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Demo apk mevcutmu ?


Evet mevcut linkleri koymamışım en kısa zamanda düzelticem.

Demo Apk : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cgar.birklik.cityguidear&hl=tr

Web Panel Demo : http://birklik.net/services


skype varsa alabilirmiyim :)

Are you going to publish an iOS version?

I’m working on Ios, swift.I’ll do an update.

Don’t working in android 7 API

I’m checking it now.Thanks.I will update.

Works with some city local touristic attractions?

Yes, in tourist places can be used.

The admin back end have to be hosted on windows server?

You must have IIS installed.

can the admin back end be hosted in linux server?

Asp.net Windows Server is required.

can the admin back end be hosted in linux server?

Asp.net Windows Server is required.

Can Km be changed to miles?

distInMetres method return value :

return dist * 0.000621371192; //miles

I’ll do an update

Hi, we’re interested in your apps, but the demo apps keeps on showing ‘finding location’ even with GPS turned on and outdoor area. Any idea what might causing this?

Which phone are you using ? What’s the Android version ? I’ll update by solving the problem..

OPPO F1S, Android version 5.1. Thanks for the quick response.

I will test soon. Thank you

fantastic work, very nice ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thank you very much :)

was this made entirely with android studio? I mean the interface and not the admin interface or did you use unity and vuforia too

can you give me your email address ? Look at the problem, and the remote connect.

I send the mail

can you do customization to make something more like layar app

I want to thank.I’m uploading the new version.Google Places API is integrated.

when you release the iOS version i surely buy this , great work

Thank you very soon.

Merhaba, mükemmel bir uygulama olmuş. Satın almak istiyorum fakat öncesinde uygulamanın belirlediği alana nasıl gidilir? gibi bir google maps desteği var mı? Yani rut belirlenebiliyor mu?

Merhaha,google maps üzerinden harita gösterimi var.Belirlenen alana yakınlaştıkça güncelleniyor veriler zaten.Mesafe azalıyor yakınlaştıkça.

Yanıt için teşekkürler. Rut oluşturulabilir mi? Bulunduğumuz konumdan, belirlediğimiz noktaya ulaşım için???

Rut oluşturma özelliği maalesef yok ama yönetim panelinden noktaları belirleyip mesafe ve gidilecek noktayı belirleyebiliyorsunuz.

hello, is this work all over the world? lets say people use this app and go to new country and try find place like amusement par , public event like free consent etc or rest room , restaurant, movie theater, mall, bus , metro station etc with GPS? Thanks

Hello, yes, it may require editing for all territories operating all over the world.

great ! so it have Google api places and we can add our own place as well ? because first version we have to upload and create our own place now its Google api ? is it both enabled or how it works ?

Google place additions should be visible to you. It is not the full version in the program.It may look incomplete.

Hello. I understand the admin panel you can attach any message to the address object? Let’s say I want to add an action,not just address. It is planned to update this app?

Hi, I don’t have plans for the next time, but I can do it after a while.


Hi!, I installed you demo app in my Samsung S7 Edge, android 6.0.1 but when I open it, it shows the markers but not with the camera, it shows it over a black screen.

Hi, I’m going to fix a situation related to permissions. Thanks

Hi!, I’m still waiting for the solution. :(, and I have other problem to, I can’t run the asp application.

okanberkeren@gmail com send mail solved problem

Demoyu indirdim ama uygulamanın nasıl çalıştığını anlayamadım.

Merhaba,uygulama web panelinden girilen lokasyonların sanal gerçeklik mantığı kullanılarak konumunuzla noktaların gösterilmesi esas alıyor

Can use this app as a Traffic App Solution/Platform that road users can use to help each other beat traffic by informing them about the traffic conditions, thereby providing others with information with which they can use to make smarter decisions about routes to take.

Yes, you are right. Can be used in many projects.Thanks

so it can be modified to suite the project i have in mind ….do i need to pay extra cost to add more features thanks….

i sent you an email