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I’ve bought this.. Is the app ready for admob ?

admob is currently not supported and tested

can’t view your support site. can you please give the proper link to your support site

Looks like some hosting provider issue, will be back soon.

Link: http://iwinter.com.hr/support

Thanks on notice!

Thanks for the quick reply…! I’m planing to buy this tomorrow. could you notify me quickly when the support site is accessible?

Now it works on my side, can you check?

When will you upgrade? Why are you going by the login part in the app? For what I see in this version has no way to log in. Attention, Sthe

Currently this goes via web part. We currently working on such functionalities like quick submission and taking pictures from phone directly, planned in next few months for android and next month for ios.

You are welcome!

But do you have forecast if it’s going to be this July? About the update

iOS version will be in July, for android later.

is available login,register, post ad, edit and manage ?

Yes we working on this also (quick submission and taking photos directly, login, register, favorites) and will be available in following months.

You are welcome!

can you tell me after created?

We will inform current customers when update will arrive.

You can also send suggestion via support ticket, then you will be informed via newsletter.

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This application is weak and unprofessional illogical that listings can not be published through the application

This is supported, everything as visible in demo. In next update we also planning quick submission, registration, login, favorites management and taking photos directly by phone.


am not talking about the demo. I bought the app and it not working from app.

Demo of working app is available where you can test everything.


Yes, for this product.

You are welcome!

Hello, I am really interested in your product but I have a few questions.

Do you still plan to allow adding listings from the app? Is it possible to force adding at least one picture? Is it possible to add a time limit to a listing (is hidden after X days)? Is it possible to lock the area around user to X km and allow unlocking more locations (or bigger area around user) with in app purchase?

Thank you.

Yes, we already build this on ios and currently working on android version.

Yes, days expire is available.

in-app purchases are not available, so only with additional coding.


when testing the app using android studio , and running it on mobile , it keeps showing the error message that ” there is a network error “

any idea why and how to solve

Sounds like issue on your network or wrong urls configured so check this in detail

dear sir where can i put url in this app?

can i use it with only admin posting not anyone else

Yes you can.

ok am buying it

You are welcome!

Don’t forget that you also need web version: https://codecanyon.net/item/classifieds-multipurpose-portal-infinity-market/16572285