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I’ve bought this.. Is the app ready for admob ?

admob is currently not supported and tested

can’t view your support site. can you please give the proper link to your support site

Looks like some hosting provider issue, will be back soon.

Link: http://iwinter.com.hr/support

Thanks on notice!

Thanks for the quick reply…! I’m planing to buy this tomorrow. could you notify me quickly when the support site is accessible?

Now it works on my side, can you check?

When will you upgrade? Why are you going by the login part in the app? For what I see in this version has no way to log in. Attention, Sthe

Currently this goes via web part. We currently working on such functionalities like quick submission and taking pictures from phone directly, planned in next few months for android and next month for ios.

You are welcome!

But do you have forecast if it’s going to be this July? About the update

iOS version will be in July, for android later.