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I am very interested

but, features in the demo apk incomplete so I do not know of any existing features.


New features have been added for a long time.


b4 purchase

Q1. this script can customize?or can you do customize?

Q2. can those wording xxxkm show in mobile apps turn into/add image and/or animation?

Q3. if i use the apps on my phone and walk to the place will the distance also deduct, ex: 100km, 99km, 98km….

Q4. can those wording xxxkm show in mobile apps have link?ex: link to yahoo

Q5. can i add more wording in those wording xxxkm show in mobile apps

Q6. can help intergrate into my wordpress?

Q7. possible work in ios?and do u plan to create it?

temporary this..

thank you.

Hi @hahaguy,

You can customize it. Is it for the Wordpress admin panel? I think IOS in the future.

nice so can u do it for me?

hi. I tested in lenovo vibe p1, app start but camera not working..

Which android version?

Hi, I’m having trouble installing it… I’m new to the windows server I’ve bought a new windows hosting but don’t know what to do next .. I’ve already imported the database file .. Could you please help me?

How did you find the mistake? If you have a hosting with ASP.net 4.0 installed, it will be enough.

There is no mistake, just don ‘t know what files I need to upload for the webservice panel to work.. :-)

cgarService.rar files upload hosting :)