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Hello, the result is from Googleplace api but the map view is using apple map instead. Can you use google map to list the result as well? Apple map is not as detail as google map


We have developed using Google Map only.

Thank you Bhawin

Is the app 100% offline?


HELLOW THERE , is this app of ios include admin panel , or its integrated with the same admin panel for android APP, because of i needs to buy 2 codes , one for android and the other for ios , give me the right solutions to get pay these codes , because of am going to make that system to my city as a guide , so that we needs a back-end to enter the whole data with ALL CATEGORIES TO BE DISPLAYED AS WELL IN BOTH APPS, IOS AND ANDROID

Hello, If you want to develop admin panel with ios app then we can do it by custom development service.

hi this is full app or just template ui ux

It’s full Native app

I Tried demo app on appstore but no places shown (i allow location permission) ? what about appstore approval ? Thank you

We have tested and It’s working fine. Yes, You need to allow location.

App Store will easily approve your app.


Almost more than half year never update.

Any update coming with new features ?

We have not fix date for upcoming update.

Hi, I keep on getting these errors:

Command CompileSwift failed with a nonzero exit code

error: Segmentation fault: 11

They lead to a build failure. How can we fix this?


Please respond to the ticket. its been three weeks since i first posted about the app issues

Please reopen my ticket. The app bogs down in Xcode and the simulator

Intersting script. A few questions: 1. Can you provide a web/desktop version that shares the same databases? 2. Does this include source code? 3. Can you do customizations? I’m looking for a few key features, like a “claim listing”, coupon posting and UI swipe actions on results.



1. Yes, We can develop web version based on your custom requirement with same database.

2. Yes, Source code is included.

3. Yes, We offer product customisation service.

Please contact me at

Thank you Bhawin

Hi Today I buy your application on version iOS and I found this error ” Segmentation fault: 11” . Please fix it.

Thank you

I use xcode version 10.2.1

Please, register support ticket at :

My Ticket is #2000070 . Thanks

Do you have a Chinese vision for this app?

Nope! but you can replace string name in app then you can convert app in Chinese.

App crashes when you open it for the first time, and enabling push notifations. Speed of the app is not perfect. Sometimes screen freezes. When are you planning to release an update?

Please, register support ticket at :