eCart - Grocery, Food Delivery, Fruits & Vegetable store, Full Android Ecommerce App

eCart - Grocery, Food Delivery, Fruits & Vegetable store, Full Android Ecommerce App

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Version 2.0.10

( updated on 14-March-2021 )

App Ui update With Simmer Effect, Lottie animation, Animation, 
Added Search Facility With Product name Suggestion
Update Home Bottom Navigation
Invoice - added tax in final total
Place order - stock update issue resolved in loose product type
Order note field added in order table
Fixed tax amount issue in order API
Fixed fatal error issue in backend tables data
Fime_type issue resolved
Added force cancel option of order from admin panel for non-cancellable items 
Admin App - Crash issue on no data resolved
Added missing tax parameter in product variants data


( updated on 10-Feb-2021 )

+ Sold out issue on add_to_cart
+ Added currency symbol in order receipt email template
+ Resolved image name error in bulk_upload
+ Resolved Customer wallet Textarea (messages) and table responsiveness
+ All products status issue resolved
+ Resolved Deactive products issue in front end page
+ Set default tax field to "0" ( zero ) in add / edit product
+ Fixed the system timezone issue
+ Products sales report - count issue resolved
+ Notification type based redirection to category and product details solved.
+ Slider click redirection to category and product details solve
+ Timeslot issue solve
+ Improvements and bugs fixes


( updated on 1-Feb-2021)

+ Save store settings issue solved.
+ Currency symbol issue solved.
+ Copy to clipboard button implemented.
+ Invoice price issue resolved.
+ Random crashes solved.
+ Slider Image Click Redirection solved.

Version 2.0.9

( updated on 26-Jan-2021)

+ Add new PayTM Payment gatway
+ Add App intro slider
+ Iconic representation for cancellable, returnable items badges on product details page
+ Calculate & Display Discounted amount  like “You Saved {amount}" 
+ Categories Ordering System and Categories Style Dynamic in the app as chosen in the admin panel
+ Store FCM IDs of non-registered users and also send the notifications to those users.
+ In delivery-boy add tabs like filter new order, pending orders, completed/delivered order, canceled order on the main page. 
+ Display Prices including taxes
+ Added new Order Note feature for customers
+ Removed global tax from the settings menu


( updated on 23-Dec-2020 )

+ New Front end settings and APIs added for the web version
+ Crash issue on adding new address resolved
+ Crash issue on Checkout resolved
+ Main App Home screen blank page issue resolved
+ Delivery Boy App currency issue solved
+ Delivery boy were being assigned when the order was awaiting payment resolved
+ System user adding issue resolved
+  Add / Edit product issue resolved
+ Categories order set in the same manner in both home and inside the screen 


( updated on 19-Dec-2020 )

+ Tax percentage issue in the order process is solved
+ Wallet balance credit on COD issue resolved
+ Fixed Re-order issue
+ Time issue in track order timeline is resolved
+ Blank entry of commission for the delivery boy is resolved
+ Solved: Checkout Address List issue 
+ Added missing minimum free delivery order amount and delivery charges fields added in database of areas
+ Home page blank API issue resolved
+ Blank city issue while creating the Area
+ FAQs field issue in admin panel resolved

Version 2.0.8

( updated on 15-Dec-2020 )

+ Added Stripe & Midtrans payment gateway
+ Admin side - Added new Cancel Order Item option on order details page
+ Existing order can be re-ordered in app
+ Order Delivery OTP system turn on / off in via settings from admin panel
+ Solved : Delivery boy app currency symbol issue.
+ Taxation system improvements
+ Source Code version system added
+ Added Area wise Delivery charges / Flat Delivery charges system
+ Added new SMTP mailing system
+ User Addresses - set default address issue on API.
+ Edit product - returnable and cancellable default values issue
+ Get Similar Products - API issue resolved.
+ Order's Receipt - Static eCart App name and logo issue resolved
+ User's profile upload issue resolved
+ Delivery Boy App / Panel - Wrong google map ( 0,0 ) co-ordinates issue resolved
+ Compliance for Google's new map location policy.
+ Customer App - Personal Info below Login form issue resolved.
+ Flutterwave Payment gateway issue resolved
+ Fixed country code issue in customer App in Verify Your Mobile resolved
+ App Speed Improvement and Optimization
+ Bug fixed and UI Improvements


( updated on 24-Nov-2020 )

+  Tax made optional
+  Tax calculation issue resolved 
+  Hide deactivated products in similar product section
+  Location issue in Map solved
+  Delivery boy map location issue resolved
+  Bug fixed and Improvements 


( updated on 30-Oct-2020 )

+  Added missing tax field in invoice and resolved tax issue
+  Promo code bug & improvements


( updated on 28-Oct-2020 )

+  Bug Fixes & improvements

Version 2.0.7

( updated on 22-Oct-2020 )

+  Customer wallet recharge
+  Taxes master(product wise taxes)
+  Delivery boy profile verification
+  Order delivery OTP system for customer and delivery boy 
+  FCM notification sound Alert
+  Notifications unread count
+  Withdrawal requests by delivery boy and payouts Approval by admin

Version 2.0.6

( updated on 10-Oct-2020 )

+  Paystack [new] - Added new payment method
+  Added Email Template for Order placement Email
+  Added Fund Transfer Form in the fund-transfers.php page.
+  FAQs - Added native FAQs from webview
+  Similar Products in product detailed view. 
+  Show / Hide products in app from backend
+  Show Delivery time in Order Details - Admin and Delivery Boy Panel
+  Minor bug fixes and Improvements


( updated on 6-Oct-2020 )

+  Bug fixed and improvements 

Version 2.0.5

( updated on 6-Oct-2020 )

+  Forgot password for admin
+  Online cart management
+  Dynamic delivery Day/Time slot
+  CSV Import for bulk data
+  Add discounted price column
+  Manage multiple addresses
+  Dynamic Setting: Enable/Disable return item
+  Dynamic Setting: Minimum order value.
+  Dynamic Setting: Maximum single items allowed In to cart
+  Optional Delivery option
+  Display Made In - Manufacturer
+  Product/item wise Returnable/Cancelable
+  COD option optional
+  Profile picture

* Delivery Boy App *

+ Single Item Cancelled/Return Order Wise Indicator
+ Privacy Policy /Terms Condition


( updated on 31-Aug-2020 )

+ Bug Fixed


( updated on 05-Aug-2020 )

+ Security update

Version 2.0.4

( updated on 10-july-2020 )

+ Delivery Boy Native Android App
+ RTL + Language bug fixed + Improvments 
+ Order notifications to delivery boy via FCM

Version 2.0.3

( updated on 25-june-2020 )

+ RTL support
+ OTP login replace with firebase OTP authentication
+ Credit / Debit user’s wallet by admin 
+ The role-based access control system
+ Added notification list inside app
+ Bug fixed: forgot password 

Version 2.0.2

( updated on 6-jun-2020 )

+ OTP Login
+ Delivery Time Slot
+ Implement JWT security
+ Notify Order status via SMS and Email
+ Fix bug and design improvements

Version 2.0.1

+ Added delivery boy panel
+ Fix bug and design improvements