Discussion on CityGo | Android Single City Guide Store Finder Application

Discussion on CityGo | Android Single City Guide Store Finder Application

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Welcome Does the application support the Arabic language?

No, you should perform some layout changes in the XML files

Is it possible to convert the application to the Arabic language or add the Arabic language?

Do I need private hosting?

Yes, you can edit the code as you wish, you’d need an Arabic or indian developer to help you with that though because I don’t know RTL languages and I’m unable to then test the changes

Hello, how to monetize this App? If I buy the summer IOS and Android both use the same database?

Hi, as mentioned in the description page, you can use AdMob ads to get revenue, or publish the app as a paid app on the App Stores – in this case you must buy this template under an Extended License.
And yes, both versions use the same XServer database – it would be pretty bad if they couldn’t ;)

Hello… i am interested in script, and need to confirm something before purchasing it.

where does the city information comes from? do i have to add manually from backend OR does it support any API or other pre-populated content ??

thank you.

Hi, you have to manually add the Stores in the database, as explained in the online Documentation

Hi, how can i delete one category? :/ i dont want many of the demo version category, i want to change or delete

The only way to identify a crash is to check the Android Studio’s Logcat, the red messages explain the reason why it crashed

2020-03-06 14:15:17.293 18757-18812/com.xscoder.citygoo E/eglCodecCommon: GoldfishAddressSpaceHostMemoryAllocator: ioctl_ping failed for device_type=5, ret=-1 2020-03-06 14:15:17.299 18757-18812/com.xscoder.citygoo D/EGL_emulation: eglMakeCurrent: 0xe60054e0: ver 3 0 (tinfo 0xe6003fc0) 2020-03-06 14:15:17.303 18757-18812/com.xscoder.citygoo D/eglCodecCommon: setVertexArrayObject: set vao to 0 (0) 1 2 2020-03-06 14:15:17.357 18757-18786/com.xscoder.citygoo E/GraphResponse: {HttpStatus: 400, errorCode: 43003, subErrorCode: -1, errorType: OAuthException, errorMessage: (#43003) App button auto detection is disabled}

This says nothing, is it a red message form the Logcat? I would need more details, maybe a video recording, please contact me through my profile’s contact form

you could put what are the changes of the new update and ask how much you charge for reskin and publish in playstore and appstore thanks

Please always check the Change Log in the description page when an update gets released ;)
I don’t offer App Stores publishing service, anyway for other customization requests please contact me through my profile’s contact form and I’ll get back to you asap

please consider adding mobile numbers to the user details and maybe mobile verification to all of your apps.. we need that !

I use not to do that because of Apple’s Privacy terms, they rejected some of my old templates because of phone number :)

make it the login credintials.. thats okey with there policy.. you can login with your phone..

that’s exactly why Apple rejected my apps in the past :) Anyway thanks for your feedback

I want u for business can talk privately

please contact me through my profile’s contact form

Great app! I was wondering if you could help me with a issue I have with the app though.

Some of my categories in Parse contain multiple words (with spaces), so when I add images to the app in Android Studio to match the names of the Parse categories (so they can show up on the home screen) and then ran a build, I get an error in Android Studio stating the images can not be processed because they have spaces. Because of this, the images do not show up on the home screen and I get a blank space where they should be showing up.

My question is this: Is there a way to add images for the home screen in Android Studio named exactly the same as the Parse category name? This would help me out greatly – thanks!

Thanks! How would I do this? Any help would be appreciated.

Well, it’s a bit long to explain how to do that, I’ve briefly told you how to make it, anyway that’s considered as an extra customization job, so you may contact me through my profile’s contact form and I’ll get back to you asap.

Ok, thanks – I sent you an email through the contact form.

is there a front end version for users? i.e not the admin panel but regular user they need to access the web portal not the mobile app? and if no, can you do that when we order the Android and IOS version?

Hi, if you mean a web version of CityGo, no, there isn’t a php web version of this app nor I plan to build it, because this app gets your current location and shows stores nearby you, so it’s more a mobile app concept than a static desktop website.

Hi, I’m unable to install the apk. While I’ve tried other demo apks from Envanto, this one particularly doesn’t come with an option to Install after download, says ‘Can’t open file’

Try to download it in your computer and send the file to your device, it may work. Let me know

Download it on your computer and send it to your Google Drive storage, then open it from your device, download it and install it, it’ll work

I think listings always need a website that allows users to register and submit their listings. Most people will not easily do that on mobile. Please consider even an optional wordpress website that integrates with the applications. I use citybook but there are quite a few here on envato.

In fact you can insert the website link of each store in the database. I’m sorry but this app’ backend is by Parse Server, no mySQL so it’s not compatible with Wordpress

hello.. just got the android version.

I didn’t create a new app since I already have the iOS version and did that step. I completed everything but when I test the login it only keeps going back to the login screen. does not log in with facebook.

I’m not sure why its not working

also none of the listings are showing as well. I connected it to my existing parse account and all the categories and assets are named the same. same images everything

check if your device has Location enabled and if tge GPS signal is available, move outside your room, just in case

Hi, Can the listings be sorted by distance (nearest)? It doesn’t appear like it is in the demo.

I like the simple and clean design though!

yes, it’s possible, it’s just a mattyof changing a line of code ;) And thanks for your feedback!

Ok, great! Can users submit stores?

no, only the Admin can insert stores and points of interest in the database

Amazing Work! Congratulations! Nice Work & Good Luck With Sale :)

Great work, good luck with sale :)

Is there an admin backend for this? If so, what is the address and login?

1. Is it that we would have to enter every location to the db or does it pull from google?
You must manually enter the location GPS coordinates and address in your database.
2. Can admob be disabled?
yes, the Documentation explains how to do that in the FAQ section
3. Once a city is set, is it possible to view all data from the app no matter where you are in the world? I mean, that my current location in another country would not be an issue and the listings would still show.
Yes, of course, the app detects your current location for searching events nearby you, but you can also search by popular cities list or simply typing a city name.
Please test the demo APK so you’ll see how it works ;)
Also, as I intend to use it as a free app, more data is needed in user signup. Currently there is only username and email address.

I would need: sex and age as well to make the data worth it for us.
Well, since they are personal data, you may encounter a rejection by Apple because of Privacy terms, that’s why I haven’t inserted additional personal filed in the Account section. I would suggest you not to add personal data like that, anyway if you want to try that, that’s considered as an extra customization job, which you can request by contacting me through my profile’s contact form:

PS: the Account sign up is mainly to manage favorites anywhere you are and read/write reviews, so only an avatar and full name will be shared in the reviews screen


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