City Guide|Travel Guide|Map Navigation Android App with push notification

City Guide|Travel Guide|Map Navigation Android App with push notification

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Product description

City Guide is a complete native android application to find different categories such as restaurant,hotel,popular place ,Sports,Shopping,transport ,ATM,mosque, Hospital,fuel station and more you need .Every categories have also subcategory by it’s different branch and place. With this template you can easily create your travel guide application.Code is easily customizable.

The app can be used for a city that user can locate everything in nearby area. It will help users to locate anything in your city on map along with complete address and contact informations.

It provides advanced mapping systems that will show different places for a specific category. It would be easy to search nearby place and navigate in an user friendly way. Initially it will find most nearest points based on current user location. User will be able to find place from a different place using build in custom search facility.

If you have also plan to show anything such as shop,popular food item place ,public toilet,accident prone area etc. you can easily add different and more categories that how many you need . user can easily discover various places.


Here is the detailed feature list:

  • Find nearby restaurant,hotel,popular place ,sports ground ,shop,transport ,ATM,mosque, hospital,fuel station and more that have you need.
  • Build for a specific City .
  • Calculate distance from current location.
  • Nearby place by results from current location.
  • Show location by direction from current places.
  • All spot list show with details.
  • Make call to any specific branch or spot.
  • Favorite Spots.
  • Dynamic application without any server or online database
  • Dynamic backend based on Online Google Sheet
  • Sqlite database.
  • Push notification.
  • AdMob Integration(full screen and banner ad).

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