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Hi, Admin. this app not make a Dijkstra Method for distance calculator. How to change distance calculator with use a Dijkstra Method ?

Hi. We don’t provide support to users who did not purchase the app. We protect ourselves against potentional warez this way. Thank you for understanding.


I have some pre purchase questions.

1) How does your app differ from the similar The City? 2) Once I add a new location will I need to update the app on playstore or will the app allow users to refresh. 3) Can I send Push notifications when a new place is added. If so how? 4) How does the offline mode work and get turned on? Is it that the app automatically creates a local copy in the phones sqllite database? 5) As your app has no web backend how do I update the app to add new places?

Hello. 2) Please follow our documentation step by step. Everything is described there. 4) You can rename it, but make sure you rename all occurences of the package in the code, XML and manifest. But I don’t see any reason why to rename it. Changing the application id is enough. We will provide new updates in the future, but right now I am not sure when we will publish a new update. Thanks.

Thanks, Will the template be updated to work with the new Android Oreo OS?

Hi. This app is compatible with Oreo so you don’t have to worry about it. We will provide new updates in the future. Thanks.


Is there admin panel for this application so i can manage the users who register with this application ? i want to be able the following:

a) manage the users for verification numbers from admin panel b) have a tracks record in user account in admin panel, so any user install it and use it to track any place the places will be tracked and saved in his account ( he cannot delete it unless admin confirmation ). c) manage places where i can add places through longitude.

Could this be able to managed on your application ?

Hi. Data is stored in a local SQLite database. It is just a DB file which you can edit with any SQLite editor. Internet connection is not required. There is no REST API backend nor admin panel. Everything is well described in the documentation. Thank you.

You said good days do not need code information but would you make it apk for me?

E-Mail Address

You can contact us via our profile page: https://codecanyon.net/user/robotemplates Thanks.


error : Error:(13, 0) Plugin with id ‘com.android.application’ not found. Open File

Hi. Please make sure you have the newest Android Studio version. Also see this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24795079/error1-0-plugin-with-id-com-android-application-not-found Thanks.

It is possible to return the application

How can I send a refund request?

I sent

can i get the documentation before i buy ? please email, hidayat.suryawan@gmail.com

Hi. What exactly are you interested in?

hi! is the app can work only in one city?

You need an internet connection to download all the dependencies.

ok, is it needed to publish on google play so that the google map on the cityguide app will work on android phone?

It’s up to you how you want to distribute your app. I recommend Google Play.

hi please i have questions before buying 1- I want is what I can translate the application în arabic or farsi then writing from right not left? 2-I want to make an application to discover italy i want to do a great part for description i can write 5/6 lines description? 3-I can remove for example hotel icon and replace it with icon of plane? 4-I can change the color to my own color? 6-I can delet maps function ?

Hi. 1) You can translate the app to any language you want. RTL is also supported. It’s described in the documentation. 2) Description length is unlimited. 3) Sure, you can modify it as you need. 4) Sure, any color you want. 6) If you want, you can delete it. Thanks.

what algorithm did you use here? map matching?

yes thanks.

like geolocation algorithm

i saw the video preview. Is it possible to add information like video of the point of the interest and putting it on local database?

Hi. Video is not supported, just an image. Thanks.

Hello Team,

Can you please add some features like push notification, enquiry for hotels or any place, Instead of informative app can you please convert this app in booking app as well.

So, If someone want to book a table in restaurant they can book it using app, same goes for hotel they can send enquiry about booking and if that property is available then they can book.

Please check PM I have send you some ref. links as well.

Hi. This is not a booking app. It’s a city guide app. However we will consider creating a new app for booking. We would like to build some new apps. Thanks.


almodear Purchased

hello . where is the admin panel? and how i add places and city servies

Hi. Data is stored in a local SQLite database. It is just a DB file which you can edit with any SQLite editor. Internet connection is not required. There is no REST API backend nor admin panel. Everything is well described in the documentation. Thank you.


almodear Purchased

Did you mean that I write all the data in the application before uploading it to the store and if I wanted to add in the future new data. Need to make a new update? This is too tired my friend did not mention this before buying

This is how this app works. The biggest advantage is that you don’t need any server and it works completly offline. Thanks.

Hello! I am interested in this app, and there are few questions: 1. Can place owners edit their places? Can user sign up as an owner and add and edit places? 2. Can you add qr-skanner in this app? So, user could scan a qr-code in say museum and the page of this museum would open in this app? 3. Can you add coupon system in this app? So, when user visits the museum, he gets a 10% off next time visit? 4. Is there a possibility to make the app multilingual? Thank you!

Hi. 1,2,3) No, these features are not supported. 4) Yes, multiple languages are supported. Thanks.

Customization is not a part of our support. It is a paid service. If you need the customization, please contact us via e-mail. Thank you.