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hi I am getting this error, please can you resolve this, Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:packageRelease’. > com.android.ide.common.signing.KeytoolException: Failed to read key PrathimaTechnologies from store “C:\Users\RajKumar\AndroidStudioProjects\signature.jks”: No key with alias ‘PrathimaTechnologies’ found in keystore C:\Users\RajKumar\AndroidStudioProjects\signature.jks

hi map is not working can u tell me y, that map api u only added in that project. pleas give me replay asap

Check your email.

hello, i have some questions:

1. how to select the city that i want to make a guide for? 2. where the app will pull the poi data dfrom? thanks.

It is pulling data from Google using google place api.

Hi Author, do you have web version?


i downloaded app from google ps but it showing nothing … i want to check exact working before buying

There are few permissions, you have to allow it.

i want this app but there is no documentation on how to install or requirments?!

Documentation is included with source file.

I’m new to Android Studio. Will you help me to make required changes in it


can you give me new demo? because your app in google play not work, blank page ty

this app usin PHP Mysql..? ,,,,, i need city andro guide with php mysql thank

when i click on direction is says, Webpage not available The webpage at intent://maps.app.goo.gl?link=https://google...... Could not be loaded because net:ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME

estaria bueno que hagan la misma app pero para ios

hello do this app still working i want to buy it . so AUTHOR are you still here for help ?

hello i bought your app and the Documentation is very old like how to get api the app is only give blank page . can you help me ?

Okay, Send me your source code.

Hi i want buy but i really dont know how costimeted app and they have admin panel for add catagory or place and all ? Thanks

Can I work on it using Android Studio 3? I am a newbie in Android.

Hi Author,

Are you still with this code, can I purchase this

Please let me know if you can support me in real-time


Hi, good night, I’m not able to download the package. Can you send it to me by email?