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i have opened the code as it is and generated an apk. the map function is not working. showing blank when i open the map. no errors while compiling

Hi. Make sure you have the newest version of libraries in your SDK manager. Also try to clean the project: Menu -> Build -> Clean project and invalidate cache: File -> Invalidate caches. Thanks.

Should this be empty in res>xml>analytics_app_tracker.xml? <string name=”ga_trackingId”></string> <!- The apps Analytics Tracking Id ->

Yes. Please do not modify this file. Just follow our documentation. Thanks.

Hello! Do you already have an IOS version as well? If you do, please send me the link? If you do not have it yet, do you want to develop it? When? Hugs!

Hi. We develop only Android apps. Thanks.

I love the demo. I did notice that when you click the map to explore, that it will be zoomed in to your location, and when GPS is not turned on, it will show the whole world. And I completely understand that.

I was wondering if there is a way, when you click the explore map button, that if GPS is not on, instead of showing the whole world, you could give it an exact location to go to. Like a zoomed out view of the entire city/area, based on latitude/longitude.

Hi. Sure, this is possible. Default coordinates are defined in the MapFragment.java in mPoiLatitude and mPoiLongitude variables. Default values are 0. You can easily modify it as you need. Thanks.

Hello! Do you plan to do the ios version for the app?

Hi. We develop only Android apps. Thanks.

Hello robotemplates. I want to ask you if is it possible to encrypt the sqlite database under ORMlite OR i have to move to greenDAO that support Database Encryption?

Hi. It should be possible with ORMLite, but you have to make some changes. See this link: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9176768/how-can-i-use-ormlite-with-sqlcipher-together-in-android Thanks.

Hi, In Gradle Console i get this message: ”:mobile:processDebugManifest mobile\src\main\AndroidManifest.xml:39:2-102:16 Warning: application@android:icon was tagged at AndroidManifest.xml:39 to replace other declarations but no other declaration present”

Hi. It is just a warning. It might be caused by some other 3rd party library. I think you can ignore it. Thanks.

hi. I need this app but I am a novice in working with android apps is it easy to localize the app? I mean translation and making it RTL?

Hi. Yes, everything is described step by step in the documentation. You don’t need any programming skill. RTL is supported by default. Translation is quite easy. Let me know if you need any help. Thanks.

can i use this app as Traffic App Solution/Platform that road users can use to help each other beat traffic by informing them about the traffic conditions, thereby providing others with information with which they can use to make smarter decisions about routes to take.

Yes I will like to modify it. Can you do that and what’s the cost

This modification would take many days, maybe months. I am sorry, but we do only simple customizations. Thanks.

-Login not required to view updates, LIVE cams, Map and receive alerts - You can now subscribe to the update of your choice (Login required) - Google Map with LIVE traffic colors - Weather & news alerts. Release of Version 2.0.1 - Totally new UI - View LIVE traffic cams - Push notifications for Traffic alerts and Security info - Share directly to Facebook and Twitter - Easier Sign up process - Share traffic updates with pictures

I want to place database file on server. When open the app first time, database will be download and work like now. Also if I update database version a popup dialog will appear on app screen to update the database Now or Later. What you about this thing?

Hi. This feature is not supported at this moment, but we would like to implement it in the future. Thanks.

Hi. Can you help me, please. How do I write the code to clear all favourites after close the app

Hi, I’m interest, this project have php backend? how can I manage content places images desc and other. Thanks