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Do you will create Android version?

We might do it at some point, but we will have to decide if go with CloudKit (it’s Js version) or switch to something else like Firebase.

Thank You Good Template : Ankara Evden Eve Nakliyat (Apply Template)

Thanks to you!

It’s nice, i will buy for my city :) Ygs Matematik Kursu

Ok! if you have any doubt, just ask (and we’ll try to reply faster).

Thanks :)

Nice Work. GLWS :)


1 year no updates? Really nothing could be improved? Pitty, looks like a great app. This project seems crooked from this point. Looking over some comments and late replies, an abandoned project. Just sad.

nice.. beatiful sir :D GLWS

Hi, pre-sales question: Is it possibly to add a web link inside the item description tab?

I just bought your app and I am very excited about setting it up for my city. I’m a marketing guy and not a techie so I am having a difficult time figuring how to set it up on a server. I posted the project on Freelancer and everyone seems to think it is for developing a new app. Can you advise me who can set this up on a server? Thank you

Found a error when you click the phone number the app crashes

017-02-27 13:54:35.715414 CityGuide[3083:608497] fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value (lldb)

Please update this app and get off Cloudkit

Hi I was wondering in the backend of the cloudkit am I able to create different users so they can login and upload there own data i.e name of business, location etc. Also in the backend can a user see how many times there listing(s) has been clicked on. i.e. clickthrough rates.

Is this all built-into this app or do I need to take all the listings and insert them myself?


Will this template be updated?

Hi, i bought this template today, but i saw that parse isn’t available anymore.. is there an there way i can ad info (locations, places etc) to the app?

Hi, and sorry for the delay. We started this app with Parse but then we added also CloudKit. On the file you have downloaded you should see 2 folders (Parse and CloudKit) so use the project inside the CloudKit folder.

Any update?????

Hi rssyow! The app is ready for iPhoneX? And the admob banner also?

Sorry, it is not ready yet for iPhone X. We will notify users when this new version is available.

Hi I am using an android city guide available in codecanyon too, I want to use similar ios code for it which it seems similar at view.

My questions are; 1. Multi language suppor for interface 2. Multi Language support for data 3. for a spot, navigation support using google map or etc thanks

Hi, there is no multi language support integrated for interface nor for data. For a spot there is a maps view integrated.

Cant seen to get the app running in simulator on xcode. loads fine but vant seem to get any of the data from icloud kit? Connection Problems. Load again… Any ideas?

My app connects to icloud but seems its looking for the wrong database zone ( _zoneWide)