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85 comments found. I want to add a new section. How to do it? The marked position icon appears automatically, or do I need to change the layout of the template?

No, we don’t see reason for that. But you can add some additional title in HTML file if you need.


Atis1985 Purchased

I installed your software. Works great! May I have two questions, please?

1. On your demo site search bar is at the top of the page, but it does not appear on my page. I tried to alter the outlook of my main page at the pages & menus section but only the footer would change not the header. What could be the problem?

2. Could the free package only be ordered to a user manually? My goal is that a user would get a free package immediately and automatically after login. How could I solve that? Thanks in advance!

1. This is related to template page which you using.

2. By default it’s like that, package with id:1 is set for user.

Please open support request and provide your link for additional details:

You are welcome!


d_group Purchased

there are many Query Fails and erros like: Filename: /xxxxxxxx/models/estate_m.php Table ‘XXX.reservaions’ doesn’t exist Line Number: 860

you need to update so many small bugs and fails

Message: Undefined variable: pagination Filename: templates/index.php Line Number: 86 ... and much more

We doesn’t see such error messages on original script code.

Maybe you customize some code and this cause troubles?

If not, please open support ticket and provide example link to check in detail.



3loDesign Purchased

Hello Bro
Does your website provide Restful API for the android & ios app?

Yes, api is available and apps also which already using it.

Currently api supports search, login, add to favorites, fetch favorites, remove favorites

You are welcome!