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Nice work but you left out the map of Belgium. Now I’m sad :(

This works. Great!
A small country but we produce some of the best beers in the world.

You are welcome!

Hi We downloaded/purchased the new source, some how we are missing these file APPPATH.’controllers/admin/booking.php’ APPPATH.’controllers/admin/savesearch.php’ APPPATH.’controllers/admin/favorites.php’ therefore not able to do validation and related things

booking and savesearch are not part of this item. favorites.php is included and we check this right now: controllers/admin/favorites.php

Where you see such message, please provide screenshot via support ticket.

You are welcome!

hi nice app but any update?

Latest update was released 5 days ago :-)

Great …... So any new features

All details available on item page

Hello, bought it.

The question is as follows: I have a category (1), then sub category (2) in it, and in that sub category I have another sub category (like 3-level). On the homepage, clicking to a sub-category, I want to be redirected to the list of all sub-sub-categories (the list of all level-3).

The same to be done with level 2 – clicking on a category, redirecting to a list of all level-2 sub-categories.

Actually, in some categories, there would be more then 3 level sub-categories (until level 5). Is it possible?

Thank you! But how do I realize let’s say the first example? I do not see any settings there. For instance, I have a home page with category parallax. Clicking on sub-category opens just list of listing, not the list of sub-categories. That’s the question – how to change the path

And how can I edit other pages, like listing page template, results page template, search page template, home page template, etc.

Check documentation for pages editing:!/page_design_customization

Regarding first comment, sounds like you need customization, then follow this guide:

there is only folders , no any files in dowloaded file .. please helo

Facing problem in setting-up.. Installed properly but home page not showing properly..

Looks like some files missing in your installation, try this guide:

If you will still have issue then provide cpanel login via support ticket.

You are welcome!


Can i add the expiry date for the ads?

Yes, you can define days to expire.

You are welcome!

Where is the Installation Documentation? I have to buy the script but no doc.

Try this very detailed guide with screenshots for cpanel:

If you will still have any problem, please open support ticket and provide your website link:

You are welcome!

My Friend we have installed the Portal Version. Now we have installed the Android Version too at our handy. but they are not our homepage they write your homepage. we have change in the settings our homepage but it doesnt look our page

This is not comments section related to android app item.

Android app configuration is described here:!/quick_start_with_app

So you just need enter your urls

what is the minimum requirement for installing the script

PHP version 5.6 or newer

MySQL (4.1+)

Are there supports of SSL https:// ????

Yes, SSL is supported, we don’t have control for discount on codecanyon.

You are welcome!


I’ve got a bug (maybe?). Choosing the dependent fields for a category, it should also be active for any subcategory as well. But it’s not…

It is planned that I’ll have >200 sub-categories in one cat, so it is not a good idea to manually edit it.

I found it out. On front-end, for instance, when you select categories, other fields disappears. But when you select another drop-down list (in my case, it is Fuel type (the same id – see demo), all hidden fields appear.

This is usual, another dropdown reset all fields below them in form, so you should organize fields with this in mind.