Classifieds Link Directory

Classifieds Link Directory

This script allows you to create your own open link directory websites ( ex: dmoz) very simple.This script was created based on my previous framework and it has almost the same complex features as my previous item. Very easy installation with documentation (included and available after you download the script).

User: admin
Password: admin

Update 1.8.1 @ August 7, 2017

- Fixed VIP listings not staying at the top - Fixed Hits counter - Changed back to Pagepeeker API for thumbnails.
Update 1.8
  • Revized the design and changed it
  • Changed the current captcha to nocaptcha recaptch 2.0 from google
  • Added possibility to add your ReCaptcha keys in the admin panel
  • Cleaned up code and files
  • Update 1.7
  • Updated: Documentation
  • New: Added option to enable / disable email confirmation for new users
  • New: Added option to enable / disable manual confirmation of new website links
  • Bugs & Miscellaneous

  • Fixed: Some broken links
  • Fixed:Some spelling mistakes
  • Update 1.6
    Bugs & Miscellaneous
  • Fixed: “more details” link on the results of the Search Page / My Websites
  • Misc: Cleaned up / redesigned some parts
  • Misc: Ads won’t dislpay if there are no characters
  • Fixed: Both ad spaces won’t properly show on some webhosts that have magic quotes enabled
  • Add category: Added check to see if the category already exists !
  • Fixed: Registration email
  • Misc: Changed the email format from Registration email / Contact form
  • Update 1.5

    • Fixed link to websites from a profile page
    • Fixed visual bug on menu
    • Fixed users not logging out if the user is deleted when they are logged in
    • Possibly fixed security bug where a user can change the login when visiting other profiles, contact me if this is still happening

    Update 1.4

    • Link for websites changed from ‘website/1’ to ‘website/’
    • You are now able to send a message to an user with a contact form !
    • Changed few buttons arrangement and colors

    Update 1.3

    • Structure redesigned + index with a big cool new unit
    • Admin Panel: Added possibility to edit websites details
    • Admin Panel: added list of pending approval websites besides
    • Admin Panel: Redesigned the websites_management
    • No need to edit the register activation link manually anymore
    • Remade the Profile page with admin quick links and some design changes
    • Added quick admin links to the websites list, index and categories
    • Remade the My Websites page with more details and less messy
    • Removed unnecessary images that are no longer used
    • Cleaned up some code in different files
    • Made large tables responsive My Websites, Admin Websites Management, Profile Page
    • Bug: fixed link to user profile from admin_users_management

    Update 1.2

    • fixed bug in websites_list.php where if you access the page with a ”/” it shows an error
    • fixed display error if website description too long
    • fixed display error of login widget
    • responsiveness added
    • fixed url in category.php not redirecting properly

    Update 1.1

    • Show mail field added to users table
    • Added Contact Owner and Owners Profile links to website’s page
    • Added SEO URL’s to all pages
    • Fixed ~7-8 bugs