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Hi Jack,

I would like to place two different banners in the same html page. Can you help me explaining how can I do that?

Thank you,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I don’t know what I did, because I have tried that and didn’t work, but totday it did.

Anyway, I have one more question for you. Is there a way to put two banner’s in the same html but each one with different width and height?

Hi Catalin,

I’ve created an example that you can use here:


Just create a blank html page and paste that code into it. Then save it in the same directory as the other html files that came with the download and that should give you a good starting point to how using multiple instances of the component with different settings can be accomplished.


Hi Jack,

This is just what i needed. Thank you very much for your support. You’ve been great.

Have a nice day, Catalin

Hello. Can we use lightbox to open image? How can we install it? Thank you

Hi amixstudio,

You want to add lightbox functionality to the banner? Because the banner is populated dynamically this would require some additional work. I’m available for freelance work if you need someone to help you.


hi coding jack this is a great slider. i want buy this but how can i embed this slider in joomla ? thanks

Hi Somedia,

I don’t have any experience with Joomla unfortunately but in theory it would be added like any other jQuery plugin (if that helps at all).



before buying, I would like to know if is possible to change the speed of the effect ? no time between two effects, but the duration of effect


Hi arnlig,

This can be done by adjusting the JavaScript.


This is an easy to add? because I’m not coder ^^

Hi Arnlig,

Experience with HTML is required.


But I see that your plugin work with jquery 1.7.2 and my site work with jquery 1.8.2.

If buy, it will work ? Otherwise, do you do after sales service in case of problems ? ^^ Because if I buy, I want be sure it to work


Hi arnlig,

If you purchase send me an email from my profile page and I’ll send you an update. However, the update won’t work in IE7 .


Is it designed to display horizontally too? Like on this pic ( https://dl.dropbox.com/u/30267872/example_1.png )

Hi wa51ol,

Only vertical :)


I need script like this to display horizontal (like upper pic), do u know something like this or can rebuild this solution?

First I want to thank you for putting this up. Been looking to the ability to have the images come up randomsince I used the first cu3 slider years ago.

Two items I need your input on are; !) On looking over your sliders I chose the Shuffle because it allowed the focus of the message to be the image without overpowering graphics without realizing it was not responsive. Have tried changing the hard coded width / height to the 100% with no joy. Is there a setting I change to make the Shuffle responsive? Is there one of your randomized image sliders that I can make just show the images so message impact comes from what is done in Photoshop?

2) The site I wanted to use this slider on has a drop down sub menu at the top which falls into the area of the slide. Selecting one of the drop down items becomes kind of random as the pointer goes down the items and into the area of the slider. This is even more of an issue in the first parts of the screen being responsive.

Perhaps if the linking from the slider image to other pages was able to be turned off or just linked at a more tab/button?

Your random feature gives life to repeat visits to the web site. This is the most important feature and so we will make whatever trade offs we need to, including responsiveness for now.

However… We expect to collect dozens of short videos (5-25 seconds) over the next 3 months and want to present them as poster images on the slider that visitors can click on to see and hear what those folks have to say. Having those poster sliders come up in random order would be ideal. If it takes longer than 3 months to find we can by some time by using a Bing style front page where the thumbnail posters pop up as the user hovers.

Which of your sliders should we be buying? Are we going in a direction with you sliders that makes these expectations reasonable?

Hi adanny1,

For the linking issue, maybe just hyperlink the slogans instead of the slides themselves?

As for which slider I have that would work for your needs, not really sure. But here’s my portfolio if you want to view them all:



Hi, thank you excellent plugin. But slide images move only forward. Can I add forward and backward slide motion?

Hi mamiyak,

The animation is designed to only shift forward. Technically a backwards motion could be added but it would require some work done to the script.


Hi, I use cj-shuffle in a pretty archaic website just to put some commercials in it. When I open the html pages on my web browser (mozilla firefox) cj-shuffle works perfect but when I upload it to my webserver although the code exists in the pages, the browser doesn’t show it. Any suggestions to that? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

Hi blupoint,

It’s likely that some files weren’t uploaded to the correct locations. Check out this video to learn how to troubleshoot this sort of thing.


I am using the current Version 24 Sept 2013 Trying to include the “Swipe” js. Followed instructions from Help – top line and bottom line edits. On I Pad the *.html file “rotator” does not display, on desk top it displays. BUT: I have the *.html at ROOT and the program files in another folder. I think the top line of the “Swipe” .js could be causing the problem but I do not know what it should be changed to. Can you help? Thanks

Hi genecap,

Send me an email from my profile page with a link to an example and I’ll help you with this.


Jack, Could you create a “Demo” using the swipe feature

Hi Genecap,

“Swipe” isn’t one of the built-in options. But there are instructions included for how it can be added. Send me an email from my profile page and I’ll be happy to help you get it added.


I have some questions:
1. Is it possible to move to required slide by clicking on it?
2. Is it possible to change number of slides on slider?
Thank you.

Hi firewall,,

1) The slides only change consecutively (no skipping).

2) Yes you can have however many slides you want.


Dear Jack,
Thank you.
One more question: is it possible to slide 20 images, but display slider with 3 current images only.

Hi firewall,

This wouldn’t be possible without some custom work. The way it’s currently built, all 20 images would stack on top of one another.