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The version of unity for this is 5.3.4

car turns upside down right after test drive is started. can you help?

Need customize contact us

admob ad no added

hello, make the purchase and I want to know if you can help me customize it or install ADMOB

application file is corrupt I can not do it myself I gave it to the designer as he wanted the game file to charge the corrupted fee in the same way

I cant see demo application

Hi post the new demo apk, thanks

Your game is working with latest unity 2018 ?

can you update it from java to c# , I really hate this

there is a lot of errors in the game , a lot of deprecation , wtf ?

I want a refund , there is no support , and it full of bugs and deprecated codes

Whats the Unity version this game was built with?

I don’t who to blame , code canyon for not checking if the code is still work or not , or the thief who made this shit code and selling it knowing his code is broken , I lost the trust on both