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ok i find it, game is fine but can u tell me there is only one level or many levels in it.

Very good skirpt. Good luck with sales

hi tnx for comments and liking this product

is eclipse projects?

no this is unity3d project dont buy this for eclips.

Hi All users its new game and may be you can not find like this game on codecanyon on this price

i bought it but i cannot download full, always interuppts

you welcome :) and sorry for delay in replay :)

Hi guy, your docs is not clear enough to change the admob, chartboot… you need to indicate what file, which line to be edit… because too much files on this projects. How can I remove all the ad? and How can I rename package name? thx

hi i have mention the files off adds,if you dont find please add me on skype i will guid you.thanks skype id wasifgc

Hi, Its a nice game. I would like to buy, can i use the same images ?

can i use free version of unity toll ? please let me know.

hi if you change the screen short it is better for you because of google play store policy.but some time work..and i am recomand that please use pro version.for pro version please add me on skype i will help out to you to make something on your free version.but this support is only for only buyer.

Thanks skype id wasifgc

Not everyone is an expert, please make an instructional video on how to install the workspace, not everyone knows program in unity. Thank you very much.

hi your feedback is very important for us to make thing better.but here please don’t forgot we are not here offering unity3d workshop just selling the games for developers.or investors.we are welcome you you are our client.if you have some issues to buil apk and setting of unity3d so please add me on skype i will guid you personally. Thanks skype id wasifgc

Please!! i need help,, sorry.. =(

i was ping you on skype but can not see your reply.come to skype for help please

is it possible to build this game to other platforms like Window, Mac, iOS? thx

yes any developer change its platefom using unity3d software

Yes please download demo apk on live preview Thanks Skype id wasifgc

You can make reskin? and price?

Please add me on skype to diisscuss the price of redskin Skype wasifgc

Great 3D game, I am following you

OK thanks for your comments

This game support iOS?

this game is developed for android versions if you want to get ios copy please contact with me on skype

skype id wasifgc

Hi, i purchased this game, I try to build android apk using Unity 3d and apk builds successfully, but when i try to run it in my android device. It doesn’t work and stops by showing message ” unfortunately game stopped” I already mailed you but there is no response. please help me.

pelase add me skype and also tell me which verssion of unity you are using?? Please add me skype wasifgc

Hi sir, there is red error and warning sign. can you fix this read error because when there is error, the build is failed on android device”unfortunately game stopped” I use unity 5.5 free version.

This is red error: Exception: JNI: Init’d AndroidJavaClass with null ptr! UnityEngine.AndroidJavaClass..ctor (IntPtr jclass) (at /Users/builduser/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/Export/AndroidJavaImpl.cs:556)

This is warning sign: The referenced script on this Behaviour (Game Object ‘Main Camera’) is missing! The referenced script on this Behaviour is missing!

Can you update this? how to fix it? Thanks for your time!

ok thanks for reply. I will contact him via skype

why contact on skype and no response? I need to fix red errors !

i was waiting and also messag you but you nod response me please ping me again.thanks