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I have three touch screen kiosk’s based on Android 4.3, 5.1 and 6.0. All have a resolution of 1080×1920 (portrait mode). I have a problem with displaying applications City Guide on those screens. For ordinary smartphones with lower resolution everything is working properly. The problem is the following: Home screen that includes the facilities is OK. The problem is that when you click on a particular object, it displays only the welcome screen and object name. The framework for Info except the title is empty. The framework for a folder other than the title is empty. Can somewhere in the code to change the parameter to support this resolution in portrait mode? Interestingly, when I rotate the screen to landscape mode (1920×1080 landscape), information from the database is properly displayed.

Hi Armin. Please try to delete mobile/src/main/res/layout-w720dp/fragment_poi_detail_content.xml file. Then open PoiDetailFragment.java, find bindDataGap() method definition and replace this piece of code final View gapView = mRootView.findViewById(R.id.fragment_poi_detail_gap); by this: final View gapView = null; Let me know if it helped. Thanks.

First of all to thank you for the good support and quick responses. The problem is solved. Here’s a photo and thanks for the fast support. .http://skype.ba/android/CAM00776.jpg

Great. Thank you!

Guys can you tell me how can i add new line in description text. simple \n doesnt work. Thanks.

Hi. We don’t provide support to users who did not purchase the app. We protect ourselves against potentional warez this way. Thank you for understanding.

Simple answer as: we are parsing it as a html, so use html tags to format it as you like. would be nice. nevermind, next time I’ll ask you with purchased account.

If you purchased the app, why do you have this second account? Yes, please ask questions with the account you used for the purchase. Thanks.

Hello, can help to Modify file : MapFragment.java to Change Line : GoogleMap map = ((MapView) mRootView.findViewById(R.id.fragment_map_mapview)).getMap(); to getMapAsync(),. Please help.,,

Hi. We don’t provide a support to users who did not purchase the app. We protect ourselves against potentional warez this way. Thank you for understanding.

Hi! I really like working with your template, nice clean design, excellent documentation. A pleasure! I have a little problem with ‘back button’ visibility agains photo background. If the photo happens to be light, the button becomes practically invisible. I’d like to be able to either manipulate its color or use dark shade or a background to make it stand out. How can I do it?

Hi. The animation is done with the Google Maps API from Google Play Services. Thanks.


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Thanks! Really appreciate your customer support and really like working with your template.

Awesome, thank you! If you like our app, you can rate it with 5-stars.


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Do you plan adding MySQL database / online admin panel for adding new places?

Workflow could be like that … 1) you add new data/places from backend (online), then android client receive notification about new data … 2) when the app open after geting notification, app request data from server and save it locally to sqlite database, then display it. When android app open without internet connection it will load data from sqlite database (offline). ;)

Refresh button means request data from server then save to local database and display it (refresh cannot be completed when app is offline).

That feature (online admin panel / MySQL database) would really make your app TOP of the TOP !! When you want to add places more frequently you just NEED that online admin system. ;)

Hi Pizza. We are not going to add online admin panel in the near future. We know that it would be a great improvement, but it also takes a lot of time to implement it and unfortunately we don’t have time for that now. Thanks for your feedback!

When I click the navigation menu and why application launching google maps?

can I use this project for click navigation menu launching in this application ?

You not make Navigation Drawer but you make it with ScrimInsetsFrameLayout, how to add menu on ScrimInsetsFrameLayout (Navigation Drawer) ?

Hi. We don’t provide support to users who did not purchase the app. We protect ourselves against potentional warez this way. Thank you for understanding.

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Is there a way you can do for me all the installation if i purchase the app? I already have a google play account but i have no knowledge on app development. Please tell me how much would be the cost for that. This is my email alexis-squad@hotmail.com Thanks

Hi. You don’t need programming skills to make it work. Everything is described in the documentation step by step. We can customize the app for you. Customization is not a part of our support though. It is a paid service. If you need the customization, please contact us via e-mail. Thank you.

Hi, im very interested in this app, how much would be the installation and set up in my play store account? since it haves os own database i wont be needing a hosting account service for the app? Thanks.

Hi Alex. Please contact is via e-mail. Thanks.

Can I sign up for the places I want to appear in the app? How does the inclusion of new places with notice of the establishment work?

Hi. Data is stored in a local SQLite database. It is just a DB file which you can edit with any SQLite editor. Internet connection is not required. There is no REST API backend nor admin panel. Everything is well described in the documentation. Thank you.

Only owner of the app can add new spots.


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I’m using SQlite studio i maek changes in DB and press commit but nothing changed how can I export or save this new DB file

Hi. Did you increment database version in the code? Please read the documentation for more info. Thanks.


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hi there, i cant seem to run this project in my android studio. I’ve a error saying “Cannot start compilation: the output path is not specified for module “google-play-services_lib”. Specify the output path in Configure Project2.” Could you help me please?

I think it’s because you don’t have a GPS sensor in your computer. Genymotion just allows to emulate the GPS. Thanks.


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okay thank you for the help, just got a last question. how do i change the description of ‘About’ button ?

Just modify the text in strings.xml. Please see the documentation for more info. Everything is described there. Thanks.

This application is great, especially if it has integrated using maps api, then it is easier to catch locations around the user.

Thank you. We are glad that you like it.

Hey guys,

I just start using this app but I can’t see the map, all of features work well but just map that I really need to test is not showing ant thing. It’s empty. need change something, I check dependencies but all set. Is this app using google API?! I didn’t find where the google is set. I’m waiting for response.



I fixed it.

Hi. Did you buy the app? Do you have a license?


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Hello author , i really intrested with this app , but before i buy , can i add splash screen before main menu ? is it easy to add sort by name / range on the main menu ? its really important and also can i modify the main menu with small image preview , not 2 like that

actually im not professional on android studio , but i will learn by use this code , would you help me if i purchase the item ? just give me the link where can i add all of that feature , thanks..

looking forward for your reply


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hello @Robotemplates , your App is amazing , i decide to buy your app , can you help me how to edit the grid on main menu ?

i want main menu looks like this pic below

then , what code should i edit to get what i want , thanks


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note : i edit it on photoshop , just make sample . please it will very good if you help me out to get it thanks

Hi. The picture above is not shown. Please could you upload it somewhere? Also, customization is not a part of our support. It is a paid service. If you need the customization, please contact us via e-mail. Thank you.

Hello, what license type i must buy if i want make my city app? (it will be free) Just with ads.

Hi. You have to buy a license for each end product. So if you are going to publish 3 apps on Google Play, you have to buy 3 licenses. If you are going to sell your app, you will have to buy an extended license. The Extended License is required if end user must pay to use end product. Please see this link for more info: https://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard?license=regular Thank you.


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Hi, thanks for the apk. But I have a problem while I try to run it in my handy. It works good in virtual device in PC.

How can I handle the issue?

Hi. Please could you describe the problem? What exactly does not work?