eCart - Grocery, Food Delivery, Fruits & Vegetable store, Full Android Ecommerce App

eCart - Grocery, Food Delivery, Fruits & Vegetable store, Full Android Ecommerce App

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Version 5.0.3

( updated on 1-June-2023)

+ Added - Product wise FSSAI Lic. No. option (License detail will shows in product detail page) 
+ Fixed various bugs and made general improvements

Version 5.0.2

( updated on 10-May-2023)

+ Upgrade - Php version 8.1
+ Upgrade - JWT token authentication system
+ Added – Delivery boy registration form
+ Added – HSN code in product form
+ Added - Custom header and footer codes script
+ Improve - App compatible with android 13
+ Fixed various bugs and made general improvements

Version 5.0.1

( updated on 28-Mar-2023)

+ Added – Offer images clickable
+ Added – Admin panel dynamically de-registration system
+ Improved bulk upload product system
+ Improvements and issues fixed

Version 5.0.0

( updated on 31-Aug-2022)

+ Added – Admin panel installation script
+ Improve – Admin panel improved
+ Updated- Android side latest SDK support
+ Improvements and issues fixed

Version 4.0.1

( updated on 16-June-2022)

+ Added - html editor RTL and LTR option
+ Fixed - delivery boy module bonus adding issue
+ Fixed - android app crash issues

Version 4.0.0

( updated on 18-Apr-2022)

+ Migrate from Java code to Kotlin

Version 3.0.6

( updated on 24-mar-2022)

+ Major improvement- data loading speed improved (app)
+ Support system (both)
+ Add video in banner section (both)
+ Delivery boy - add cash collect system (admin)
+ Set banners and slider as "active" or "inactive" (admin)
+ Add SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) in products (admin)
+ Add welcome wallet balance (admin)
+ Manage wish list (admin)

Version 3.0.5

( updated on 11th-Jan-2022)

+ Added – Variant wise images system (Product Wise)
+ Improvement

Version 3.0.4

( updated on 27th-Dec-2021 )

+ Added - Under maintenance page - (App) 
+ Added- Banner images dynamic position (App)
+ Added - Shipping delivery in order detail page in app (App)
+ Added - Blog (App)
+ Added - Delivery boy commission system ( Flat commission per delivery or percentage wise) (Admin Panel)
+ Added - Tax name & tax_number in order invoice (Admin Panel)
+ Added - Locations data by excel/csv file (Admin Panel)

Version 3.0.3

( updated on 25-Nov-2021 )

+ Added link option as at slider image in home page for re-direct any page
+ Calculation issue fixed

Version 3.0.2

( updated on 11-Nov-2021 )

+ Add Area wise minimum order amount for place order
+ Add View/Print/Download invoice delivered order in customer app
+ Add Promo code listing in customer app
+ Improved sections module in admin panel (Added facility for the all products display in sections)

Version 3.0.1

( updated on 28-Oct-2021 )

+ Notification list improved (if notification related to product or category then on notification click it redirects to respected item or category)
+ improve flash sale modules with a show in days/week/months/years
+ Fixed product listing visibility issue in grid layout fixed
+ UI & speed improvements 

Version 3.0.0

( updated on 14-Oct-2021 )

+ Added Direct Bank Transfer payment option
+ Added new setting for COD allowed dynamic / per product and for global product
+ Added Local Pickup / Store Pickup feature
+ Added Cash in Hand of delivery boys information
+ Added voice notifications (Text to Speech) for delivery boys while new orders being assigned
+ Added customer deactivate option to prevent customer to adding product in to cart, checkout and place order
+ Flash Sales timing issue solved
+ UI improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.0.13

( updated on 26-Sep-2021 )

+ Added flash sale feature
+ Major UI Improvment
   - Listview (Grid View/ List View Option added)
+ Added Save for later option at the cart
+ fixed - wishList not refreshing issue solved
+ Address add/update 
    -Improve city area selection facility (can be use with unlimited city/areas)


( updated on 22-July-2021 )

+Added image on review 
+Tax calculate in return request
+Added sections order managment
+Fixed map direction issue in delivery boy
+UI Improvements

Version 2.0.11

( updated on 20-June-2021 )

+Added rating options(Dynamic Enable/Disable from admin panel)
+UI Improvements

Version 2.0.10

( updated on 14-March-2021 )

+App Ui update With Simmer Effect, Lottie animation, Animation, 
+Added Search Facility With Product name Suggestion
+Update Home Bottom Navigation
+Invoice - added tax in final total
+Place order - stock update issue resolved in loose product type
+Order note field added in order table
+Fixed tax amount issue in order API
+Fixed fatal error issue in backend tables data
+Fime_type issue resolved
+Added force cancel option of order from admin panel for non-cancellable items 
+Admin App - Crash issue on no data resolved
+Added missing tax parameter in product variants data


( updated on 10-Feb-2021 )

+ Sold out issue on add_to_cart
+ Added currency symbol in order receipt email template
+ Resolved image name error in bulk_upload
+ Resolved Customer wallet Textarea (messages) and table responsiveness
+ All products status issue resolved
+ Resolved Deactive products issue in front end page
+ Set default tax field to "0" ( zero ) in add / edit product
+ Fixed the system timezone issue
+ Products sales report - count issue resolved
+ Notification type based redirection to category and product details solved.
+ Slider click redirection to category and product details solve
+ Timeslot issue solve
+ Improvements and bugs fixes


( updated on 1-Feb-2021)

+ Save store settings issue solved.
+ Currency symbol issue solved.
+ Copy to clipboard button implemented.
+ Invoice price issue resolved.
+ Random crashes solved.
+ Slider Image Click Redirection solved.

Version 2.0.9

( updated on 26-Jan-2021)

+ Add new PayTM Payment gatway
+ Add App intro slider
+ Iconic representation for cancellable, returnable items badges on product details page
+ Calculate & Display Discounted amount  like “You Saved {amount}" 
+ Categories Ordering System and Categories Style Dynamic in the app as chosen in the admin panel
+ Store FCM IDs of non-registered users and also send the notifications to those users.
+ In delivery-boy add tabs like filter new order, pending orders, completed/delivered order, canceled order on the main page. 
+ Display Prices including taxes
+ Added new Order Note feature for customers
+ Removed global tax from the settings menu


( updated on 23-Dec-2020 )

+ New Front end settings and APIs added for the web version
+ Crash issue on adding new address resolved
+ Crash issue on Checkout resolved
+ Main App Home screen blank page issue resolved
+ Delivery Boy App currency issue solved
+ Delivery boy were being assigned when the order was awaiting payment resolved
+ System user adding issue resolved
+  Add / Edit product issue resolved
+ Categories order set in the same manner in both home and inside the screen 


( updated on 19-Dec-2020 )

+ Tax percentage issue in the order process is solved
+ Wallet balance credit on COD issue resolved
+ Fixed Re-order issue
+ Time issue in track order timeline is resolved
+ Blank entry of commission for the delivery boy is resolved
+ Solved: Checkout Address List issue 
+ Added missing minimum free delivery order amount and delivery charges fields added in database of areas
+ Home page blank API issue resolved
+ Blank city issue while creating the Area
+ FAQs field issue in admin panel resolved

Version 2.0.8

( updated on 15-Dec-2020 )

+ Added Stripe & Midtrans payment gateway
+ Admin side - Added new Cancel Order Item option on order details page
+ Existing order can be re-ordered in app
+ Order Delivery OTP system turn on / off in via settings from admin panel
+ Solved : Delivery boy app currency symbol issue.
+ Taxation system improvements
+ Source Code version system added
+ Added Area wise Delivery charges / Flat Delivery charges system
+ Added new SMTP mailing system
+ User Addresses - set default address issue on API.
+ Edit product - returnable and cancellable default values issue
+ Get Similar Products - API issue resolved.
+ Order's Receipt - Static eCart App name and logo issue resolved
+ User's profile upload issue resolved
+ Delivery Boy App / Panel - Wrong google map ( 0,0 ) co-ordinates issue resolved
+ Compliance for Google's new map location policy.
+ Customer App - Personal Info below Login form issue resolved.
+ Flutterwave Payment gateway issue resolved
+ Fixed country code issue in customer App in Verify Your Mobile resolved
+ App Speed Improvement and Optimization
+ Bug fixed and UI Improvements


( updated on 24-Nov-2020 )

+  Tax made optional
+  Tax calculation issue resolved 
+  Hide deactivated products in similar product section
+  Location issue in Map solved
+  Delivery boy map location issue resolved
+  Bug fixed and Improvements 


( updated on 30-Oct-2020 )

+  Added missing tax field in invoice and resolved tax issue
+  Promo code bug & improvements


( updated on 28-Oct-2020 )

+  Bug Fixes & improvements

Version 2.0.7

( updated on 22-Oct-2020 )

+  Customer wallet recharge
+  Taxes master(product wise taxes)
+  Delivery boy profile verification
+  Order delivery OTP system for customer and delivery boy 
+  FCM notification sound Alert
+  Notifications unread count
+  Withdrawal requests by delivery boy and payouts Approval by admin

Version 2.0.6

( updated on 10-Oct-2020 )

+  Paystack [new] - Added new payment method
+  Added Email Template for Order placement Email
+  Added Fund Transfer Form in the fund-transfers.php page.
+  FAQs - Added native FAQs from webview
+  Similar Products in product detailed view. 
+  Show / Hide products in app from backend
+  Show Delivery time in Order Details - Admin and Delivery Boy Panel
+  Minor bug fixes and Improvements


( updated on 6-Oct-2020 )

+  Bug fixed and improvements 

Version 2.0.5

( updated on 6-Oct-2020 )

+  Forgot password for admin
+  Online cart management
+  Dynamic delivery Day/Time slot
+  CSV Import for bulk data
+  Add discounted price column
+  Manage multiple addresses
+  Dynamic Setting: Enable/Disable return item
+  Dynamic Setting: Minimum order value.
+  Dynamic Setting: Maximum single items allowed In to cart
+  Optional Delivery option
+  Display Made In - Manufacturer
+  Product/item wise Returnable/Cancelable
+  COD option optional
+  Profile picture

* Delivery Boy App *

+ Single Item Cancelled/Return Order Wise Indicator
+ Privacy Policy /Terms Condition


( updated on 31-Aug-2020 )

+ Bug Fixed


( updated on 05-Aug-2020 )

+ Security update

Version 2.0.4

( updated on 10-july-2020 )

+ Delivery Boy Native Android App
+ RTL + Language bug fixed + Improvments 
+ Order notifications to delivery boy via FCM

Version 2.0.3

( updated on 25-june-2020 )

+ RTL support
+ OTP login replace with firebase OTP authentication
+ Credit / Debit user’s wallet by admin 
+ The role-based access control system
+ Added notification list inside app
+ Bug fixed: forgot password 

Version 2.0.2

( updated on 6-jun-2020 )

+ OTP Login
+ Delivery Time Slot
+ Implement JWT security
+ Notify Order status via SMS and Email
+ Fix bug and design improvements

Version 2.0.1

+ Added delivery boy panel
+ Fix bug and design improvements

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