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Nice, but I would still like to see a live demo.

I developed a live preview, it’s a matter of time when it becomes available.

Now, you can see a live preview!

I can see it now, thank you.

Hello, quotation request would it be possible to have a clone of the full page hebergement_web.php Example of Page http://www.lws.fr/hebergement_web.php Pricing Tables, Tabs, tooltip. with function display, hiding the menu example Click here to view all functions cordially

Hi, new on the feature,

Thank you


can add another bit code button Show additional tables Hide Additional tables

example here: look down

http://themeforest.net/item/dataserv-web-hosting-html-template/full_screen_preview/12707099 <button class=”mtr-btn button-circle button-fab ripple” id=”table”>+</button>

do you have a date for the menu tabs ?. I’m atttente to finish my website

Thank you


Show/hide additional table functionality is already done for these pricing tables.

Menu tabs were done for other pricing tables, http://codecanyon.net/item/responsive-multi-style-bootstrap-pricing-tables/11849889 , and won’t be done for this product any time soon (not in this month).

Thank you.


Everything looks great, it is a very appealing design. Good job.

If you could take a look at this price list please, https://www.siteground.com/web-hosting.htm

Could you do the same with your tooltips? And even better, could you also allow the use of fonticons, in the tooltips?

A comparison list table would be nice also. ;)

AND, could you make what you have go, horizontal?


Hi! I’ve updated item, now it has tips with columns, horizontal plans, compare table. Please have a look on livepreview.

WOW! You have been busy haven’t you. Looks outstanding. Excellent work.

It’s pleasure to hear that! Thank you!

Hi! What did you vote for?

I voted because I like his idea

Hi – Links do not work in IE or Firefox.

<button class="btn"><a href="http://www.google.co.uk">Choose Plan</a></button>

I am using the modern template.

Got it:

<a href="http://www.google.co.uk" class="btn">Choose Plan</a>


my wordpress says it to large of a file to upload i need help uploading the file to my wp site


user/ pass flawlessdabarber F123l456w789s0

i can not install this on my plugin part it keeps saying file to large , try to install yourself and see

also you should have made this more user friendly for beginners like all the rest of these plugins do , stop being different.

Hello! This product is made on pure CSS and HTML. It’s not a Wordpress plugin. It’s intended to be applied by yourself for any platform.

Hi! Now it’s available as WordPress plugin! http://codecanyon.net/item/wppricing-builder/13471310


I have added the pricing table to my website, but it seems something is not quite right. Can you let me know why this page does not display the tables correctly: http://www.suffolkcyclehire.co.uk/prices1.html

Thank you.


You should add these styles:
    position: relative;
    z-index: 1;
if you want transparent background – also add these styles:
.solid-pt .pt-back{
    background-color: transparent;

Thank You.

too complicated and just looks. Can’t use it wastte

Hi, I’m sorry to hear that. If you need help with implementation please contact me.

Thank You

hi, I just answered my own Q. I bought is and should easily be able to do what I want. Thanks

Hi! If you have some questions about implementation or product itself, I will be happy to answer.

Thank You

Hi, you are checking codecanyon page, you should check this one instead http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/classic-solid-modern-responsive-pricing-tables/

And still it’s livepreview, it has all pricing related styles (all skin styles, color styles) compressed in one file, in product itself style files will be separated by skin; some styles, script are used only for livepreview. Was trying to make livepreview show all functionality, will be trying to make it faster.

As I see most of google suggestions is to compress/minify html, styles, javascripts, but it’s always up to you to compress/minify or not; e.g. your back-end can already have functionality to do it, and for example compress and put all css in one file, etc.

Hello – I am thinking about to buy this nice pricing table - but need to know first is it possible to easily add to a joomla responsive template ? if yes – how ? thank you in advance

Hi, you will need to change it in styles.

Find next styles in css/pricing-tables.css
.pt-compare-check:checked ~ .pt-compare-check:checked ~ * .pt-compare-table,
.pt-compare-check:checked ~ .pt-compare-check:checked ~ .pt-compare-table {
  display: block;
.pt-compare-check:checked ~ .pt-compare-check:checked ~ * .pt-compare-e-msg,
.pt-compare-check:checked ~ .pt-compare-check:checked ~ .pt-compare-e-msg {
  display: none;
replace it with
.pt-compare-check:checked ~ * .pt-compare-table,
.pt-compare-check:checked ~ .pt-compare-table {
  display: block;
.pt-compare-check:checked ~ * .pt-compare-e-msg,
.pt-compare-check:checked ~ .pt-compare-e-msg {
  display: none;

Thank you

Thank you for quick reply – but it is not working unfortunately – no display – no table coming up – neither one nor selected ( two or three ) thank you

Hi can you write me on email skin you use? and I will send you css file by email.

You can send email from http://codecanyon.net/user/swebdeveloper#contact

Than you.

Hello, is it possible to have the pricing update automatically and apply a discount if the buyer selects a longer term? For example, if they select 1 year, they receive a 15% discount?


This product contains only HTML and CSS which means it’s a static content. You can achieve such functionality by adding your custom JavaScript code. You can develop it by yourself using jQuery.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

Hello ! I wish a personalization work. Are you available freelance? If it is possible thank you to send me an email to exchange on: urdy@icloud.com Best, Fabrice.

Hello Fabrice!

I have already answered via email and sent message to ad******@******.agency email address.

If you need I can send to urdy@icloud.com too.

Best regards, Swebdeveloper

If not plugin, how can i implement it to wordpress page?


Here is the pluging for WordPress that contains these pricing tables https://codecanyon.net/item/wppricing-builder-wordpress-responsive-pricing-tables/13471310

But, only pricing tables (without compare tables and details features).

Here is a list of designs that are in the plugin http://swebdeveloper.com/apps/wordpress-builder-responsive-pricing-tables/livepreview/

Best regards, Swebdeveloper