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hello can show all ads in home and filter by category if need

Hi, not in this app, you would have to vuild some custom code and make UI changes in the home screen to make that possible.

can you custom ?

not at the present, sorry, we’re pretty busy and not available for freelance work.

hi bro. my app has rejected by apple with this message: Performance – 2.1 We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad running iOS 10.2.1 on Wi-Fi connected to an IPv6 network. Specifically, after launching the app and tapping on any category, the app loaded indefinitely. i don’t understand because on simulator works fine. maybe back4app network problem when reviewer exam my app? peace bro!

hi, you must always test an app on a real device before submitting it for review on iTunes Connect, this is one of the most important suggestions from Apple as well, the real device always “says the truth” :)
probably the back4app server was a bit down or under maintenance in the moment the reviewer tested your app so just test your app again on a real device and submit a new binary

Hi guys

all users who do want to use this app need to do registration or only those who do want do Sell stuff in it ? Thanks

Hi, registration is required for all users at app startup.

Hi, is the app customizable in terms of color, icons and etc. ?

ok, you will have to contact me by my profile’s contact form and i’ll get back to you asap, after next Wednesday.


Hello. I am interested to buy this product. Can you please answer couple of my questions. 1. if I will buy it with regular license. Can I totally change the layout, names, colors ,... without any restrictions? in general will make my own product.

2. if I will buy it with regular license. and this startup project is successful will you charge or ask for any stake in the project?

1. yes you can customize this app as you wish
2. No, and I actually wish you success with this template, just remember to buy it under an Extended License if you’ll publish it as a paid app on the App Store, or if you’ll add any payment gateway in the code.

hi, is it possible to change this app to an shopping app?

you can customize the app as you wish if you’re an experienced developer, just note that if you plan to add a payment gateway you must buy this app under an Extended License

1. Hi can end users remove their ads once they got workers? 2. can post adds basis on categories of jobs?

1. Yes
2. the Categories don’t have subcategories, you would have to create new categories

dear is this app support AdForest – Classified WordPress Theme


Hello guys, I emailed you regarding the ads not showing up in my app. Please get back to me when you can. Thanks

it doesn’t matter, it’s easy because your app still has viewDidLiad(), like new projects, that’s a default method so the user guide shows it and that’s where you should put initAdMobBanner() and the 4 lines of code that initialize the interstitial ad too. for the delegates, you must place them after ViewController class name (it’s just under the import statements on the top of the swift file). the rest of the code goes anywhere before the closure of the class, not inside viewDidLoad() or any other methods.

I’m going to spend some time with it, thanks for your help always

you’re welcome

any tutorial how to fix b4app config?

can admin block or aprove for post?

You can check this video out, it shows how to work with the Parse Dashboard, it’s kinda working on an Excel file :) https://youtu.be/TxeTFdSVCDA

Apple rejected my app saying its missing the NScalendarusage in the info.plist. Also, there needs to be a way to block post as the other user stated above, apple has changed alot to their approval guidelines. Please update me. Thanks guys

Lol trust me, WE ALL KNOW how dumb apple reviewers can be hahahaha but thank you, will try that now!

Actually looking at the info.plist its already there! I’m going to try again and send them a screen capture showing it is indeed included and explains the usage of the calendar! Thanks again

you’re welcome, good luck!

Hi guys! I try to replace the orange top navigation color to other one but I don’t know how to proceed. Can you give me a hand, please? Your documentation does not have any reference about how to replace color scheme could be very useful if you add step-by-step how to customize colors.

Here is my print screen I try to change it via Main.story board but it’s impossible. http://prntscr.com/g81i9k


Hey that is ok ;D I found the solution from your Support tab here. Thanks.

good job ;) don’t forget to rate this app on your downloads page: https://codecanyon.net/downloads

Hi! When I try to contact the advertiser the app crash and close, just after press send message on the ad screen. Can you help me please?

Hi! The crash is on my iPhone 6 device. I generate an IPA file to test on a real device.

Need I set something INSIDE the file sendReply.php?

I followed your PDF tutorial and I set this line with my own server address: let PATH_TO_PHP_FILE = “http://anuncios.appcontrol.info/goiania/”

As you can see the endReply.php can be accessed by http://http://anuncios.appcontrol.info/goiania/sendReply.php

I translated same labels to Brazilian Portuguese with all care to do not disturb the GET functions I am sure it is not caused by my translation.

Would you like to check my FTP and Source Code? It is not working and I need your urgent support.



I don’t work on weekends so i can’t access the code, you need to provide the Xcode console message on crash so you must test your app with your device plugged into the USB port of your Mac and hit the Run button, otherwise we’ll never know the reason of your issue.

please contact me by my profile’s contact form and send me the Xcode console error message, let’s keep talking by email and not by comments.

Hi, it would be great if you could add wechat share and wechat payment method for who wants to apply ads.


i’m not experienced with we chat api

Hey, can you addimage recognition feature, like when someone takes a picture, the title of the product gets auto completed based on the image? Like this guys over here: http://pssthemes.com (check their Classifieds app)

No i can’t, sorry, image recognition is not precise and you would still need to adjust the title, so it’s a useless feature for this app :)

Hi, few issues with the app anytime when I need to upload an image from the library, it shows my photo library, however if I decide NOT choose any images, i cannot go back to the previous screen. It’s like you have to choose an image ;)

Can you take a look at this issue?

Also i have no ads in any category, however when i tap on any category, the loader is spinning for at least 15 seconds. Why is this taking so long?

How big are the images of the ads you’ve posted?
Have you used the app to post them?
What about your internet speed?

one category has only one ad and i chose one of the sample images in ios simulator. all the other categories are empty and loading is still very slow.

if a category has no ads, the app loads 0 ads… i please need you to record a video with your device, upload it to Dropbox and send me its download link by my profile’s contact form. thanks!

is this app compatible with Classiads – Classified Ads WordPress Theme ? Synchronised and all the stuff ?

no, it’s not.

Hi there, if i need some customization on the apps, can you do it with extra fees ? if yes how can i contact you ?

you may contact me by my profile’s contact form: https://codecanyon.net/user/cubycode

done, thanks

ok, i’ll reply to your email asap

Hi, thank you for awesome iOS App. An issue I have is when posting a new ad, the alert pops up for a second then disappears without allowing me to select “OK”... and stays on the post view… also is there a way after posting a new ad to go to the “My Ads” view? Thank you again!

Ok, now i got the issue, that problem is that the user you’re trying to contact has not registered an email address in the Account screen, so the cell of the email column is empty, and it shouldn’t be, it doesn’t matter if you’re logged in or not. So you just have to add an IF statement, here’s the updated code for the ‘sendReplyButt()’ method in the ShowSingleAd.swift file:
 let userPointer = singleAdObj[CLASSIF_USER] as! PFUser
    userPointer.fetchIfNeededInBackground { (user, error) in
        if error == nil {
            if userPointer.email != nil {
                self.receiverEmail = userPointer.email!
                self.postTitle = self.adTitleLabel.text!

                if self.messageTxt.text != "" && self.emailTxt.text != "" 
                    && self.nameTxt.text != "" {

                    let strURL = "\(PATH_TO_PHP_FILE)sendReply.php?name=\(self.nameTxt.text!)&fromEmail=\(self.emailTxt.text!)&tel=\(self.phoneTxt.text!)&messageBody=\(self.messageTxt.text!)&receiverEmail=\(self.receiverEmail)&postTitle=\(self.postTitle)" 
                    let reqURL = URL(string: strURL.addingPercentEncoding(withAllowedCharacters: CharacterSet.urlFragmentAllowed)! )!
                    let request = NSMutableURLRequest()
                    request.url = reqURL
                    request.httpMethod = "GET" 
                    let connection = NSURLConnection(request: request as URLRequest, delegate: self, startImmediately: true)
                    print("REQUEST URL: \(reqURL) - \(connection!.description)")

                    self.simpleAlert("Thanks, You're reply has been sent!")

                    // SOME REQUIRED FIELD IS EMPTY...
                    } else { self.simpleAlert("Please fill all the required fields.") }

            } else {
                self.simpleAlert("Sorry, this seller has not registered an email address, so you can't contact him/her")

            // error on userPointer
            } else { self.simpleAlert("\(error!.localizedDescription)")

This worked for me somewhat… I sent you an email. I just found your “Woopy” app, and I wish I found it first before this one… It’s the same app but with more features… Will probably go get that one instead, and start customizing it…

woopy is not really the same app, it has a lot more features than Classify and a different UI design. Anyway, glad it worked! ;)