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Do you support the Arabic language? Is supports RTL?

RTL will be supported from next update, will be released planned next week.

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do you have android and iphone versions? if yes how much will they cost, if no, will you be able to deliver so ?

Yes, available, please check our portfolio:

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perfect… any links please for demos running on android market or APK demo file to test ?


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I downloaded script and I don’t see any php file.
On other scripts from envato everything is ok
What is happend?



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LOL that is :) Thank you. Unzipped 7zip and all is ok :)

Thanks on info!

Hi, I have a few questions:

1. Is it easy for to just show the business address and phone number only where the ‘purpose’, ‘type’, ‘county’, ‘city’, ‘zipcode’, ‘area’, ‘ownership’ and ‘agent’ is now? I don’t need all that info I just want the businesses address and telephone number in that section.

2. In your demo when I click ‘Show distance from my location’ it doesn’t do anything. I tried it on my desktop computer and on my phone and neither does anything. The map shows up fine and shows the path to the kiosk location but as I said it doesn’t show a path to my location. I am in Canada so does this have any affect on it? Maybe I am too far away in your demo?

Thank you!

Added, check example:

Let me know if works properly?

Thanks, no it still doesn’t show me distance from me. I’ll try and record it and get a video to you ASAP – it could be something on my end not working correctly. Thanks for your help.

Problem is in your browser, try on another pc.


My customer and me have very interest in “City Guide Directory Portal” (CGDP), in fact, is our firts option to buy, but I have some questions before:

1) How open source is the code? I need to integrate it with to another web app made by me. So, I must be modify some forms in CGDP to add NEW fields and also advertising code and another information like traffic statistics and other links.

2) Your code is easy to follow, I mean is not complicated to work with it?

3) You’ve got t some docs or guide for developers?

4) Also, we plan to buy CGDP apps for Android and iPhone too. So, my question is again about the easy way to modify these apps to include NEW fields and also anvertising code and some information like traffic statistics, too.

5) You can offer support or any help in our case?

Thanks is advanced.



1. completely open source

2. it’s based on codeigniter styles, coding skills are required if you want some complex integration

3. Check documentation available

4. completely open source

5. terms:

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Thanks for your quickly answer.

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the map not showing any more, the console says missing MAP API keys, how and where to insert the map key?

can you able to remove index.php?

Yes, possible if your server support mod rewrite. Can you provide your website link?

can i able to use as realestate portal, if yes means i need full demo before buying

i can’t upload images on front end i need full demo

Yes, you can use it as real estate, then you need:

Install this script:

And follow guide:

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I have a few questions:

1. Can a make in the zone “ ... ” to write the name of the place, and his site, instead of its distance to the Center and parking?

2. Can you make have a rating (vote) to use Google Rich Sniper and it will shows in the place ratings stars still in the search engine of Google ... ?

3. Can I specify which locations have the online contact form and which do not? Because when I add “parks” or “churches”, there will be no recipient! Also is there any option online contact form to move him to the top? (Where qr code now)

4. Can I have different search engines (on the right) in the category “Hotels” or “Cafes”? There visitors can search by different criteria. “How many stars the hotel” or “What room there are 3+1 or 4+1”. When the visitor is in the category “Restaurants” be able to search for “number of seats” or “If there is live music inside” or “DJ” and such similar things that are highly specific to each category?

5. Is it possible to be a “search” immediately, without the need to press the visitor button “Search”. As soon as I change something in the searcher to filter displayed results without the need for a button?

6. Is there a possibility that article from the blog to insert it as a detailed content to a place? And this article to be visible only in the place, but not on the blog.

7. In subsequent versions, it is expected to have a “debit/credit card gate ’ for certificates and keys to make payments easier ?

It is possible to have more questions, for which I now not know to ask.


1. I doesn’t understand,what you mean with ”...”, please provide sketch via support email.

2. Our script support visitor and pro ratings, if you need something different, please provide details as customization request via email.

3. If there is no recipient, then email will go to standard website email.

4. Sounds like you need our classified script, there we support different fields for different categories:

5. Possible with small customization (not supported by default)

6. You can insert link into content if you mean so.

7. PayPal is supported, it support also debit/credit card payments.

Yes, 6 months support is included with script purchase.

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Good afternoon. I create a page and how I can place code in php on this page? Example – I need a page with external SQL data, or I want to load some SQL data, or another data from my other services on property page.

You can add custom php code directly into template file, find file this way:

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is there anyway to use a feed like foursquare in this to search and return local data based on location. Like coffee in Sandiego.

Any news on my Email for custom work?

just purchased script. looking forward to working with it.

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1 ) I liked your script very much, but I have concerns about page speed since it is a high Google indexing factor these days. The Google Page Speed Insights give us a very bad result. Even on pingdom the results are not good. There is a way you could improve it?

2) It is easy to change (display other fields) or remove the PRO RATING / CENTER X m / PARKING from location previews on front page?

3) I would like to use the script in 2 different domains in the future, each one for a different city. There is a discount for additional licenses after the first purchase?

Thank you very much.

1, You can test app on your device, this tools are not so important.

2. Yes, can be added/removed

3. Discount is not available, script is already extremely cheap.

You are welcome!


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Iam having issues of my map, it does not show even if I add my location

Provide your link via support ticket.


fm7285 Purchased

I tried many times but that option is not working

Please provide your website link via support ticket to see what issue you have.


I’m very interested in your plugin, but before buying it, I’d like to ask you some questions:

1- Is it possible to decide what zoom is the map by default? I’ll be using it to present a big city and I’d like for all of its area to be visible.

2- I noticed, once we select a category, the map doesn’t adjust to show the items found and sometimes it looks as if there’s nothing on it, even though there is, is that something you’re working on or is it already possible to do?

3- The google map you show in the demo is grey, is it possible to show the standard colors?

4- Would I be able to change the icons you use in each category and maybe add more?

Thanks for your time!


Yes, you can link it.

1. Yes, exactly same version as you can see on demo.

2. Yes, can be added, I will provide you details.

You are welcome!


As you’ll notice, I’ve already bought City Guide.

As of this moment, I’ve installed it in a temporary folder and am working in the admin panel.

I’ve added already a new location as test and it worked fine, but I’m trying to figure out the translation system. When I go to the Languages menu, it says portuguese is already translated, but it asks for a code, what code should I insert? (EDIT: Already figured it out)

Also, about the satellite option and map color, how should I edit it?


Translation guide:

Regarding satellite please open support ticket and provide your link+ftp login details.

You are welcome!

How to remove footer credits inserted in page?

Can be removed from html files or just change image, some guides:

This current version of the script is 1.6.0 or 1.6.1?

You should run updater one more time if you used very old version.

I ran ten times and nothing. Without any changes. Still shows that the version of the MySQL database in the previous version 1.5.9, a version of the script in the current version 1.6.0.

Provide your website link and cpanel login via support ticket to check:

You are welcome!