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The demo is not working. Just wanted to let you know.

Regards, David

Hi , Give us a day, we are working on server issue.


Please let me know when this is available.


It will be up by same time tomorrow :) Thanks

All links to the demo broken. Why?

We are moving hosting. Will be up soon.

Hello Anyway to edit the “Latest Deals” on the header bar?

SO, I can not be in San Antonio and enter a client from Denver and have it show up on the map? you are saying the map goes off of the location of IP address of the computer that places the deal? Do I have to be on a computer from Denver to have the deal show up in Denver on the map???


You still in business???

Hi sorry for late reply.. yes I am here.

Hi yes. You cannot set the store of different location. this is to stop spammy post, as user sitting in China may ad deal for USA, Australia, which would be obvious vague.

Thus it supports only in-location ads.

If you want to ad ads from different city, you need to register with new user and give address details and location details from that city.

Could you tell me when the demo link will be available? Very interested in purchasing.

Today in 5 hour.


i just purchased the script and it seems installer is missing from the code files as mentioned in the documents.. Please respond i need to test it urgent.

I am trying to test in localhost so in this case mysite/installer is not available. :( can you assist me on my skype: “its_haider” i will me very thankful..

Yup it is solved, i am having issues with my server, will get back to you later. Thanks for quick response on Skype and facebook “ifreelancerAsia” page. Good Job.

hi – I am unable to login with “testuser – abcdef . ..

Administrator – abcdef

Administrator – abcdef

Hi, are you still in business? I have buy this item but I have some install issues. I have email you. Can you please answer it??


Hi yes, Sorry for delay, actually in India, it’s festive season and whole office goes for cleaning and it is terrible to work at the moment.

Will be updating today.


Looks like what I been looking for but I need Russian support languge :) Will buy it right away please answer ASAP Thx !

Hi. Thanks for the payment. Will finish it by today or tomorrow morning.

Let me know, your URL via mail. So, that we can debug the issue.


Hello, please check your email. Thanks !

Hi ! Can you add category business in the Map ? so people see what they want Ej Restaurants or hotels and not all streaky ???

Yes, Invite sent in hangout. Kindly buy product first.


Hi , Are you still interested in product ?

Hi, Are you available today ?

I’d like to customize this to fill a niche. How many ads can one user place at the same time? Are we able to charge the user for placing each ad?

Hi sir, i think , there is problem in your mail http://i.imgur.com/TPFsi5t.png I am replying you wothin an hour gap

Thank you for the prompt reply. There seemed to be a gap in communication via email. Do you prefer that I communicate with you from codecanyon.net? Are you able to fix the problem with mail?

Well, Let me know, if you need any more customization.

Thanks for using our support. :)

Hallo autor, I want to install all script in ‘public_html/mysite/’ but not working. give me a solution.

Let me know, what issue are you facing ?

Hi, I already bought your script. But why does the map doesn’t show. I already create an Ad and approve it, but still the maps didn’t show, what may cause this problem? Thanks

Hi, I already upload the new one and the Maps already show. But the deal still not showing in the Map. FYI, I already approve the deal and The account that create the deal already update the location. Is there anything that I missed?

Kindly send me mail again with details.


Hi, already send to your email. thanks

Hello! =)

Are you there?

The demo is not working!

Hi yes here. sorry for late reply.. We are working on it. It will be fixed today.


The demo is not working.

It is working sir, Kindly check.


Mate demo is not workingggggggggg

It will be up in 2 hour.


It is working sir, Kindly check.


I am interested in purchasing this product. Do you have a way to incorporate a paid version, specifically through paypal to use the app? Like if I want to charge a user / business to post an ad but make it free for buyers / visitors. Thanks

hello where to manage all user list and when i register in your demo not working with email

Hi, You can see user list from “Manage User” menu.


I have installed the software but the map does not appear on the home page. Please help me on this issue.


let me know, if you have any more question.

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We forgot to delete cache, now it is showing . Please check :)