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gorgino Purchased

Hi , how can i add more righ menu options i want to add more like about page also if is any way to dublicata the about page is ok and how can i change privacy policy link?

Hi. You will have to modify the code to add more sections. Privacy policy link is set in the config. Please follow the documentation. Thanks.


gorgino Purchased

How can imodify the code to add more sections, i have add a button but i dont know how to add a section for the button i create , also is posible to add an image in about page?

Hi. It is possible, but you’ll have to customize the code. Customization is not a part of our support. It is a paid service. If you need the customization, please contact us via e-mail. Thank you.

have the admin panel demo?

Hi. Data is stored in a local SQLite database. It is just a DB file which you can edit with any SQLite editor. Internet connection is not required. There is no REST API backend nor admin panel. Everything is well described in the documentation. Thank you.

How this app will know when there is a new business around? also will all the new business places update automactly into the app?

Hi. That’s up to you. You have to manage the content of the app – add and remove spots.

Olá boa noite. Estou tentando executar o comando signingReport no Gradle para conseguir o código do SHA-1 para registar no Firebase, porém ao realizar esse procedimento apresenta o seguinte erro: Failed to read key myalias from store “C:\Users\welly\Desktop\TCC\TAMPLATE\codecanyon-NvrcBNkH-city-guide-map-app-for-android\cityguide-1.7.0\extras\keystore\cityguide.jks”: null

Por favor pode me ajudar. Obrigado.

Hi. Please make sure that your keystore is properly configured. Please follow the documentation. Thanks.

Does it work with openstreet / leaflet ?

Hi. This app uses Google Maps API which is free to use. This is a native Android app. Leaflet is a JS library for web. Thanks.

Hi, is there any difference in code between a regular licence and an extended licence. If not, why are there two licenses. Thank you.

Hi. You have to buy a license for each end product. So if you are going to publish 3 apps on Google Play, you have to buy 3 licenses. If you are going to sell your app, you will have to buy an extended license. The Extended License is required if end user must pay to use end product. Please see this link for more info: Thank you.

No difference in code :)

Hi, What are the requirements for installing and testing the application is need. Thank you.

Hi. You just need Android Studio. We provide detailed step by step documentation, so you don’t even need programming skills.

is there iphone version for City guide ? , Can i work with two languages ? can i use city Guide using two languages ?

Hi. We develop only Android apps, but we are the best. Nobody can be expert in multiple platforms. That’s why we focus just on Android and try to provide the best quality. Thanks.

Yes, this app support multiple languages. Please follow the documentation. Thanks.

Hi, I have acquired the version 1.5.1 of the app. There are some updated versions avaiable. Did you provide a guide of which parts of the code has to be modified please.

Hi. There are a lot of files changed so I highly recommend to build the app from scratch using the same settings. You can also use Git to see the changes. Thank you.


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