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shener Purchased

I have NO Dex error how can i fix it


Can you provide a screenshot of the error?

Hi, You have an error related to the xml files, this is why you are getting an error on all ‘R’. Since you have an error you cannot export before this is solved.

Did you rename the package name? this error usually happens when one renames the manifest file and the file in the wrong order.

Do you sell me any application you did him Reskin

Hi, For reskins please send me an email to melvin@neurondigital.com

Great and good game @neurondigital, please i want to add interstitial admob in my game, help me plz ….

Hi, unfortunately this template doesn’t have interstitial ads. It needs to be added in a customisation.

i try to added in my template but he doesn’t work with me, plz Do you know a programmer? Or can you progammer this code for me, I will pay you brother.

Hi, Best game I want to riskin it but i d’ont have any info in the menu_options when i play the game on my phone with new generated apk..kindly some help

Thanks for the fast replay. i sent you a private e-mail withe screenshot.

Thanks, it’s ok.