City Guide - Sleep, Eat, Enjoy

City Guide - Sleep, Eat, Enjoy

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Create easily a City Guide App for every city, just in minutes. Get real time data for hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs. This app is powered by Google Places API, which ensures every user to be provided with the latest data, including reviews for the different places.

It’s Android Studio project and you can easily customize and create app for your preferred city. You just need to set the relative coordinates.


  • Android Studio Project
  • New: AdMob Ads (Regular Banner)
  • New: Google Analytics
  • Three main types of places: Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs
  • Map with navigation to a place
  • Search within all loaded places
  • Build your own favorites category
  • Weather
  • About screen with information about the city
  • Detailed Documentation
  • (New) Push Notifications
  • (New) Offline availability of all opened POIs
  • (New) Configurable temperature unit


City Guide - Sleep, Eat, Enjoy

Latest versions

Version 2.5 (23.10.2017)
  • Weather optimiziation
  • Project config update
Version 2.4 (29.05.2017)
  • Bug fixed: Problem with displaying objects on the map
Version 2.3 (15.05.2017)
  • Bug fixed: App crashes when category is tapped
Version 2.2 (12.11.2016)
  • Build failed after Google Play Services Update (v9.2)
Version 2.1 (22.04.2016)
  • TOWN and COUNTRY strings can be easily translated
  • Gradle fix and update
Version 2.0 (15.03.2016)
  • New: Push Notifications
  • New: Configurable temperature unit
  • New: Offline availability of already opened POIs
  • New: Dialog for a tapped POI from within the Map
  • Weather service optimization
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 1.1 (04.08.2015)
  • New: AdMob Ads
  • New: Google Analytics
Version 1.0 (26.07.2015)
  • Initial version