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hello can show all ads in home and filter by category if need

Hi, not in this app, you would have to vuild some custom code and make UI changes in the home screen to make that possible.

can you custom ?

not at the present, sorry, we’re pretty busy and not available for freelance work.

hi bro. my app has rejected by apple with this message: Performance – 2.1 We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad running iOS 10.2.1 on Wi-Fi connected to an IPv6 network. Specifically, after launching the app and tapping on any category, the app loaded indefinitely. i don’t understand because on simulator works fine. maybe back4app network problem when reviewer exam my app? peace bro!

hi, you must always test an app on a real device before submitting it for review on iTunes Connect, this is one of the most important suggestions from Apple as well, the real device always “says the truth” :)
probably the back4app server was a bit down or under maintenance in the moment the reviewer tested your app so just test your app again on a real device and submit a new binary

Hi guys

all users who do want to use this app need to do registration or only those who do want do Sell stuff in it ? Thanks

Hi, registration is required for all users at app startup.

Hi, is the app customizable in terms of color, icons and etc. ?

ok, you will have to contact me by my profile’s contact form and i’ll get back to you asap, after next Wednesday.

Hello. I am interested to buy this product. Can you please answer couple of my questions. 1. if I will buy it with regular license. Can I totally change the layout, names, colors ,... without any restrictions? in general will make my own product.

2. if I will buy it with regular license. and this startup project is successful will you charge or ask for any stake in the project?

1. yes you can customize this app as you wish
2. No, and I actually wish you success with this template, just remember to buy it under an Extended License if you’ll publish it as a paid app on the App Store, or if you’ll add any payment gateway in the code.

hi, is it possible to change this app to an shopping app?

you can customize the app as you wish if you’re an experienced developer, just note that if you plan to add a payment gateway you must buy this app under an Extended License

1. Hi can end users remove their ads once they got workers? 2. can post adds basis on categories of jobs?

1. Yes
2. the Categories don’t have subcategories, you would have to create new categories

dear is this app support AdForest – Classified WordPress Theme