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Your screenshots and live preview don’t work. I NEVER buy anything without seeing it


Please, find below the APK. Have a look and let me know if you have any question.


ads unit not work how to show apps admob ads?


themeix Purchased

How to work in editor as real time? Will is open in android studio?

Hello, You can import the source code into Android Studio or Eclipse. Regards.

Hi, Sorry but I’m really sad because I could not open the code in my android studio. Is it possible that you send me the code ready to work in android studio? I would thank you infinitely. I wait your answer. My email is:

I have installed the latest version of android studio with all the sdk available in the market. However, the source code does not have the file requested by android studio to open it. I have not been able to work on the source code. I would appreciate it if you can please convert the source code so that it can be opened directly by android studio. In other messages here, I have noticed that other buyers have complained about the same, since “eclispse” is too obsolete.

Please, not only for me … but for all current and future buyers, publish the source code to be opened by android studio directly.

OK, don’t worry. Let me check the source code. I will get back to you ASAP. Best regards.

Hi, I’m still waiting. I would appreciate.

Is there any backend for editing and adding contents?? Is it possible to add particular business/service details?? Is it possible to connect this app with existing WordPress website for updation??

Hello, could you put something to share the app? or to share the place you are seeing? Can I change the names of the icons? for example: “ATM” to “Cajeros”?

The app does not work When I open it in Android Studio it gives an error.

I want to buy your app, but I had like you to do the following for me 1. Package name 2. Integrate with my admob account. If you can, I will be buying many apps from you for different students as long as you can help wit basic customization I mentioned above.

The app not run.


We bought an Android app from you a couple weeks ago, which named Discussion on City Guide But unfortunately we could not run due to technical failures. The underlying reason is that it is encoded with Eclipse. Because it is too old, it doesn’t work properly and we get too many errors. We following the instructions you specified did not change the situation. Can you post a properly running version of Android Studio 3.0 and above?

Thanks in advance