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Can we have Onesignal Notifications for the users who installed this app?

Hi. This feature is not supported. It would require some changes in the code. Thanks.

Hello Can you make the favorite fix? i mean when you view something so that the favorite button be visible?

Hi. This behavior is intentional, but you can disable the animation if you don’t like it. Thanks.

where will category names be changed? how to add a new category Can a category be added with a database GUI?

Yes, thank you

Hi. Is it working for you now?

yes sir, thank you :)

I’m having trouble downloading, can you send me the package by email?

Hi. Good joke :D I recommend to buy the item first ;)

Hello? Is it possible to put more than one picture? Example like if i put in a category of hotel an image so that i can put more than one picture not only one?

Hi. This feature is not supported, but you can add it on your own. Thanks.

another thing does it push notifications?

Hi. This app does not support push notifications, but you can add it on your own. How exactly you want to use it?

How can I do this for multiple cities?

do you pay for it?

Hi. Customization is not a part of our support. It is a paid service. If you need the customization, please contact us via e-mail. Thank you.

okey thank you. I’m sending an email now

do you have any web back-end version?

Hi. Unfortunately not, this app uses local SQLite database so users can use it offline when they don’t have internet connection.

Can you do modifications with web back-end? Can I get your email?

I can not translate to km. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166) no such address.

Hi. Please follow the documentation. You can find ISO codes here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes Thanks.

Hello is it possible to make text bold from sqlitestudio editor like when you are adding info of a place you can make the header bold

Hi. We don’t provide a support to users who did not purchase the app. We protect ourselves against potentional warez this way. Thank you for understanding.

hello, the user can add markers, to send them to a pre-evaluation?

Hi. This feature is not supported, but you can add it on your own.

how do I modify the app i can not open the .db file

Hi. What do you mean that you cannot open the .db file? Can you be more specific please?

how the app is modified to put the places I want, how it is modified

You can modify the data in any SQLite editor. Please read the documentation. Everything is described there in detail. Thanks.

Can I use this app just for a specific place or city? Or is only GPS around your exact location? Thank you

Hello. Yes, you can, there is no restriction. You can add as many POIs as you want from different locations. Thanks.

App shows user’s location.