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Hi there. Would it be possible to ditch firebase and ship the app with a local sql database? Thanks

Hi, this could be possible. However, some coding experience would be necessary. A popular Cordova plugin which enables the use of a local SQL database is the SQLite plugin: https://www.npmjs.com/package/cordova-plugin-sqlite

This app can take data from this theme: http://preview.themeforest.net/item/listingpro-multipurpose-directory-theme/full_screen_preview/19386460?_ga=2.83406226.500075097.1500342978-1205857069.1493315786

You have been able to test the superlist theme of friend Johnpurcam, if it works with his thema it can probably work on mine. I’m interested in your app. I await an answer

This is what you need?

This does not look like the JSON that includes all the listings or the listing of a category (e.g. restaurants). Nevertheless, the REST API you used for your website seems appropriate. However, still, you will need to extend the code of the app which is a task we do not recommend for beginners. If you are interested in hiring us to do it as a custom project for you, please, contact us through the following form: https://appseed.desk.com/customer/portal/emails/new

how about inappbrowser and admob, is it included?


satsalou Author Team

Hi, inappbrowser is used in the app to open some URLs but admob is not included.


amal227 Purchased

followed instructions. got error: Aborted due to warnings. Need more detailed instructions with step by step (including directory names, etc.)


satsalou Author Team

Hi again, you could have left the “name” property in the bower.json file the same as it is not visible to anyone using the app and it does not really affect the app in terms of customization. This is why there are no instructions in the manual for this. The “name” in the bower.json file was “listing” before you change it. But, since you want to change it, please, make sure you follow the naming rules the message you received suggests.

MAK:project k$ ./install.sh bower invalid-meta for:/Users/k/CityGuideIonic-1.4/project/bower.json bower invalid-meta The “name” is recommended to be lowercase, can contain digits, dots, dashes
Thus, it seems that you need to change the “Project” name you have chosen to “project”.

Please, let me know if you need further help.

amal227 Purchased

i did not change anything. i tried to run it per instructions. did not work


satsalou Author Team

Please, open the bower.json file of a fresh clean copy of the zip file you downloaded and check the “name” property. It should be “listing”. If it is not “listing”, then, please, contact us.


In gruntfile.js, i inserted two env, development and production, from two different firebase endpoints.

When i run grunt compress and make a iOS build, the .ipa gets my production env, but there’s no way to send production env to android .apk.

I’ve tried grunt compress, grunt build:android—production.

What is the command to make a build on android with production env?

Hi, we were not able to locate your ticket in our support system. Could you please mention the name or the subject you used.

In any case, there is no need to bother yourself with the grunt file, please use the DEV env and make your Cordova build. This is what we are also using and it makes no difference.

Hello! I sent by email igordisco1@gmail.com.

It’s what I’m doing today to work, I’m using development env.

However, I have two dbs in the firebase, my development db, and the production db.

And would like to test on the dev db env and export in the prod db env.

On iOS, everything is fine. On Android, it only generates the build on the dev db.

So I’m having to, when generating the build, remove the dev db, generate the build, and put the dev db again.

Looks like needs a command to type in terminal. Or the plugin not works fine, i don’t know.

Thanks for pointing this out we will try to check and improve the grunt file.

Hey I’m interested in this app. But the question is can i add more locations?

More locations for each Business? Yes this is very easy to be added. We will guide you.

Nad also user registration

A custom implementation for that will be required. Do you have any thought about the backend infrastructure that will handle the registration process and keep the database of the users?

Is Firebase, for example, a good match for you?

what are differences between this app and yours other BUSINESS DIRECTORY app and LOCAL BUSINESS app? It seems that they are same ideas and features.

Business Directory is an application that hosts multiple Businesses and provides a User Experience to browse and search them.

Local Business is more focused on the needs of a particular business and its presence in the mobile marketplaces.