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Want to ask,

after i click featured image on top app, it will show two action

1. Visit Website < Work perfectly 2. Call < it is not work, blank phone number

featureLocations.add(new FeatureLocation("Item One",R.drawable.image1,"" +

How to fix it?

where you sent link download?

please reply, already sent message to you via envato form


Hello pls i need the full source code and the project documentation

pl. buy from codecanyon

Kindly send the source code and the project documentation through this mail chukwumazltnonso@gmail.com

pl. buy from codecanyon

Hello, Whats in new update? Thanks

Android Studio, lollipop design

how much do you charge for installation?

how do i add custom categories eg, lawn care , shopping mall etc,

how do i add custom categories eg, lawn care , shopping mall etc, in eclipse

no sorry

How to add category?

please check message at codecanyon, thanks

where to input real google api key?

because when i input at strings.xml

<string name=”google_api_key”>AIzaSyA4DQyUexegfghfgfghfNlOIo</string>

at AndroidManifest.xml

android:name=”com.google.android.maps.v2.API_KEY” android:value=”AIzaSyA4DQyUexegfghfgfghfNlOIo” />

with random api key value it is still work, so i determine this source code still using your api key but i don’t know where the real api key places and sometimes i get message “No Search Result Found”

Please reply ..thanks

hi how get google api. Please tutorial document. your project without document.

How to add parse on app

Hello, i have just installed your app to test it, why are the icons so small on main page? I have a Galaxy note 3

When willl there come Update for Android 5 & 6??
Did have AdMob ?

I have plane to buy this item will you be customise for me. and also i need to add some special features like event list, can you do that for me?

Pl. send DM for customizations

EXTREME BAD SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Over 1 month and NOT ANSWER….............

Hi. I would like to know if I can change the code (and if it is simple) for read the data from my mysql database, that is based on google coordinates.

hello do you have any plan for ISO app? Thanks

does this app work all around the world or just New York? do you have plan for ISO app as well?


kalsey Purchased

Any working India app. Please share before I buy


kalsey Purchased

Please reply or you had stopped providing the support? I also mailed you but no reply.

The given source code and the your demo app you share both had different design and layout. Please provide support and latest version source code you are using in your demo app


einvato Purchased

no future update?

Is this project still alive? The demo shows damaged “home” screen, so not very pretty.. Please inform

Project seems to be DEAD…. No Support nothing,...

Is admob integrated in your source code