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Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks, you are welcome!

no login or sign up in the apps?

Try to click on Add your listing in demo. Web portal is opened where user can register/login

Has notifications and chat system for advertisers?

No, this is not chat system app.

If you need something special please follow this guide: http://iwinter.com.hr/support/?page_id=1870

You are welcome!

Hello, can you add the option to publish from the app directly? I’m interested on both the script and the app, thanks

Add listing is available via menu item. If you need something special please follow this guide: http://iwinter.com.hr/support/?page_id=1870

You are welcome!

Thanks for the fast reply, the problem is that when you try to publish an add it open up the navigator, and it takes me out of the app, can you fix that?

This is usual. App waiting in background, and when you click back you are again in app.

Direct app publish require additional coding and can be done but then follow this guide: http://iwinter.com.hr/support/?page_id=1870


after click list in demo apk, it’s open webview? not native app?

Where you found button list? I think it’s not available in our app.

Our app is completely native, but some parts like “add listing” or “preview on website” open portal in web browser.

You are welcome!

Hey, sorry, i make the question in the website app. I want the mobile app, i have a wordpress with classifieds, this app can get/send data from/to wordpress?

No, it’s build for our classified solution: https://codecanyon.net/item/classifieds-multipurpose-portal-infinity-market/16572285

You are welcome!

It would be nice if you make it possible for the user to be able to add listing in the app without re-direction to the web. This is important

Would be nice, but now also works perfectly and is mobile friendly. Currently can be done as customization, guides: http://iwinter.com.hr/support/?page_id=1870

You are welcome!

Hi, Admin password gives wrong error.

Admin link: http://geniuscript.com/classified/index.php/admin

creditionals: admin, admin

Nice, good sales

Never enough sales, thanks ;-)

It’s been so long and no updates. Please update and add more features like posting directly from the app etc. I know custom job etc but I believe you should give your buyer base some new updates.

Thanks on your suggestion, we already have this on our TODO list for future improvements. You can help us with your purchase to implement new features bit quickly.

You are welcome!

I already bought your website. Even if I purchase this I doubt you will launch anything soon, although I really want to buy it to go along with Infinity Market Website, I think your apps need a more recent update. 80% of the market use phones and your apps would be perfect but I can’t purchase something without any guarantee I will get an update on major features that are lacking at the moment. So I will just wait and see or find another source, I love your website script by the way and I can only wish your mobile apps were just as good.

App is already very usable for their purpose so it’s much better to have it then not, because if you have app you will also get some users from app stores.

Purpose of this app is not replace web app, but just give basic functionality what mobile users need.

How can i installl this? I have buy all 3 items. the cms was installed for test on decon.media/akkustation. now when i make the android version open in android studio and i export it to a apk the apk dont install at android… the documentation is not good. have you a video documentation?

Check folders documentation or in knowledge base: http://iwinter.com.hr/support/

You are welcome!

and ios app version are ready for when ? soon ? how much time ?

Will you continue to work on perfecting android and ios app? For starters app is good but it can much better.

We always working on improvements, but web apps are our priority.