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good start but price is too high my friend. maybe give 60% discount for first few buyers to generate more interest?

sorry spicycurry maybe another chance

You’ll learn the hard way lol.

Nice Work,

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank you my friend

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

The admin page is sleeping. Let me know when I can view it please

Hi you can try again!

Hi, Great job, have questions < 1- the support IOS Last V, Iphone X, 2- i want from you to development the app to android and IOS, with publishing in stores, i will give you hosting, google play and apple developer accounts, how much cost ?

Hi..thanks can you send detail via email

am trying to build a form with one of its filed take pic with the camera and gps coordinate of the location, saving the form information on the phone if no internet access, send the information to the online database if their is internet. i need help pls

Can you send detail via email

ane udah download om..apknya..nah saya coba daftar koq gak bisa bisa gak ada actionya..pke xiomi

Hi Bincar…can you send screenshot your issue via email

what is the user / password for the APK ?

you can register

Hi is there admob and phone verfication is enabled?

you must customize for this!

demo website can’t access …

Hi..You can try again!

which ionic version used ?

Does it work with iOS?

Mobile app all empty and most of pages is blank.still not fully function?admin site also same..let me know when it already fix..thanks

its coming this error for build : Error – A plugin you are using requires a preference: ANDROID_SUPPORT_V4_VERSION

hi , can i use this app with my backend site which build by : LaraClassified – Classified Ads Web Application:

IS there a backend?

will you share the source code for me to remove some of the features and also add my own features.

is there a chance to send me a front end linked aswell to the same app.

there was no mention to ios. will this app be approved on ios?

More to say, is there a chance for me to add my own banner advertisments and google adwords along with text bamers.

again will you share the source code for all the projects?


this ionic project is available to compile for both stores, for Android and iOS, this support android compile ?

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any discount on the price please