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Hi, there is a problem with ie edge. When we insert a formula, we have a black image, can you say me how to solve this problem ?


I have embedded your awesome tool into Apache Cordova/Android app. I am using CKEditor. However, the equation editor doesn’t work. I tried to open the Url: http://codecanyon.net/item/ckeditor4-formula-editor/10936362 on my phone and use and same issue.

Please help.

Hi I am interested in your product CKEditor4 Formula Editor. Can you tell me what type of license is provided with it? We have customers who use our tool to build training content and sometimes they want to add math equations so we would be looking to provide it in our SaaS product. (We already use ckeditor)

This is great, but could you make the resulting formula editable? Right now once it is entered it cannot be changed.

Hi. Question – if we want to paste in use LATEX as well as the built in controls, how can that be done?

Sorry, this plugin not support paste LATEX and parse it to formula right now.

Thanks for the speedy reply!

We may wish to add an additional character to the list of characters (like greek characters and basic math characters). Is there a way we can do that or pay you to do that? Specifically “℄ 2104 Centerline symbol” https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Unicode/List_of_useful_symbols?

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi Leaui, can we get a response on this? Our client is asking about this item.

Is there anyway to “trim” the extra white space around the image? When you have text next to the formula, the image sits “higher” than the text and is not bottom aligned.

Hi Leaui,

Just checking to see when I can expect to hear back on the items I posted about special characters (and just now about spacing around the image)

I see from previous responses you have indicated there is no way to “trim” the additional white space as it used by the formula. However we definitely need to add the additional Centerline character. How might we be able to do this?

Is there any way to change the default font used? Either allowing the end user to pick a font when typing in or change the default font used?

From previous posts it sounds like this is not possible to change fonts. Is it possible to change default fonts?

What is the Font used for the plugin? (Need to know font name for what the text is when typed into Math editor so it can be matched up with other text)

We are using IE11, but when IE11 is used and we attempt to use the scroll bar for functions or greek letters, the pop up closes.

This is a video of what I am seeing: http://screencast.com/t/05yLhLpjN

Thanks for looking into this as it is preventing us from using some of the functionality (and we have an IE11 requirement – no alternate browsers allowed)

Here is some more information about the IE11.

When I use the “mouse wheel” (or touch pad in my case) I can scroll within the menu, but the scroll bar doesn’t work still – and not everyone has a mouse wheel or setting (nor uses it or thinks to)

Here is a video showing what I see: http://screencast.com/t/unQSgUaylBtJ

Any update on fixing this problem with IE11?

Any update on this? We are up for renewal on support, but given we don’t seem to be getting any responses from our support inquiries…. well I think you get the picture.

Hi i need to do some modification like adding matrices and vector symbols etc how should i add it ? and how can i read the file with extension woff ?

Sorry, it doesn’t support for add other matrices and vector.

if i need to add those features what should i do ?

Sorry, it’s not easy to do it. You have to edit the source code

I purchased and setup this plugin in ckeditor. When i am going to use default formula, i am unable to see values in editor window. Editor window is not showing whole formula so i am unable to edit values. But when i click insert formula button then formula is showing in ckeditor content. So having issue when i updating values. I am using full featured ckeditor with image2 plugin and 4.6.0 version of ckeditor. Thanks

Sorry, i haven’t used the image2 plugin

Sorry, i haven’t used the image2 plugin

Hi author, is there any functionality available for undo or redo command on formula window. Sometime accidentally deleted large equation so needed undo redo functionality sometime. thanks in advance

Hello, how can I put a vector in a formula using ckEditor?

Great plugin! We’ve purchased the license and been using it for months. The outcome was excelent.

But after installing the “Enhanced Image” plugin (image2), the formula edition is not working anymore. Analysing the code it seems that the img tag is been wrapped by the image2 plugin, and the leaui_formula is not been able to recognize the img tag with the latex formula.

Is there any hint of how to solve this?



I purchased this editor and it’s a wonderful tool for creating math formulas, however, only I have one issue with image URLs which are being returned as dataimage. Unfortunately, these URLs are very long.

In your documentation, Point 6 that says “Save as image”, please guide me how I can shorten this URL or save images.

Below is an example:


Very Nice & Hard work … really liked your creative work.

I’m really interested to buy your scripts.

I am interested in both … Equation Editor and MindMap Editor. I need both of them.

So can you please tell … how Equation Editor and MindMap Editor works …

I want to integrate in existing … project ….

SO my developer is asking …. is CKEditor or TinyMCE enough to add in that script to work yours equation editor.

Also, please tell how … equation & Mindmaps are saved … how it will show in my script … Will it be rendered in realtime … or its saved as IMAGE while saving …

I need to export that Data and Import (so how its going to work) ... The database of question is going to be huge … very huge … so will it be easy to manage.

I hope you understood my requirements.

So please recommend me … Which one should I go for … CKEDITOR or TINYMCE …

And Also please help me out … about my concerns …

Which one is more reliable, easy and good at handling everything …

Thanks & Regards, PS

Hi there,

I am using ckeditor4 formula editor(https://codecanyon.net/item/ckeditor4-formula-editor/10936362) on my site. I was wondering if there is any way to change the color of images generated ??

I would like some images in white color according to my site theme. Please let me know if there is any way of doing this through any additional setting/ any addon ??

Also if there is a way using coding .. I would like to know that. This is very important to me.

Thank you