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Hello viaviwebtech,

very nice! Can it populate weather based on a user’s location?

Thank You in advance!

Hello michelbayard,

Not based on a user’s location but we will be add in next update.


Hello surtsey,

Now domain bandwidth limit exceeded issues and we will update ASAP.See Screenshots

Hello surtsey,

Now you can check demo here

Where does it pull weather info from?

Open Weather Map requires an API key or a monthly fee. Does this plugin require users to set this up on their own?

No API requires

I’ve been using this for a few weeks now. It’s a great addition to my website. But a few things: 1. It doesn’t always display the information. Sometimes it only shows the current temp and not the future days (set at 5). Sometimes it doesn’t show anything. Sometimes it doesn’t show the weather icon. Whenever this happens it is easily corrected by doing a page refresh, but that gets annoying for my lazy site visitors. 2. There is no buffer space at the bottom of the widget, so it is right on top of the next widget in my sidebar. 3. The days change too soon. I haven’t pinpointed it to the exact hours, but i think it is 2 hours too soon. So at 10pm on Friday night the next 5 days show Sunday – Thursday. I’m in Central Standard Time USA if that helps.

Plugin using, Its free api so some time not getting data.

Please update so that it ill show weather for the visitor’s Geo Location.

Is it possible to translate this? I guess not everyone is using english as main language :)

yes, its possible to translate..

Is this able to give weathet in the users location yet?

Thanks for your interest on our product, It’s not possible.

for pre-sales question: Is this plugin can detect the users current location?

Hi, This plugin not detect users current location.

Hello, I purchased this plugin last week and I’m having a hard time getting it set up. I followed all the directions given to me. When my widget is being displayed it is being shown as an error with broken code.

I send a request to your website and had no response. Can I please get some assistance or a return?


Hi, Our support team will contact you on our support time. You will contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

Support Time: Working Days: Monday to Friday Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM +5:30 GMT