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Does it support Arabic language translate and RTL if i need it in Arabic language only ?


Arabic alphabet itself is supported but be aware that the navigation won’t change from Left to Right, which fact could be a problem.

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i work all google api fine and same you print on document but i still show no items on that category and get that error

ViewPostImeInputStage ACTION_DOWN log_dcs ThreadedRenderer::initialize entered! new_window_surface returns 0×3000, [1119×154]-format:1


Would you please share with us the CITY for which you want to create the app. We will integrate it to the code and will show you the results. We want to help but I don’t know why you are refusing to provide the city name?

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Thanks for replay City name is amman


We just tested the app with your city and everything works fine with our test Google Place API and OpenWeather Keys. We prepared a video for you in order to demo this: VIDEO DEMO

Something very important is to set up correctly the city name and the city ID in the correct files. To set up the city name, open res/values/strings.xml and go to the bottom of the file. There look for the following strings:

<!-- City -->
<string name="city">Amman</string>

<!-- Country -->
<string name="country">Jordan</string>

Set the values as in the example above.

Then, open app/java/com.dmbteam.cityguide/settings/AppSettings.java and look for the TOWN_ID constant:

 * City ID for the app. You need it for better performance and accuracy of the Weather
 * How to get the ID: Search for the city on OpenWeather.org. Then look at the address bar of
 * the browser, where you will a link like this http://openweathermap.org/city/2950159
 * The number at the end is the city ID, which you need.
public static final String TOWN_ID = "250441";

Here, it’s very important to set the correct town id of Amman, which is 250441. So, please set exactly these values as we described.

As last step, you need valid OpenWeatherKey. To get it, just read the documentation we provided with the code. Once you get your key, you must set it in the project. More specifically in the same AppConstants.java:

     * Register on OpenWeather.org and get your key. Tutorial: http://openweathermap.org/appid
public static final String OPEN_WEATHER_MAP_KEY = "PUT_YOUR_OPEN_WEATHER_KEY";

Just replace the PUT_YOUR_OPEN_WEATHER_KEY with your real key.

Now, it should work for Amman city. Of course, you must set the correct coordinates of the Amman city, which are:

* Define latitude of your location
public static double LATITUDE = 31.8360353;

* Define longitude of your location
public static double LONGITUDE = 35.666748;

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Hello, I added key OpenWeatherMap API but it display Weather Unavailable

please help me

yes,I set correctly. my key : b5df3fb19aa4953aecd104f05600ae77. my key not work but your key work. why??. I tested link json with my key, it work


I just executed and web request with your key in the following way:


And the OpenWeather API returns error that your key is not valid.

{"cod":401, "message": "Invalid API key. Please see http://openweathermap.org/faq#error401 for more info."}

It’s good to try to either regenerate the key or contact OpenWeather support why it’s not valid.

Regards, dmbTEAM

thank you

Presale Question: Is it possible to setup this app to be geolocation based from the start rather than a single city? So when the user launches the application, it would show their current location rather than say London or Montreal.


The whole idea of the app is to be a guide for a given city. If this has to be changed, the design has to be changed as well, because we rely on knowing the city.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Berlin APP in the store is very “empty” is that a known problem? For example hotels only show pictures rest is empty n/a ?

No way to “disable” or filter empty results?

Other question, when starting project “Cant start GIT: git.exe appears… How to handle that? Any advise on that?

Solved :-)

Please advice, weather is not shown… Has there been changes in the weather API?

Support Open Weather writes this: Hello,

The 16 daily froecast has been transefred to the paid version of the service. It has been in the beta mode previously. However, the testing period has ended.

It is now available starting from the Startup plan. Prcing for your reference: http://openweathermap.org/price

Thanks for understanding.

The daily forecast has moved to paid plan: Answer from Openweather.com : The daily API can be used only starting from Startup. So please inform us how we can remove the weather from home.xml we would like to show the “about” button over the whole width so remove the weather widget


Our app doesn’t use the 16 days forecast. We are using the 5 days forecast, which is still free – referring to http://openweathermap.org/price

Regards, dmbTEAM

Please advice it seems your instruction video in the download how to set up push notifications is out of date? We can see the device in one signal but test message not send…Please advice or send/update install/configuration howto…


How can we change phone format from local format to international format ? from for example 020-555555 to +31 20 555555 ? Foreign users visiting the city would need to dial in international phone format in order to work…

Ok, because google help states that ” international_phone_number ” can be used in the query..https://developers.google.com/places/web-service/details

We worked it ou so now showing international! Solved :-)

We are glad to hear that you managed to solve it.

Hi please advise, i want to remove the weather from home.xml , what is the ebst way to do this?


If you want to remove the Weather due to the statement that the 16 days forecast is paid, I want to let you know that our app is not using it. We use the 5 days forecast, which is still free, so there is no need to remove the weather from home.xml.

If you still insist on hiding the weather, just open the home.xml layout and look for the following element:


Here change the android:layout_weight=”0.6” value to 0.

Then look for the


And change the android:layout_weight=”0.40” value to 1.

Regards, dmbTEAM

Hi, this is Single or Multi-City app?


It’s for single city.

Regards, dmbTEAM

How I have icon 512×512 png for my app