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I have the same problem as the 2 above. Any solution or temporary work-around?

The latest version I see on CodeCanyon is 1.4.1 which is the version I had the problem with. Is there a newer version?

The newest version is still 1.4.1. It is just a patch to the previous version.

Thanks it works now

Is it possible to link to a POI from within description of another POI?

Hi. This feature is not supported. It requires some changes in the code. Customization is not a part of our support. It is a paid service. If you need the customization, please contact us via e-mail. Thank you.

What email can I contact you at?

Hello Team,

I really love this application, Are you planning to provide same app for iPhone as well? I am looking for both platform

Hi. We develop only Android apps. And we are the best ;) Thanks.

How do you change the name of those item in the menu eg: Food to another name etc or Hotel to another name

Hi. You can modify data (categories and spots) in the database. Thanks.

what if you want to change the size of the map which is under a category i mean like if you click on any place in the sport the map shows also in the description so if you want to change its size to small?

Hi. You can easily change the size in the code. Thanks.

Hi, this is Single or Multi-City app?

Hi. It’s up to you, but I recommend you to use it for one city. Thanks.

So many question:

1. Can i chose 1 spesific category in all spots menu? Example, if I want to build restourant apps, so in all spots menu i just show restaurant item.

2. Is it integrated with interestial admob ads? If yes, in what condition this interestial ads show in apps

3. Can integrated this apps with booking.com affiliates?

4. Can you provide custom apps (with additional cost ofcourse) with wath your customer id?

Hi. 1) All spots shows all items. If you don’t want to use categories, you can remove them and use just one category, e.g. restaurants. 2) Interstitial ads are not supported right now, but you can add it on your own. It’s easy. There are banner ads. 3) You can add links to Booking.com. 4) Customization is not a part of our support. It is a paid service. If you need the customization, please contact us via e-mail. Thank you.

1. If i use one category e.g. restaurant so, its will shown only restaurant in maps, it is true? 2. Can you give me how to put it on this apps? 3. Same question with no 2 4. Can i get your email, i want to know more about your paid service

Thank you

1) Yes. You can modify (add, remove, change) categories and spots in the database. 2) I’ve already publish a guide how to implement it: https://codecanyon.net/item/city-guide-map-app-for-android/12026931/comments?page=9&filter=all#comment_12281192 Please see comments history. 3) You just add affiliate link to the database for each spot. 4) You can contact us here: https://codecanyon.net/user/robotemplates Thanks.