frame.size.width/2, y: 300 )

hi, is there a way to remove ads. I really don’t understand why people who purchase this thinks that by having ads they are going to make money. The ads is very annoying and should only be implemented once you have a good size user base. I saw your youtube on how to remove admob but it is an older version from the latest updates. Can you make a video or instructions here on how to remove it for the ad for the latest update? thank you so much.

Simply use the Find tool and search for
then comment that line, the app won’t call the interstitial ads. The video you have watched shows how to remove banner ads, not interstitial ads.

thank you :). I will also grab your chat app shortly.

you’re welcome, and don’t forget to rate this app on your downloads page: https://codecanyon.net/downloads ;)

I can’t browse ads or view my ads even after successfully adding them and checking from parse dashboard

Please help

hi, we’re on vacation right now but you could still contact us by our profile’s contact form and explain us in details the steps you’ve made to get that error, you asked for help but then left a negative feedback before even wait for our reply, that was not nice of you, sorry

easy fix: go into Post.swift and add this line in the func postAd() method:
    postObj[CLASSIF_IS_REPORTED] = false
then run the app via Xcode, post a new ad via the app, enter the Classifieds class in your Parse Dashboard, refresh it and set all “isReported” columns to False, everything will be perfect then.
Hope you’ll change your negative feedback into a positive one in your Downloads page ;)

Needs monetization option. I want to charge for placing ads or having percentage of sales to my PayPal. Anyone interested in adding this for me?

Hi, for customization requests please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap. Happy new year!

Hi! pre-sale question, there is a way of control de AdMob banners, I mean that instead of using the ones that takes all the screen, just use the banners that are located at the bottom of the screen?

Hi, Classify uses only interstitial ads, no banners, because banners would affect the app’s layout and usability on devices with a small screen like iphone 4s and 5, especially in the Home screen, that’s why we haven’t placed banners in tjis template.
Anyway, if you want to use banners here’s a nice tutorial for you: http://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-add-admob-banner-ads-to-your-ios-swift-app--cms-27403
You may also choose to either leave interstitial ads or remove them

good morning bro how are you, issue with fb login in the new version without changes:
User logged in through Facebook!
fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value
2017-01-25 17:35:58.396606 Classify[1113:561989] fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value
emailTxt.text = "\(currUser[USER_EMAIL]!)"
any help? peace!

i understood, the problem should be because you’ve registered only 1 app in your Facebook Developer page, in Settings, logging in with your business account, so using the Facebook app ID of it into Info.plist, so you can test the app only with the business account on your side, in fact when you login with that the app doesn’t crash.

oh i understood bro. but if i release the app on the store users can login with their fb account tight? peace.again.

yes of course

Is there a ratings feature, that shows seller ratings?

Pre-Sale Question—What will you do about the parse SDK? is there a way to migrate to back endless with ease?

I also think you might have answered this, can there be a way to rate/review sellers in future update?

Hi, 1. Parse SDK is so mich better than other BaaS services like BackEndless, so we won’t change it, if you want to do that it’s not easy at all, you would have to rewrite 80% of the code :)
2. Maybe, but not anytime soon, we’re pretty busy with other projects to get done.