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He love the player, and easy to add songs and images. I only have one question: How can i use the keyboard arrows for navigation through the playlist?

Love the player…it’s really beautiful and simple to use. But I have a question: Is there any way to have the cover images point to groups of songs (albums) instead of only one song at a time? I would like to have people click a cover and then see a list of songs. Can that be done? If I can’t do that with the existing script, can you suggest another way? This would be a much more marketable script if it had this feature, in my opinion.

Thanks! Rob

+1 to Bacchanalia’s request. If it could group songs of albums this would be superrrrrr

Hey guys what do you put where it says .ttwClarityPlayerPlayer ?

Example //now let’s initialize the plugin $(’#music-player’).ttwClarityPlayerPlayer(myPlaylist, { styleType:’blur’ });

Also where you initialize Clarity on a div element with an id = ‘music-player’ Do you put that div on the style.css like this?

(#)music-player( { ) height:100%; width:100%; padding:0; margin:0; ( } )

how can i change the default style on it? And remvove top bar from demo?

I uploaded your example to my server to see how it looks on different devices. I replaced the album covers with random images yet the original images that came with the player still appear. I then removed all of the album images from the server and lo and behold the orginals still magically appear. Where are they coming from?

Also, there are background images coming from a dir called “assets” which is absent from the download.

Am I missing something here?

Can I not edit the example code?

Thanks for your time.

whats the diff between this one and boulavardjs

Boulevard has over a hundred layouts and this one has 3

How to read RSS audio ?

how to put a podcast audio link with the name and the cover?

Hi, I’m korean developer. Your template is very good! but, I want know that delete to “example-size-picker” in top. I was try…but white margins remain…??

Hi, is there a way to add a class like “active” on the cover that is playing so is possibile to add some kind of css effects to other covers ? I want this in full screen mode, 3 cover view… Regards

Hi, Can external URL for mp.3 files be used?

What the heck is wrong with you? Why do you ignore ALL your comments? Why would I buy something from a coder who ignores support requests???