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Hi when I hit send message button it appears “Array ( [name] => John Doe [mail] => johndoe@gmail.com [tel-number] => 23532535 [comment] => 3r3r3 [captcha] => 15 )”. can u help me?


I bought your forms but on my computer styles don’t load properly, neither does validation work. I didn’t modify anything yet, just unzipped. Tried on two different computers. Please advise as we don’t have time to figure out why it is not working properly

Thank you

I need to create login and registration forms to replace the existing PHP versions I have on a site I’m developing. Can I use your code on the clients end and my existing php validation/database update on the server side? If so, is it straightforward to change the code to point at different php scripts?


I took a demo of classic forms, but they are not working on chrome 51 and above over phones. Tested on Windows Phone 10 (Edge), Windows Phone 8.1 (IE), Android M (Chrome 53) But working fine on Chrome < v51

After more debugging I found out that the issue is of passive event listeners. Please Add support for passive event listeners.

I am looking forward to buy it.

Thanks, Saurabh

This is what I am getting on tapping on select box on my phone (simpleSelector) with originalMobile : true

Handling of ‘touchstart’ input event was delayed for 2147483647 ms due to main thread being busy. Consider marking event handler as ‘passive’ to make the page more responsive.

And the select menu is never loaded after that.

Hi can you please tell me how to use thos script because there is no php code to send messages. can you please hep me? thx


i’m having trouble to configure the multiple pages forms, try to use the sample code from the docs, failed as well.

could you please show some pointers?

after checking, the checkout-ms.html has some problem, maybe you want to look at the code for that particular form.

anyway, how can i get current value on multiple steps form?

i would like to make a quick summary of the value selected.


Hi, I am looking for a simple way to realize an order form, but as I’m lame with php and MySQL, I cannot do additional programming by myself.

So I hope you can tell me if it is possible to achieve with your Forms Script:

What I want to do:

Page 1: Simple Login form for pre-defined users with username or email and password (no possibility to sign up as a new user)

Page 2 (only accessible when successfully logged in via Page 1): A form with 3 different product groups. Each item in a product group should have a quantity field with calculation, so if a user puts in a specific quantity for the wanted products (with a spinner), the chosen products and the total price are listed at the bottom of the page. After submitting the form throught the button, me as well as the user should get an email confirmation containing the products he chose and the total price.

Thanks in advance, Juergen

Hello, in which tether must specify your e-mail box, that would be half parts notification letters from the site?

is it easy to make it RTL ?

and how can I know which css and js file to include ??? the documentation suggest 2 css and 3 js files and the form fail to work with only 5 scripts.

validation not working.

Hi, I need help to make validation work (asap please).

Fixed. You delivered a corrupted minified Javascript, Unminify the file plugin-forms.min.js, or use the already existing file plugin-forms.js

Script stop responding when using calculations. This script need maintenance.

I need your help, please this is urgent for my work.


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Icons don’t work on iPhone. Why ? and plugin.forms.min.js is corrupt.


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nobody is there ?


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How do I get the google map feature to work like in the delivery form?

Also masking doesn’t seem to work either.

Thank you,

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier wrenchbar.js:4 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).writeDebug is not a function at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (wrenchbar.js:4) at f (jquery.js:1) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js:1) at Function.ready (jquery.js:1) at HTMLDocument.xt (jquery.js:1)

Hello, I am having issues with the script. I unzipped the file and uploaded to my server. Then I loaded the index.html file and all of the examples work, up to the “Custom small and normal checkboxes” section. After that it the browser’s default inputs show. Document Inspector says there is a ” SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier” in plugins.forms.min.js.

Please fix, thank you