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Can I add Multiple cities data in one app? Can I have the Live Google map with markers like Banks, ATMs, Club, Hospital,school…etc?

Are you going to develop the iOs version?

At the moment only Android

Hi, where is the demo apk

hi nice app but everything is showing blank whenever i click on anything like ATM and all

Let me check. I will revert to you ASAP

not working and the seller is not responding, send already 3 emails but he is not responding

Check your e-mail and let me know if you need anything. Regards

its a little difficult for me, do i have to sync it in android studio , there was no apk in the files you send me

Please, check your e-mail.

Which API you have used ? or need to add data manually ?

Google Places API

Nice App! good luck with the sales


I want to buy this app but when i check your demo nothing works it’s only blank pages and i check here to see if anyone talk about it and you just say to the other guy that u will contact him. Why is so secret while you demo is not even work. try to provide some simple solution once and while because this is useful when someone spot a problem before buying.

The Google Places API for Android enforces a default limit of 1,000 requests per 24 hour period. If the app exceeds the limit, the app will start failing. The app included an API Key for demo. You need create your API key.
  • https://developers.google.com/places/android-api/start?hl=en-419
  • Muito bom, quando der mais uma melhorada no design eu compro com certeza, eu gostei muito.

    Você tem a versão deste app para websites?

    If you mean a website’s version like Google Maps, no.
  • Regards.
  • Nice work. GLWS!

    Can we add new locations and categories?

    Of course, you can include any category that you want.

    New version:
    • Geolocation improvements.
    • Unlimited requests to Google Places API.

    Can I sign up for the places I want to appear in the app? How does the inclusion of new places with notice of the establishment work?

    You can include any place that you want, but It’s necessary to know about the programing in order to following some steps.

    JFYI..I’m available for freelance if you need to customize the source code.


    Hi do you use contentProvider or Firebase realtime database? or using loader to move data?

    Hi do you use contentProvider or Firebase realtime database? or using loader to move data?

    vc faz orçamento para este App com algumas modificações?

    Hello, I can customize the App for you. Let me know if you have any doubt. Regards.

    Hi, Before buy this app i would like to know some details like. 1. Can i change categories name or add categories. 2. Can i change categories images.

    Hello, it is very easy to change both the name and the images of the categories, but to add a new category it is necessary to have knowledge in programming. Regards.

    Hi its not work with admin panel.? For easy adds and change catagory ?

    No. Let me know if you have additional question?